Harmony Day Oral PresentationQuick View

Harmony Day Oral Presentation

Students interview a fellow student about the student's culture. They then present this information in an informative way to fellow classmates. This was used at the start of the school use as a way for students to get to know each other. Students use the website http://www.harmony.gov.au/schools/recipes-for-harmony/ to assist them in developing their presentation. Students were able to present their information in any format, but predominately this is an oral presentation
Harmony Day Editable PackQuick View

Harmony Day Editable Pack

Document your Harmony Day activities with this gorgeous collection of templates. A collection of editable learning story templates to document your Harmony day activities. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. A day to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common.
Harmony Day ResourcesQuick View

Harmony Day Resources

Celebrate Harmony Day on 21st March Harmony Day orange cupcakes visual recipe with accompany resources to create a shopping list. There are pre-reading and writing activities to accompany the recipe. It was designed for Special Needs but can be used with primary aged mainstream students.
Harmony Day Themed Fast Finishing ActivitiesQuick View

Harmony Day Themed Fast Finishing Activities

A Selection of games for numeracy and literacy to use as warm ups, brain breaks or extension activities for fast finishers. Harmony day Themed, with BLM that can printed off and coloured in to keep them busy. Boggle Game Number of the day Categories worksheet and game What are your spelling words worth? A handy resource for casual teachers, includes a blank so that you can make up your own games. You will get a powerpoint presentation and PDF in this bundle
Harmony Day-Multicultural Cross Curricular unitQuick View

Harmony Day-Multicultural Cross Curricular unit

A Selection of links to websites, songs, online resources and worksheets to print off to support the teaching of this unit across all KLAs Useful Website Links Video Links and Slideshare presentations Website links to songs and lyrics Art activities and ideas Flags of the world Design a flag activity Family tree activity
Around the World - Harmony - Grade 7Quick View

Around the World - Harmony - Grade 7

This amazing ‘Around the World Theme’ lesson is… • beautifully designed • 4-pages in length and may be formatted into a 4-page booklet • provided in both black & white and colored versions • perfect for students learning English as a Second Language • perfect for students whose first language is English • based on an age-appropriate topic This wonderful lesson allows students to… • practice reading, writing, listening and speaking skills • learn theme-based vocabulary • attempt many different styles of questions • express their creativity • engage in a relevant and meaningful learning experience A bundle of Vaughan M. Blaney’s lessons may be used … • to supplement any curriculum being taught in a school • as a school's sole curriculum • as supplementary material for the individualized needs of specific students • as the curriculum for special holiday programs • as the curriculum for summer school programs
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - Facts, Figures and VideosQuick View

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - Facts, Figures and Videos

This presentation is good for International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Harmony Day. This presentation uses the facts from the police records of racial discrimination in the UK. It also looks at the impact of the Brexit, both before and after the vote and how this reflected in racial discrimination. There are lots of chances for the students to discuss what is discrimination, multiculturism and the Brexit.
Day of the Dead ProjectQuick View

Day of the Dead Project

Lovely project increasing awareness of other cultures and artefacts as well a exploring different attitudes to death. Great fun, some interesting facts and some original worksheets. Have fun and enjoy the sugar skulls.... also great for fun decorations instead of dark ones for Halloween. A change in attitude towards a spooky Halloween.
Day ohQuick View

Day oh

Practice singing with this resource from Can Sing. This song has traditionally been sung by workers on the docks while loading crates of bananas onto ships.
Resources for teaching Sikhism / Sikhism DayQuick View

Resources for teaching Sikhism / Sikhism Day

Just preparing background resources for a workshop introducing Sikhism. These will be of interest to anyone preparing work on Sikhism from KS1 to post 16. I will continue to add material as I find suitable resources. The video link tells the story of Guru Nanak. I have ordered the full video that this is taken from - and given the Amazon link here that I used. The 'parent' video includes 'episodes' about may religious leaders. Do add comments about how you use material and feedback/ratings as this helps others find what will be useful to them.
Modern-Day PortraitsQuick View

Modern-Day Portraits

Students will examine the painting Summer, critiquing the choice of food used and discussing the meaning of the piece. They will then create portraits using modern objects to depict facial features and illustrate their personality.
Mother's Day MayhemQuick View

Mother's Day Mayhem

Puzzle based on Mother's Day. Topics touched on include: time, SPaG, weight, factors and multiples.