Charlotte's Web Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Charlotte's Web Reading Comprehension

This reading comprehension pack contains: - Opening extract from Charlotte's Web by E.B White (with kind permission of Love Reading 4 Kids) - Differentiated comprehension questions to match the text provided - LA/ MA and HA - Ticks at the bottom of the page identify which ability group the questions are suitable for. - Text can be used for Guided Reading and questions used as a follow up activity.

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Charlotte's Web (Unit Plan)Quick View

Charlotte's Web (Unit Plan)

Power of Reading This classic novel for children, first published in 1952, retains its appeal for modern children. It is the story of Fern, a little girl who saves a pig on the family farm from being killed, and the pig’s friendship with a spider who lives alongside him in a barn with the other farm animals. Their lives are woven into the cycle of the seasons and farm life. We hear, as Fern does, their conversations, and see how life and death are a natural part of things. The novel connects with both rural and urban readers: its setting and concerns will link to some of the experiences of rural children, whereas for urban children it brings to life the less familiar world of country and farm living, while dealing with universal issues. Set in America the world of the story is not immediately familiar to any readers from Britain: but it is alive and evocative, with powerfully drawn images of life, growth, beauty and death in nature. Overall aims of this teaching sequence: -To enjoy a story and discuss its meanings -To explore narrative plot, settings, characters and draw inferences to aid understanding -To write texts based on fictional experiences -To write a narrative from a character's point of view -To compose play scripts and perform them for a chosen audience This teaching sequence is designed for a Year 3 or Year 4 class. Includes: Teaching Sequence- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Cross Curricular Links Teaching Approaches Writing Outcomes Links to other texts and Resources

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Charlotte's Web - Chapter 3Quick View

Charlotte's Web - Chapter 3

This resource can be used with EFL students or native speaking students to help with understanding of the story. The resource is colourful and engaging.

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Charlotte's Web Character Trait ActivitiesQuick View

Charlotte's Web Character Trait Activities

Character Traits Pack -This packet (32 pages) is designed to be utilized after reading the story 'Charlotte's Web' by E.B White. Included in this kit is cut and paste and written activities, anchor charts (answer sheets) for students to consolidate their understanding of character traits. These NO PREP printable activities would be great to use in: reading and writing activities, literacy centers or morning work. Color and black and white versions are included in the activities below: • Cut and paste the matching character traits for Charlotte, Templeton and Wilbur. • Cut and paste the matching physical traits for Charlotte, Templeton and Wilbur. • Students write the character traits for Fern and the goose. They then write the physical traits to describe the appearance of Fern and the goose. *Answer sheets/anchor charts are included for all of the cut and paste activities. The anchor charts can be displayed in class which can be used when discussing character traits or for writing activities.

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Charlotte's Web Unit with Literary and Grammar ActivitiesQuick View

Charlotte's Web Unit with Literary and Grammar Activities

This unit contains thought questions, grammar activities, and literary activities for the book. Types of Activities in this Unit: Student Hand-out on Literary Terms and Elements of a Story Pre-reading Activity Setting Point of View Main Idea and Details Thought Questions Activities about Characters Comparison and Contrast Parts of Speech: Nouns Adjectives Verbs Personal Pronouns Subjects and Predicates Mood Main Idea Antagonist and Protagonist Write a Summary Quiz Creating Activity: Test Creating Activity: Post Reading Activities

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Charlotte's Web WorkbookQuick View

Charlotte's Web Workbook

This resource is a workbook of 30 pages with writing and drawing activities to use alongside the reading of EB White's Charlotte's Web. It is suitable for Upper Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. It can be printed in black and white as individual sheets or as a workbook for the entire class. It includes writing diary entries, character profiles, descriptions, newspaper articles, persuausive writing, letters and poems. There are also a few comprehension questions, vocabulary tasks and internet research tasks. Design a poster and draw the characters you liked.

