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Behaviour Management CPD Session!

This CPD session offers an engaging and original approach to improving behaviour management practices. Grounded in educational research, this CPD session is interactive, well-structured, and has been successfully tried and tested. The aim of the CPD session is to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in order to utilise behaviour management even more effectively in lessons, and it achieves this by embarking upon the following learning journey: 1. Fully understanding the various reasons for challenging behaviour; 2. Observing and analysing behaviour management practices through a Youtube video; 3. Evaluating the main behaviour concerns in the participants' school/classrooms 4. Gaining familiarity with a range of research and theory suggesting the best methods and strategies for a number of different challenging situations; 5, Planning effective behaviour management strategies to prevent and combat challenging behaviour in the participants' real-life classrooms. Included in this pack are: Full PowerPoint presentation, a hyperlinked video for analysis, cards fro the Diamond Nine activity, a top tips helpsheet, instructions for the main group task, and guidance for trainers/ presenters. All images and videos are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide.
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Behaviour Management Training

This resource is designed for people who work within a school setting and wish to develop their skill-set in behaviour management. I will be using this training tool for NQTs and the enhance the expertise of the schools SENCOs/Pastoral team. The presentation covers a wide variety of topics and techniques including: Low Level Responses Assertive Responses Empathic Responses to Behaviour Management. Many techniques in this resource are based upon sound research and evidenced based practices that have been utilised within the classroom for years. I have merely collated and presented. I hope you find the resource useful.
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Behaviour Management Strategies for the Classroom

Whether you are a new to teaching, need a new perspective or looking for something to use in your next behaviour management professional development this document is for you! The resource includes a 5 page outline on simple does and don’ts of classroom management that you can implement today. Please rate if you found it useful! Click on my display name to see my other excellent resources.
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Classroom Visuals for Managing Behaviour

6 X A4 size (ideal for posters) 6 X A6 size (ideal for attaching to a lanyard) ‘Kind Hands’ ‘Kind Feet’ ‘Kind Words’ ‘Indoor Voice’ ‘Hands up to speak’ ‘Warning’ The Teacher Traveller
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Behaviour / Classroom Management Guide

A simple six-step guide for those who want help to improve their behaviour management in the classroom. I hope it helps and it is by no means, the be all and end all of what to do. Just something that I have put together on the advice of friends and colleagues. Let me know if you find it useful (or not!). Can be bought as a bundle along with my awesome resource of Starters, plenary, brain-gym, riddles and more!!
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Pokemon Behaviour + Classroom Management Bingo

This download contains pokemon bingo boards that are perfect for managing classroom routines and behaviours. The download cotnains grids with pokemon in boxes, the idea is that each time a child makes a good choice, they can ‘catch’ a pokemon (I have them draw a pokeball around their chosen pokemon!) Once they’ve caught all of their pokemon (I give them the day and start afresh the next day!), they receive a reward of some sort.
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Behaviour Bingo Classroom Management Tool

This download contains 8 different behaviour bingo designs. There are 2 of each design so that you can print 2 to a page if you wish to use smaller versions :) Behaviour bingo works well as a positive classroom management tool. Each child has their own bingo board and the aim is to complete their bingo board by the end of the day. Each time they make a positive choice (helping, good manners, good work etc.) they can cross an image off on their board. Once each image has been crossed off, they have achieved ‘bingo’ and should receive some sort of reward. This might be extra playtime, stickers, certificate, talk to parent, raffle ticket, prize box etc. You may want use with individual or groups for children for behaviour incentives instead of whole class You could use this as a whole class incentive and have a whole class reward once they’ve achieved ‘bingo’ e.g. movie, extra playtime, dance party etc. You may want to give children 13 counters/cubes to put on their bingo board instead of writing on it with erasable pen.
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Classroom Management Behaviour Posters

The best, most humorous classroom management posters available anywhere! brings you a set of fun posters with a serious message to brighten up your classroom & reinforce essential classroom management messages.
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Positive Behaviour Management in the Classroom

A useful resource offering teachers new and experienced tips and tricks to managing the more common classroom disruptions. Linking theory to practice throughout, the book provides a wealth of ideas and strategies to try - remember that what works for one might not work for another student. You will have access to both the pdf version, which is printable, and also the online version. The pdf version incorporates qr codes where you need to access interactive parts of the resource. You will have access to any further developments of the resource too. The book is split into 3 sections: Behaviour - Examples of disruptive behaviour and why students misbehave. In practice - Creating a positive learning environment and proactive responses for common classroom problems. Here you will find advice for managing the following behaviours: *Defiance *Background chatter *Abusive Language *Refusal to work *Disrespect *The class clown *Interrupting *The use of mobile phones *Arriving late to class *Attention seeking noises Further information and support - direct links for further reading on the subject of behaviour management. I hope you enjoy the resource. Please leave feedback on purchasing the resource.
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Behaviour Management Classroom Signals

