Pop Art trainer designQuick View

Pop Art trainer design

Pop Art inspire worksheet, focusing on designing a trainer drawing inspiration from the images provided. Can be used as part of a scheme of work, as a stand alone lesson, home learning activity, for blended learning, starter activity, or as an extension task.
Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art and DesignQuick View

Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art and Design

I have created a huge PowerPoint presentation with over 45 starter or plenary activities for your art classes. The activities are all art-related and can be used in KS3 or KS4 art lessons, either as entry tasks, starters, plenaries or exit questions. Sometimes I put the question on the board at the start of the lesson then come back to it at the end. The slides are made up of questions, challenges, thought prompts, image analysis, riddles, true or false competitions, thunks and more. Some are very general so can be used across any class or topic, and some are more specific and related to different art movements - for example, Pop Art or Graffiti. You can use the slides to generate discussion or have students discuss things in groups/pairs etc. I have made them to be as adaptable to your lessons/teaching as possible.
Bank of Comments for Art and Design ReportsQuick View

Bank of Comments for Art and Design Reports

A very thorough bank of comments covering almost every detail of Art and Design lessons to be used in end of year reports. Comments are sorted into him/he and she/her and are sorted according to task/Art media. For each activity/type of media, there are comments for what has gone well and what needs improving with the skill, along with general comments on the progress and comments for attitude and behaviour. The activities covered by these comments are: drawing, pencil colour work, painting, developing imaginative ideas, analysis and research, ceramics, printmaking, and understanding of art concepts and the formal elements. It could be used for any year of secondary Art and Design. It is a 12 ½ page document which includes over 7500 words. If you find this resource useful, please leave a positive review, thanks :)
Visual curriculum road map pathway for Art and designQuick View

Visual curriculum road map pathway for Art and design

For Art department heads and Art department leads: an example of a visual curriculum road map/pathway for an Art and Design department. OFSTED love it as a visual resource for staff, students and visitors to quickly see the path of the curriculum and how it fits together and builds from one project to another. Use it as a template but make it your own including your own department’s schemes of learning. At my own department we have printed a copy to A1 for each classroom and for the corridor in the department.** If you found this resource useful, please leave a positive review :) Thanks**
Art and Design Street Art/Graffiti Scheme of WorkQuick View

Art and Design Street Art/Graffiti Scheme of Work

This is a 10 lesson scheme of work that teaches students Street Art through Art lessons. It guides students to produce a number of different pieces of work looking at artists such as Banksy, Keith Haring and Ben Eine. Lesson Breakdown Introductory Collage Banksy Critical Study Page Banksy Monoprint Decollage Bein Eine Words Shepard Fairey Critical Study Page Designing a Graffiti Tag Elian Study Designing a skate Deck
Art & Design Cover Lesson - Skateboard Deck IllustrationsQuick View

Art & Design Cover Lesson - Skateboard Deck Illustrations

A one off Art & Design cover lesson challenging students to create an illustration for a skateboard deck. The sheet explains the task and success criteria, as well as offering visual examples for inspiration. Students are to select one of the eight starting points provided and complete their illustration in the skateboard template, also on the sheet. This task may be extended to allow students to complete their designs digitally, adding colour and texture through Photoshop or Photopea.
AQA GCSE Art & Design Mark-sheetQuick View

AQA GCSE Art & Design Mark-sheet

A brilliant resource : AQA GCSE student friendly mark-sheet combined with taxonomy. It is relevant to the current grade 1 to 9, with numbering up to 24 for each assessment objective. A invaluable resource to use with students to mark their own Art & Design work.
Huge Art and Design Knowledge Organisers Bundle!Quick View

Huge Art and Design Knowledge Organisers Bundle!

13 Resources
These clear, detailed and visually-appealing resources offer a complete reference point for students learning about a wide range of different artists throughout their art and design study. The bundle contains 12 knowledge organisers, focusing on the following artists: -Andy Warhol -Andy Goldsworthy -Banksy -Claude Monet -Frank Gehry -Frida Kahlo -Georgia O’Keeffe -JMW Turner -Pablo Picasso -Vincent van Gogh -Wassily Kandinsky -William Morris Each organiser contains comprehensive sections on: -Biography of the Artist; -Styles and Techniques; -Life Timeline; -Significant Works; -Key Vocabulary; -How do I create art like this artist? The resources can be adapted for all ages, are best suited for KS2 and KS3 children. The resources are designed to be printed onto A3, and is provided as both a PDF and a Word version (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included).
Careers in Art and DesignQuick View

Careers in Art and Design

PowerPoint with information about a range of careers within the creative industries. Includes information about job requirements, responsibilities , hours and salary. Useful for tutorials or lessons on career planning.
Art and design - colour theoryQuick View

Art and design - colour theory

A chart (2xA4 that can be laminated as A3 or two seperate A4) showing primary, secondary and complementary colurs and a colour mixing chart
Art & Design Knowledge Organiser (AOs)Quick View

Art & Design Knowledge Organiser (AOs)

A knowledge organiser that dedicates one A3 page to each assessment objective (AQA) to guide pupils through their course. Suitable for KS3+ Print two pages per A3 and double sided to cut down on printing costs. PDF ensures the fonts stay as the ones shown. NEW*** Editable PowerPoint document for you to change elements freely.
Art and Design Skills ProgressionQuick View

Art and Design Skills Progression

Use this document to support the slimmed down national curriculum. Key subject specific skills, for example painting, drawing and 3D modeling, mapped out for each year group for Years 1 to 6. Also available in editable word format email webb.gaz@gmail.com website: gwsupport.co.uk
Art and Design Learning Targets.Quick View

Art and Design Learning Targets.