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Charlotte's Web Literary GuideQuick View

Charlotte's Web Literary Guide

This literary guide brought to you by Wake Up Sunshine, brings to life the children's classic, Charlotte's Web. This endearing tale of friendship, love, and loss is one for anyone who loves an incredible story. With any novel study that I create for my students, I take great pride in making them think at higher levels. With this unit, you can count on activities and quizzes beyond the simple fact recall. Additionally, there are interactive notebook activities and Chinese symbol practice for each chapter. Talk about go beyond the normal! Just show how you're incorporating a world language into a beloved children's literary classic . . . now that's unique! This affordable novel study of Charlotte's Web, by Wake Up Sunshine, is created to enhance a child's understanding the importance of friendship and overcoming obstacles. Children will be engaged in a variety of activities, which will improve their reading, writing, comprehension, critical thinking, and language skills. Included in the unit: 3: Terms of Use 4 - 6: Core Standards Met 7 - 12: Chapter 1 Work/Quiz 13 - 18: Chapter 2 Work/Quiz 19 - 24: Chapter 3 Work/Quiz 25 - 30: Chapter 4 Work/Quiz 31 - 36: Chapter 5 Work/Quiz 37 - 42: Chapter 6 Work/Quiz 43 - 48: Chapter 7 Work/Quiz 49 - 54: Chapter 8 Work/Quiz 55 - 60: Chapter 9 Work/Quiz 61 - 66: Chapter 10 Work/Quiz 67 - 71: Chapter 11 Work/Quiz 72 - 76: Chapter 12 Work/Quiz 77 - 81: Chapter 13 Work/Quiz 82 - 86: Chapter 14 Work/Quiz 87 - 91: Chapter 15 Work/Quiz 92 - 96: Chapter 16 Work/Quiz 97 - 101: Chapter 17 Work/Quiz 102 - 106: Chapter 18 Work/Quiz 107 - 111: Chapter 19 Work/Quiz 112 - 116: Chapter 20 Work/Quiz 117 - 121: Chapter 21 Work/Quiz 122 - 126: Chapter 22 Work/Quiz 127 - 128: After Reading - Excito-Graph 129: Book Report Options 130 - 133: Multiple Intelligence Options 134: Writing Prompts 135: Inspiration Through Song 136 - 140: Final Assessment 140 - 166: Answer Key Note: Each chapter has the following components: -vocabulary -discussion questions -activity -world language (Chinese) -comprehension quiz

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Charlotte's Web Novel ActivitiesQuick View

Charlotte's Web Novel Activities

The Novel Activities package is a creative way for the students to recap their knowledge and understanding of the novel, Charlotte's Web, by E. B. White. Students will be able to give you information on the setting, characters, plot and write sentences using some of the vocabulary words. They will also have the opportunity to write about one of the many themes found in the novel. This package includes: -3 page book report -2 word searches (with answer sheets) -2 sentence writing sheets -"Charlotte" Acrostic sheet -2 vocabulary match sheets (with answer sheet) P.S. When printing horizontal pages, change page set up on printer to "landscape". You have the flexibility to use each page of this resource at the same time or at different times of your novel study, depending what your lesson focus is. For example, if you are discussing settings and characters, just use page 1, and so on. As an alternative, you can cut out each section/part of the resource and mount it on cardstock to use in Language centers, Literature Circles or Mobiles. Great for Special Ed. and ESL students too, as it is easy to follow with definitions of each part of a story, setting, characters, plot, etc.

