Chinese New Year Scavenger HuntQuick View

Chinese New Year Scavenger Hunt

This is a Chinese New Year scavenger hunt. There are 16 cards with facts about the special day. There is also a worksheet that the students can fill out after reading the cards. The answer key is also included.

By Elementary_Teachers_Pet

New Curriculum 2014 Numeracy Year 1Quick View

New Curriculum 2014 Numeracy Year 1

Attached is a document for use in children's books to set and assess objectives in Year 1 - old national curriculum levels are included for Year 1 Yr1 Commenced = 1c Yr1 Developing = 1c+/1b Yr 1 Secure = 1b+/1a Objectives could be dated and highlighted as achieved

By helzbelz1973

End of Term Year Quiz 2016Quick View

End of Term Year Quiz 2016

PLEASE SEE MY UPDATED AND NEW EASTER 2017 QUIZ End of year quiz to use with all secondary year groups and classes, maybe years 5 and 6 too. Quiz contains celebrity mash up, current years news questions, movies, general knowledge and music and theme tunes round. Questions, Answers and MUSIC all contained in one easy to follow PowerPoint. Very easy to use, minimal work from the teacher:) Pupils loved it, enjoy and have a great summer break.


Chinese New Year Activity BundleQuick View

Chinese New Year Activity Bundle

This is a bundle of primary school activities to use for Chinese New Year: 1 - Make an oracle bone from clay with Ancient Chinese symbols on. 2. Ancient Chinese Recipe to make Ginger Millet Porridge. 3. A web quest activity for pupils to independently research the Ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty. 4. A story of a legendary Chinese king, which can be used as a stimulus for drama or writing.

By KS2History

Quiz of 2016 – Perfect New Year ReflectionQuick View

Quiz of 2016 – Perfect New Year Reflection

Quiz of 2016 – Perfect New Year Reflection A fantastic quiz looking back at the highs and lows of 2016. Attractive, 53 Power Point featuring the following rounds: * Round 1 – Name the Month * Round 2 – In Memoriam * Round 3 – Famous Quotes of 2016 * Round 4 – Facts and Stats Also features, bonus, double bonus and trap rounds where you can lose as well as gain more points! The answer slides feature a fly-in answer to help build up more suspense and tension. Ideal for form time fun or fun plenary activities for any lesson. Quiz length approximately 25-30 minutes lesson time. For a great intro lesson on New Year 2017 see here: For more great resources and full lessons visit my shop page here: (Credits: copy right free images used. Text by

By EngageinEnglish

Chinese New Year StoryQuick View

Chinese New Year Story

Powerpoint story of how the Chinese new years were named. I have the figures from the powerpoint stories which the children use to support re-telling the story on the small world table.

By blackdown43

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New Year - Back to school!Quick View

New Year - Back to school!

A bundle of resources to make the first few weeks of school as easy as possible. Back to school! Rules for the classroom-A perfect back to school resource (PPT). Familiarise the pupils with the rules for the classroom based around the word Learn. Back To School! Rules for the classroom. Crack the code-5 Crack the code activity sheets based on rules for the classroom. Back to School-First Week back activity-Two tasks on the first week at school, significant events and the + & - surrounding this. The second worksheet is based on three favourite subjects based on their initial experiences. A great resource for the new intake of year 7 pupils. Back to School Conveyor Belt - Subjects- This is based on the Generation Game activity. Surrounding the subjects in the secondary school curriculum. Useful for Starter, Plenaries and mini AFL activities throughout the lesson-Pupils love this activity! Pupil Homework Record Sheet-A sheet for pupils to fill in based on homework given. Two stars and a wish space provided for feedback. Back to School- Subjects, Diamond Ranking-Differentiated diamond Ranking activity (Higher, middle and lower ability) sheets. This activity is based on 9 of the school subjects for pupils to discuss their personal ideas on subjects whether they be favourites or most important and why. Back to school! Diplomatic rules for learning-An activity designed to get pupils thinking about classroom etiquette. Pupils are questioned on the importance of rules and what rules they feel are important in the classroom. The activity starts with individual thoughts on an important classroom rule and filters down to group ideas then a whole class consensus on the topic. by the end of the lesson the class will have decided on five rules for learning. included are two worksheets- Group rules for learning (based on 4, 5 or 6 pupils in the group) & Class rule for learning-the final 5 rules decided by the class. ***Timings can be altered on each slide based on form time or lesson time limits.***