Learning targets linked to each lesson objective of AQA art and design. Targets can be used within teacher marking along with student peer and self assessments. Teacher write the code, students find the code and write the target next to teacher/peer marking.
Art & Design - Work Scrutiny TemplateQuick View

Art & Design - Work Scrutiny Template

A really simple template for conducting work scrutiny within your department. Colour coded and with space for written feedback and a response from the teacher. Used this for a while now and it always seems to go down well with SLT.
Pupil Voice in Art and DesignQuick View

Pupil Voice in Art and Design

This is a set of 3 sheets that will enable pupils to communicate with you their thoughts and ideas about the projects you have taught them or are planning to in the future. They are simple tick box sheets which pupils can fill in quickly and add comments at the bottom. It will also allow them to reflect on work completed and help you to meet the demands of giving pupils a voice in your subject as the headings of the form are related to Ofsted headings when they conduct inspections as part of their visits. These will be a great resource to use as a department activity or when a new project has been written and delivered. The sheets are design for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils.
AQA Art & Design Specification Easy to Read Assessment GridQuick View

AQA Art & Design Specification Easy to Read Assessment Grid

This is a word document of the assessment grid from AQA all on one A3 page. e have them printed and laminated at our school and are very helpful for both staff and pupils when performing assessments. This version has the rounded up grade boundaries on from the 2018 exams.
The Seven Elements of Art and DesignQuick View

The Seven Elements of Art and Design

A perfect way to start the year with a new class, project or teacher. This PowerPoint introduces the Seven Elements of Art and Design with clear examples of each element for all students to understand. Following this are examples of students work creating a display page with each of the elements. Finally, there is an assessment for learning opportunity to examine different elements of art within famous pieces of art work.
Art and DesignQuick View

Art and Design

1000 pages of Art support. A massive mega bundle of Art resources. Everything you could possibly need for effective, fun, engaging Art lessons throughout the year. Well over 1000 pages of support and information. Here’s what you get …** 101 Amazing Ideas for Junior Art Lessons 12 thorough Art units for Middle School covering the following themes. Architecture, Recycling, Still Life, Abstraction, Conceptual art, Drawing styles, Figure drawing and sculpture, Masks, Monochrome drawing, Natural forms, Portraiture, Structures. Complete Art Curriculum book, comprising of 38 linked art lessons; Lesson 1 Tone  Lesson 2 Observation  Lesson 3 From observation to abstraction  Lesson 4 Relief  Lesson 5 Portraiture  Lesson 6 Portraiture part 2  Lesson 7 Portraiture part 3  Lesson 8 Clay  Lesson 9 Clay part 2  Lesson 10 Clay part 3  Lesson 11 Colour  Lesson 12 Colour part 2  Lesson 13 Colour part 3  Lesson 14 Three dimensional  Lesson 15 Three dimensional part 2  Lesson 16 Three dimensional part 3  Lesson 17 Three dimensional part 4  Lesson 18 Human figure  Lesson 19 Human figure part 2  Lesson 20 Human figure part 3  Lesson 21 Human figure part 4  Lesson 22 Architecture  Lesson 23 Architecture part 2  Lesson 24 Architecture part 3  Lesson 25 Architecture part 4  Lesson 26 Colour abstraction  Lesson 27 Colour abstraction part 2  Lesson 28 Colour abstraction part 3  Lesson 29 Colour abstraction part 4  Lesson 30 Masks  Lesson 31 Masks part 2  Lesson 32 Masks part 3  Lesson 33 Masks part 4  Lesson 34 Dramatic landscapes  Lesson 35 Dramatic landscapes part 2  Lesson 36 Dramatic landscapes part 3  Lesson 37 Abstract landscapes  Lesson 38 Abstract landscapes part 2 19 individual image slideshows covering the following themes. Fall (Autumn), Birds, Buildings, Christmas, Dramatic landscapes, Fish, Flowers, Fungi, Graffiti, Insects, Natural textures, People, Rust, Sky, The sea, Trees, Water, Perspective. And as well as all that, the following is also included … Art technician duties checklist Blank color wheel Clay workshop slideshow Color information booklet Kaleidoscope coloring book Art history booklet Careers in art presentation The step by step sketchbook images of example artwork by students
AQA A Level Art & Design MarksheetQuick View

AQA A Level Art & Design Marksheet

A brilliant resource : AQA A Level student friendly mark-sheet combined with taxonomy. It is relevant to the current grade E to A, with numbering up to 24 for each assessment objective. A invaluable resource to use with students to mark their own Art & Design work. It could also be used for EDEXCEL too if you changed the numbering on it.