Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art and DesignQuick View

Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art and Design

I have created a huge PowerPoint presentation with over 45 starter or plenary activities for your art classes. The activities are all art-related and can be used in KS3 or KS4 art lessons, either as entry tasks, starters, plenaries or exit questions. Sometimes I put the question on the board at the start of the lesson then come back to it at the end. The slides are made up of questions, challenges, thought prompts, image analysis, riddles, true or false competitions, thunks and more. Some are very general so can be used across any class or topic, and some are more specific and related to different art movements - for example, Pop Art or Graffiti. You can use the slides to generate discussion or have students discuss things in groups/pairs etc. I have made them to be as adaptable to your lessons/teaching as possible.
Pop Art trainer designQuick View

Pop Art trainer design

Pop Art inspire worksheet, focusing on designing a trainer drawing inspiration from the images provided. Can be used as part of a scheme of work, as a stand alone lesson, home learning activity, for blended learning, starter activity, or as an extension task.
GCSE Art and Design Student HandbookQuick View

GCSE Art and Design Student Handbook

This handbook guides students through Year 10 and Year 11 of the GCSE art course. It includes information on: Course Information Homework expectations Teacher Assessment Presentation of coursework Assessment Objective overview and tips Annotation guidance Sketchbook Checklists This resource can be made available to students to utilise throughout the whole course for their reference.
Full Scheme of learning for Art and Design EducationQuick View

Full Scheme of learning for Art and Design Education

17 Resources
17 outstanding outstanding Art and Design projects and lessons for years 7 -13, entire library for busy and successful Art department, £78.50 when bought separately! These projects help to teach imaginative approaches and Art skills, as well as to enable students to learn about the lives of famous artists and their approaches. They include a huge range of visual resources to guide students through each task
AQA GCSE Art & Design Mark-sheetQuick View

AQA GCSE Art & Design Mark-sheet

A brilliant resource : AQA GCSE student friendly mark-sheet combined with taxonomy. It is relevant to the current grade 1 to 9, with numbering up to 24 for each assessment objective. A invaluable resource to use with students to mark their own Art & Design work.
Art & Design Cover Lesson - Skateboard Deck IllustrationsQuick View

Art & Design Cover Lesson - Skateboard Deck Illustrations

A one off Art & Design cover lesson challenging students to create an illustration for a skateboard deck. The sheet explains the task and success criteria, as well as offering visual examples for inspiration. Students are to select one of the eight starting points provided and complete their illustration in the skateboard template, also on the sheet. This task may be extended to allow students to complete their designs digitally, adding colour and texture through Photoshop or Photopea.
AQA A Level Art & Design MarksheetQuick View

AQA A Level Art & Design Marksheet

A brilliant resource : AQA A Level student friendly mark-sheet combined with taxonomy. It is relevant to the current grade E to A, with numbering up to 24 for each assessment objective. A invaluable resource to use with students to mark their own Art & Design work. It could also be used for EDEXCEL too if you changed the numbering on it.
Running an AMAZING Art and Design departmentQuick View

Running an AMAZING Art and Design department

12 Resources
Loads of templates and resources to assist you in running a successful Art and Design department. 12 resources worth over £33 if bought separately. Resources to cut time, visual resources for the department, resources to show off what you do in detail for OFSTED.
Art and Design / Technology startersQuick View

Art and Design / Technology starters

This is a selection of images and objects for students to work out what objects are and to think outside the box. I use these as little starters to get students to think visually as soon as they come in the room. There is also images of everyday objects for students to think of other uses forcing them to be creative and inventive.
Art/Graphic Design Worksheets X3 - Logos SELF-DIRECTEDQuick View

Art/Graphic Design Worksheets X3 - Logos SELF-DIRECTED

This is a series of worksheets and information sheets that I have created for the boys I work with in the Young Offenders Institute. They are designed to be self-directed, but can also be used as part of classroom teaching. This is perfect for learners studying Graphic Design, Art, or Design & Technology, at KS3-KS4. This set: Info - Logos Task 04 - Logo Quiz Task 05 - Logo Rebrand Set 1 Task 01 - Colour Theory Info - Colour Theory Task 02 - Colour Schemes Set 2 Info - Visual Language & Visual Elements Task 03a - Visual Elements Task 03b - Visual elements Set 4 Info - Elena Gumeniuk Info - Peter Judson Task 06 - Trainer Design Set 5 Info - Graffiti & Tags Task 07 - Create a Personal Tag Example graffiti fonts to trace Inspiration sheet Set 6 Info - Memphis Design Task 08a - Memphis Style (with images to decorate) Task 08b - Memphis Style (stretch & challenge task) Set 7 Case Study - BAPE X2 pages Task 09a - BAPE Designs Task 09b - BAPE Designs (stretch & challenge task) This list is not exhaustive, I will be creating worksheets regularly and will update the list as and when. I have numbered the tasks to eventually collate them into a full booklet. I will be uploading the tasks and info in subjects (see above). Once I have created and uploaded them all I will create a bundle as well. I will also be creating a checklist so that as each sheet is completed, they can be ticked off. Feel free to contact me with any questions and feedback! I will be continually adding similar resources as I produce them. **I have uploaded these as PDFs due to the large file sizes and to avoid any of the elements moving on the designs. If you require an editable copy, please email me nataliesheldon86@outlook.com **
Art & Design Architecture ProjectsQuick View

Art & Design Architecture Projects

5 Resources
A collection of 5 architecture resources and projects. Content covers mixed media architecture, Photoshop manipulation, illustration and Lino Cutting project. Could all be used at GCSE level, or adapted to suit different key stages.
POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / HomeworkQuick View

POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / Homework

Worksheet for students to create a trainer inspired by Pop Art. Could be used as a cover lesson or a homework task. Possible use in either Art and Design or Design and Technology lesson PhotoCredit Sellers own photoshop files and text - R Evans Pixabay Flicker user - Wonderlane, Mark Anderson Wikimedia Comms Pxhere
AQA Art & Design Specification Easy to Read Assessment GridQuick View

AQA Art & Design Specification Easy to Read Assessment Grid

This is a word document of the assessment grid from AQA all on one A3 page. e have them printed and laminated at our school and are very helpful for both staff and pupils when performing assessments. This version has the rounded up grade boundaries on from the 2018 exams.
Visual curriculum road map pathway for Art and designQuick View

Visual curriculum road map pathway for Art and design

For Art department heads and Art department leads: an example of a visual curriculum road map/pathway for an Art and Design department. OFSTED love it as a visual resource for staff, students and visitors to quickly see the path of the curriculum and how it fits together and builds from one project to another. Use it as a template but make it your own including your own department’s schemes of learning. At my own department we have printed a copy to A1 for each classroom and for the corridor in the department.** If you found this resource useful, please leave a positive review :) Thanks**
Careers in Art and DesignQuick View

Careers in Art and Design

PowerPoint with information about a range of careers within the creative industries. Includes information about job requirements, responsibilities , hours and salary. Useful for tutorials or lessons on career planning.
Careers in Art & Design DisplayQuick View

Careers in Art & Design Display

Display for advertising Careers in Art & Design. Included are; The central main A3 ‘Art & Design Careers’ poster 8 A4 posters for each of the career areas ‘The Art of Design’ poster All the job names to display around the posters. (Background not included).
Art and Design Skills ProgressionQuick View

Art and Design Skills Progression

Use this document to support the slimmed down national curriculum. Key subject specific skills, for example painting, drawing and 3D modeling, mapped out for each year group for Years 1 to 6. Also available in editable word format email webb.gaz@gmail.com website: gwsupport.co.uk