Bingo - All English PhonemesQuick View

Bingo - All English Phonemes

Set of 20 cards covering all English phonemes. For details see .doc file.This set just exercises all phonemes at least once. It would be possible to make a similar set drilling any particular set of minimal pairs. If you can't wait for me to get around to it, tweet me (@BobK99).Update 26 Nov 2012 11.00 - trivial aesthetic tweaksUpdate 21 Oct 2013 - NEW GUIDE I&'ve just noticed I&';d omitted an /?:/ word. Update:28 Apr 2014 - artwork now fits guide.

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Consonants - IPAQuick View

Consonants - IPA

This resource introduces the consonants used in Br Eng, then gives a transcription of the vowels used in a short extract (29 secs) taken from the first of the pieces covered in the Market Leader upper-int Teacher's edn (the DVD that comes with ISBN 1-405-81345-8). S listens and relistens to the DVD and adds consonants in the gaps beteen the vowel symbols provided.. It would be possible to rewrite this to fit another audio resource.

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Web resource mapping UE  digraphs  to soundsQuick View

Web resource mapping UE digraphs to sounds

Updated 2011. Download all files. You need to find and download TECHPHON.TFF (TesConnect won't let me do it for you). This resource maps from words spelt with the digraph UE to the many different sounds they can represent - between 23 and 30 (for speakers who bother to make all the distinctions recognized by my reference dictionary - the Macmillan Dictionary of English). Start at BVAV-D-UE.htm.

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Lexical thoughts on 'drain'Quick View

Lexical thoughts on 'drain'

To prompt dictionary work - diagram showing metaphors, idioms, specialist vocabulary, derived vocabulary, an other collocations. OHP slide or h/o.

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Resource mapping UI  digraphs  to soundsQuick View

Resource mapping UI digraphs to sounds

Web resource that maps from spellings to sounds - the letters UI can represent many sounds (depends how/what you count, but at least a dozen). With links to Macmillan End Dicty online; some, but not much, ref to Am E. Download all files to one folder; you'll also need TCHPHON.TTF, but TESconnect doesn't let me upload it. D/L from the web and install. Start at BVAV-D-UI.htm.

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Web resource mapping OU digraphs  to soundsQuick View

Web resource mapping OU digraphs to sounds

Updated: 2011. and 2011. ( 2nd update nothing visible - integ with UO file) This resource maps from OU digraphs to the many different sounds it can represent, with comprehensive examples linked to the online Macmillan English Dictionary. (Note: the main reference is to Br Eng, with very occasional reference to Am Eng.) Download the htm files to your PC. You also need to download and install the Techphonetic font. You'll have to get this from the web: TCHPHON.TTF. Start at BVAV-D-OU.htm.

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4 listening comprehension tests (MktLdr DVD)Quick View

4 listening comprehension tests (MktLdr DVD)

4 short listening comprehension tests, based on the 2nd section on the Mkt Ldr (Upper Int) DVD - supplied with the Teacher's Book. It is an interview-cum-feature based on the Office Angels franchise

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Lose/loose/choose/choseQuick View


Handout, IWB image or OHP slide summarizing apparently conflicting sounds and spellings in these and similar verbs. (New upload 2011;07;25;15;42:00)

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Word-building/comprehension based on MktLdr DVDQuick View

Word-building/comprehension based on MktLdr DVD

The Teacher's book for Market Leader Upper-Int has an overall introduction and then five short pieces. These exercises in word-building are based on Section 1 (an iterview about a robot pet, Sony's AIBO).

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Collocations with 'fast' and 'quick' (ref speed)Quick View

Collocations with 'fast' and 'quick' (ref speed)

I've called this a 'blog&', but it&';s not - it's just a reflective compendium of some collocations, produced for a student who asked &'What&';s the difference?'. (Of course, the short answer to that is 'Get a decent monolingual dictionary - better still, use a corpus&'. This list excludes meanings of &';fast' and &'quick&'; not related to speed. This could be homework - find N expressions/words that use other meanings: e.g. 'make fast&';&'; fast friends', &'quicksilver&';...

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S/Z clozeQuick View

S/Z cloze

This cloze features nine pairs of words that use the S/Z distinction (e.g. pays/pace. Each of the pair belongs in one of the gaps in nine sentences. The sentences, when correctly completed, go together to make a story with a title that exemplifies the exercise: Trouble Brews for Bruce.

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Fricatives cloze - /s/ or /z/?Quick View

Fricatives cloze - /s/ or /z/?

At the top of the sheet there are pairs of words that differ only in the voicing of the fricative. Students have to choose which of each pair goes in a pair of blanks in the following sentences (which constitute a story - of which the title exemplifies the exercise: Trouble Brews for Bruce)

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Importance of simplicity/brevity: KISSQuick View

Importance of simplicity/brevity: KISS

Graphic showing the effects of indirectness and wordiness on communication.<p>This was originally created for an advanced ELT student following a course called 'Advanced Writing Skills', but could be used for a number of purposes - English (

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Gender bingo - PortugueseQuick View

Gender bingo - Portuguese

This is not Latin, but TESconnect doesn't seem to have heard of Pg: upwards of 300,000,000 spkrs world-wide is not enough for THEM! The level's v basic, but I said 'Over 16' as I made it for and adult evening class. I imagine there's not much call for it in primary schools. Class size=< 15

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