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Popular Elementary Books Word Search PackQuick View

Popular Elementary Books Word Search Pack

Popular Elementary Books Word Search Pack Charlotte's Web The Giving Tree Where the Sidewalk Ends Holes Because of Winn-Dixie Number the Stars Matilda A Wrinkle in Time Bridge to Terabithia Wonder The Enormous Crocodile Hatchet

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Charlotte's Web {Dodecahedron Puzzle & Art Project}Quick View

Charlotte's Web {Dodecahedron Puzzle & Art Project}

Are you looking for an impressive art project to display at Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, or any day of the week? Then this lesson is for you! This product is a tremendously fun Dodecahedron Puzzle & Book Project. A dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces. Students will complete twelve reading and writing extension activities for the novel Charlotte’s Web and then construct the dodecahedron by solving a farm puzzle! This lesson features clipart/fonts from Lettering Delights, Scrappin Doodles, Creative Clips Digital Clipart, Lindy du Plessis, Croft’s Classroom, Ink n Little Things, Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah Designs, and Melonheadz. Interest Level: Grades Three through Six Reading Level: Grade Equivalent Four Lexile Measure: 680L Guided Reading: R Dodecahedron Puzzle & Book Project *Story Sequence – Important Events *Fact and Opinion *Charlotte – Habitat, Diet, & Appearance *Fern’s Imagination – Writing Prompt *Visualizing *Sketch It – Vocabulary Words *Words in a Web – Writing Prompt *Zuckerman’s Famous Pig – Making Words *The County Fair – Five Senses *Interesting Character *A True Friend – Writing Prompt *Life Lesson – Story Message Happy Learning! Renee Smalley

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Charlotte's Web Comprehension Questions - 14 Sessions!Quick View

Charlotte's Web Comprehension Questions - 14 Sessions!

Each file contains a session of guided reading questions to help gauge understanding of the text. - Simply print, cut up and use. - Three questions based around AF2, AF3, AF5 - Great time saver I give these to the children the following day after we have spent time reading the text.

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Charlotte's Web - (Reed Novel Studies)Quick View

Charlotte's Web - (Reed Novel Studies)

Charlotte's Web is a complete 67 page novel study guide. The guide is presented chapter-by-chapter and includes the following distinct sections: Before You Read, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions (including many higher-level thinking questions); Activities. The novel study includes everything needed to teach the novel including the following concepts / activities: setting, literary devices, research assignments, cloze activities, creative writing assignments, character studies, parts of speech, analogies, synonyms and antonyms, crossword and word search puzzles, studies in conflict, constructing a storyboard and sequence chart. It also contains a complete Answer Key. Numerous links to the Common Core Standards. You may wish to check out Island of the Blue Dolphins - a free offering on TES done by the author in the same format as Charlotte's Web. The writer of this novel study has had more than 60 curriculum units published. These are available in such outlets as Chapters and Staples and most stores for teachers.

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E B White - Charlotte's Web - 7 sessions of Guided Reading / Whole class activitiesQuick View

E B White - Charlotte's Web - 7 sessions of Guided Reading / Whole class activities

A series of questions, answers and reading journal activity based around all areas of reading. Great alternative to SATs tests or written comprehensions. LOs To make predictions based on the blurb and cover of a book To make predictions based on what has been read already. To understand how an author can convey impatience in a character. To understand how an author interweaves real life with fantasy To identify key turning points in a story. To understand how an author uses language to convey hidden meanings.

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Charlottes Web Scheme of workQuick View

Charlottes Web Scheme of work

A scheme of work for Charlottes Web beginning with an author profile and up to chapter 9.\nEach PowerPoint is one lesson with starter/warm up activity and a range of different activities, questions, discussions, tasks and activities, and plenary to go with each chapter of the book.\nChapter 10 to end of novel will follow.

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Charlotte's Web Wilbur's Boast Trifold - Storytown 3rd Grade Unit 6 Week 1Quick View

Charlotte's Web Wilbur's Boast Trifold - Storytown 3rd Grade Unit 6 Week 1

This is a trifold that can be done independently or in small groups for the story Charlotte's Web: Wilbur's Boast of the 3rd grade Storytown series. Included are two versions - one with page numbers and one without because there may be different versions of the text book for different states. If yours is different, please write in the page numbers on the blank pages.

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