Classroom signals, to keep the noise level down and also stops children wondering around the classroom to find an adult. It encourages the children to stay seated until they are spoken to
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Classroom Behaviour Management Toolkit

This is a resource that has been designed and created to assist the management of behaviour in the classroom , it suggests ways in which teachers can support the learning of young people in the classroom by the use of classroom management strategies that have been tried and tested in the classroom . Included in the package is a suggested ‘Learning Contract’ , ‘Pupil Teacher Contract’ and ‘A checklist of conditions for effective learning’ . Please feel to edit the contract to your specific school needs.
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Behaviour Management - Classroom Procedures

Are you looking to give guidance on how behaviour incidents should be managed in the classroom and how this aligns to whole school procedures? In this resource that can easily be adapted to suit your school, the template and procedures identified are those I introduced as a Head that guided staff into making appropriate decisions on poor behaviour they may come across. It links to using the Levels of Behaviour that I have also added to this package. The procedures also ensure that your team feel well supported.
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Behaviour Management Training Powerpoint

This Powerpoint can be used as training for Teachers or Teaching Assistants and is a useful reminder of what Behaviour Management is and how we can implement effective strategies. The discussions and 'script' for what do say to children when you would like them to show better behaviours for learning will encourage a consistent whole school approach.
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Managing classroom behaviour at Christmas

An article about how to manage classroom behaviour over Christmas, particular in terms of helping children cope with change and prepare for unfamiliar activities. Also contains an idea for delivering a behaviour focus during a staff meeting based on the materials. A video to support these ideas, and a black and white version of the newsletter, can be found on our website:
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Behaviour Management

11 Resources
A selection of lessons and tools to help you create a positive learning atmosphere, manage behaviour, foster students' growth-mindsets, set targets and reward achievements. Perfect for SLT to want to improve whole-school behaviour as these lessons make perfect form time / pshe sessions and can be taught by non-specialists as they have complete and easy to follow instructions throughout. All our Whole School, PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below: Mental Health PSHE Bundle 1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources British Values Citizenship Bundle Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle Islam Bundle Sex and Relationships Education 20s5
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Behaviour Management in The Classroom - CPD Handout

A handout with useful ‘grab bag’ style tips for teachers to use to encourage effective behaviour management. This has been successfully used with a range of teachers across a broad width of subjects, and is part of a behaviour management CPD session. Can be used effectively to help teachers who need a little support with behaviour management techniques.
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Effective Behaviour Management Staff CPD

This is a 3 part CPD all about behaviour management that I have delivered to previous staff, NQT’s and PGCE / Teach first teachers. It has always gone down really well and received lots of positive praise and comments. I have also been asked to deliver this across the school’s trust. The CPD session is split into 3 sessions (two shorter and one longer) however it can easily be adapted to fit into one session or extended into 4 sessions that are all shorter. Session 1 - This is a shorter session (around 30mins) all about staff self reflections and breaking down beahviour management into 3 key stages along with some strategies. It also introduces a case study of a teacher (from a documentary) and some discussions surrounding his behaviour management strategies. The session ends with some reflections on what they can do / try in their lessons. Session 2 - This is the longer session (around 45mins-1hour) that continues to look at the case study with lots of discussions as progress is made. It also goes through some key strategies and top tips along with more reflections. Session 3 - Another shorter session (30mins) which is all scenario based linking to the schools behaviour management policy. I have taken out the policy of my school for you to insert your own schools policy. Again there is lots of chance for discussion and reflections.
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Behaviour Management Tips

A PPT covering a range of Behaviour management tips, strategies and methods. I used this on a staff training day for a group of TAs. This resource can be changed and adapted for any groups/members of staff; teachers, lunch time supervisors, NQTS etc. Tips are basic but clear, examples of a few tips used in a classroom context are displayed on some slides. When presenting the PPT, I used the tips to form discussion points as well as promote questioning among the staff. A session that encouraged sharing of methods, pupils, previous experiences as well as moment of success.
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Applying the Functional Behavioural Approach to classroom management.

This presentation is intended to provide basic guidelines about the Functional Behavioural Approach (FBA) and to suggest strategies to cope with discipline problems based on that approach. Steps about how to plan, deliver and evaluate the strategies are also provided as well as reference for further readings.