The Most Amazing Puzzle MakerQuick View

The Most Amazing Puzzle Maker

Stop making puzzles and games from scratch! The Most Amazing Puzzle Maker creates them all for you, AUTOMATICALLY. All you need to do is type up the questions and answers, choose a puzzle and hit print! What can it make right now? Large 16 triangle tarsia puzzles Small 9 triangle tarsia puzzles Tarsia gem puzzles Square-up puzzles Vertical dominoes puzzles Horizontal dominoes puzzles Question relays Bingo! cards Pairing card sorts Split word card sorts How does it work? You simply type in your questions and answers into the template and the linked cells in the puzzles automatically match the information entered. See how your questions appear in the various different formats and choose a puzzle that best suits your needs. Superbly customisable for differentiation! You can add distractions to many of the puzzles - these are incorrect answers or answerless questions to up the challenge and really test the students' knowledge or problem solving skills. There are very clear instructions on how to create and print each of the different puzzles. The file is an Excel file so is compatible with the vast majority of school or home systems. It works with all versions of Office since 1997! Who is it for? Absolutely anyone, these tasks can be used in any subject area and across any phase. They are great for consolidation, revision, working with key terms, knowledge acquiring, competitive group work...the list goes on! Any new puzzles I create for the Most Amazing Puzzle Maker will be included as a free update. See changelog below. Changelog: v1.1 (12/11/17) - New Added Split Word card sort - great for primary and languages at secondary Added Dominoes2 horizontal card sort - better for simpler questions Added Bingo generator - creates unique bingo cards for each student! - Fixed Tweaked various cell formatting Tweaked language in some instructions to improve clarity Add new instructions to the front page
Game Maker Studio - Asteroids GameQuick View

Game Maker Studio - Asteroids Game

Adapted from Sean Spalding’s original GM tutorial. How to create and code the: Asteroids Spaceship Background Bullets Score How to play message Requires GameMaker Studio 1.4 or above. Can be used in conjunction with the original tutorial and videos but has been simplified for student use (less wordy, no asteroid break up and easier to follow instructions).
Game makerQuick View

Game maker

This is a taster lesson of game maker that I am putting together. In the power point I have added notes for teachers to discuss with class or understand. If it works could you write a review. This will give me motivation to finish the rest of the lessons off.
Silly Nonsense Maker - a blending word game for Phonics Screen preparationQuick View

Silly Nonsense Maker - a blending word game for Phonics Screen preparation

A phonics game to make Silly Nonsense words and to practise blending sounds to read. Roll the dice to get different sounds/blends from the game sheet and write them in the maker card. Draw sound buttons under each sound and blend to read the word. Great to send home for phonics practise and revision in the run up to the Year 1 Phonics Tests. 3 sets of games to play: Set 1 - 10 different games featuring easier blends. Includes CVC words and some consonant clusters (at beginning or end); Set 2 - 10 different games featuring a range of digraphs, trigraphs and consonant clusters (letter blends). Includes 3 letter consonant clusters; Set 3 - 5 different games featuring consonant sounds and clusters with trickier digraphs and trigraphs. Print and laminate to make game cards and maker cards that can be used again and again. Introduce the activity as a whole class and then play in groups or pairs. A great activity to develop sound knowledge and blending skills in Reception and Year 1. Use to discuss the rules of phonics and exceptions to the rules. Good for identifying when real words are made. Do the children know what they mean? Compile them in a dictionary for later use. Also available to buy as a PACK Silly Nonsense Words Phonics PACK More phonics resources from Fairy does it! Super or Silly Words Phonics PowerPoint Super Silly Phonics Activities Silly Nonsense Words Phonics PowerPoint Sounds and Blends Cards Super Silly Words Phonics PACK Check out more resources at Fairy does it! Teaching Resources
Micro Makers BBC Micro: bit Maker Project - Microsoft Block Editor Y9 Computer Science 10 LessonsQuick View

Micro Makers BBC Micro: bit Maker Project - Microsoft Block Editor Y9 Computer Science 10 Lessons

Micro Makers - BBC Micro Bit Project. 10 lessons in total. Lessons include: L1 Micro bit Board Game L2 Automated Car Park Display L3 LED Traffic Lights L4 Fruit Key Board L5 LED Car Indicators L6 Stepometer L7 Digital Clock L8 Whack a Mole L9 Steady Hand Game L10 Evaluation Please note some lessons will need additional materials other than just a Micro: bit. Red, Yellow and Green LEDs are needed for the indicator and traffic light lessons, steel wire is needed and some blu tac for the steady hand lesson. All lessons include code needed to complete them.
'Level Descriptors' for GameMaker (CAS)Quick View

'Level Descriptors' for GameMaker (CAS)

Level descriptors for GameMaker. 'I can do&' statements. So, progress statements are still needed for pupils and students. Whether or not levels disappear, and the ‘computing curriculum’ comes in – these posters look pretty good printed on A3 and in full colour in the classroom. Also for Alice & Scratch elsewhere on TES. Based on draft CAS Levels. Hope you find them helpful.
GameMaker Lazarus Game Tutorial - platform gameQuick View

GameMaker Lazarus Game Tutorial - platform game

This is an adapted resource from the GameMaker book which includes a tutorial adapted for learners. The tutorial takes the learner through how to create the game with screenshots. This has been tested with learners.
GameMaker Evil Clutches tutorial guide and resourcesQuick View

GameMaker Evil Clutches tutorial guide and resources

This is a guide adapted from an original tutorial in the GameMaker book but adapted for learners. All resources are included and the guide has been used by my students for a few years. Good tutorial for introducing GameMaker to learners.
French Christmas Presentation and GamesQuick View

French Christmas Presentation and Games

Presentation of Christmas Vocabulary: 20 items of Christmas vocabulary, clean modern style with cute clip art 'Qu'est-ce que c'est?' game (beat the teacher) 'Les mots volants' game 'Qu'est-ce qui manque?' game 'Under the spotlight' game Listening Activity Vocab match up Sentence maker game Words to chorus of 3 hymns Links to French Christnas websites Noughts and Crosses game
Hexagon sorting and matching game makerQuick View

Hexagon sorting and matching game maker

Enter up to 22 phrases to automatically generate a hexagon sheet with the terms randomly arranged. Pupils can then cut out the phrases and then sort them into logical groups. Will also allow you to enter 11 different terms and their definitions which are then automatically randomly assigned to the hexagons sheet which can be printed out so that pupils can then cut them out and match up the terms with their definitions. Good for reinforcing vocabulary and the definitions of terms also to make links between terms. Suitable for all subjects and ages
Tools for educators - board games makerQuick View

Tools for educators - board games maker

A brilliant site that allows you to create board games using images classified into a variety of categories. Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-TE, ECE-TE-in
Become a Game Maker - Hunger Games LessonQuick View

Become a Game Maker - Hunger Games Lesson

The activity was completed over three hours with a high ability YR7 class. Students worked in mixed ability groups (with the lead game maker as the G&T student) to design their own arena, mutation and descriptive piece before presenting to the rest of the class. \n\nGood for challenging the more able and promoting independent learning. \n\nStudents really enjoyed this lesson.\n\nI have a 13 lesson SOW on the first five chapters of the Hunger Games also uploaded on TES.
Sentence maker game with nounsQuick View

Sentence maker game with nouns

This is an interactive game. The children can click on a box within a grid, and a noun will be displayed. Challenge the children to come up with a sentence containing this word.
Primary Games Maker Scratch PlanningQuick View

Primary Games Maker Scratch Planning

Pupils start with three very basic games to adapt. They then decompose their ideas before adapting the game. This includes planning for Platform Game, Flappy Bat and Snail Trail plus code snippets to help them adapt. More computer science ideas can be found here
how to use game maker pt 1Quick View

how to use game maker pt 1

game maker resource for showing basic programming of characters using this game development program . Might be useful for students or staff doing AQA GCSE Computing
 Interactive BINGO makerQuick View

Interactive BINGO maker

Like to play bingo with your classes? Want to create your own questions? Use bingo maker to create and print your own bingo tickets with just a few clicks. Choose 20 questions and answers and then play bingo. Randomized cards will be printed and all questions will appear on the screen for your students to play along. The macros in the Excel files are designed to work with Microsoft Excel in the Windows version. Please rate and review.
The Firework Maker's DaughterQuick View

The Firework Maker's Daughter

Based on the book by Philip Pullman, these resources consist of: wordsearch, criss-cross - two levels crossword - two levels end of unit quiz. Suitable for KS2 children.