By TeachElite

New Year Assembly - New Year Around The World Lesson / Assembly PresentationQuick View

New Year Assembly - New Year Around The World Lesson / Assembly Presentation

This resource contains a fully editable, colourful, informative and interesting 105 slide assembly PowerPoint on New Year's Eve celebrations, customs and traditions in different countries around the world. Ideal for a New Year assembly. References are made to the following countries Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Panama, Philippines, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, USA. The presentation concludes with asking the pupils the following questions a. How do you celebrate the New Year? b. Which country would you like to visit at New Year and why? This resource will help to contribute to the pupils' 'Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural' learning (SMSC) and will help to actively promote the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. January Assemblies January Assembly / Lesson Presentation – Simple Text January Assembly / Lesson Presentation Robert Burns and Burns Night Chinese New Year 2017 Assembly / Lesson Presentation Optical Illusions Simple but Powerful Messages for the New Year Winter Days Assembly / Lesson Presentation

By Krazikas



A 10-15 minute assembly on the traditions of Chinese New Year - suitable for all ages! Engaging and interactive with a fun clip on the origins of the tradition and culture as well as beautiful presentation to captivate your morning assembly!

By MissCResources

Year 8 Chemistry - RocksQuick View

Year 8 Chemistry - Rocks

Set of complete lessons based on the new curriculum; Igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary rock, erosion, weathering and the rock cycle. Worksheets referenced are from the Exploring Science package. 2. Igneous and metamorphic 3. Permeable rocks 5. Weathering 6. Erosion 7. Sedimentary rocks 8. Rock cycle 9. Material in the Earth (mining)

By Sigyn

chinese new yearQuick View

chinese new year

A powerpoint based on info from the bbc with a link to activities. Can be used in class or as the basis for an assembly

By mhg



YEAR 9: GEOGRAPHY :2ND TERM: EXAMINATION QUESTIONS This series of questions helps in the assessment of the students taking the subject geography at the end of the term.The includes examination questions and the marking scheme for the students in Year 9 for term 2 Spring Season. The questions covers topics on Energy Form of energy Energy and the environment Alternative energy resources Concern for the energy. The effects of fossil fuel on the environment. Acid rain Russia-History, physical features, climate zones, people and environment Global warming The Middle East Physical geography, climatic zones, people and conflict It is essential for students of geography in year 9 and helps the teacher to set questions on this selected topics in term 2

By omereonye



YEAR 8: GEOGRAPHY :2ND TERM: EXAMINATION QUESTIONS This series of questions helps in the assessment of the students taking the subject geography at the end of the term.The includes examination questions and the marking scheme for the students in Year 8 for term 2 Spring Season. The questions covers topics on: What are clouds and why does it rain? The Weather and Satellite Images What can satellite images tell us about the weather? European Climate What types of climate does Europe have Where shall we go on holiday? What do you know about Brazil? Location of Brazil What is Brazil like? Differences within the country How developed is Brazil? How did Brazil get like this? How successful has development been in Brazil? Images of a country It is essential for teachers & students of geography in Year 8 and helps the teacher to set questions on this selected topics in term 2

By omereonye

Chinese New Year DragonQuick View

Chinese New Year Dragon

The highlight of the Chinese New Year parade is the dragon dance. Using this TESiboard activity, children can decorate and print off a beautiful traditional Chinese dragon of their own. Select a colour and click on part of the dragon to colour it in. Change the dragon's outline colour using colours on the left. Alternatively, print off the Chinese Dragon doc and colour by hand. Note: This is a Flash activity and may not work on all devices and browsers. We recommend IE.

By TESiboard

Year 4 New Curriculum NumeracyQuick View

Year 4 New Curriculum Numeracy

A word document including the Year 4 objectives with equivalent levels for if children are commencing, developing or secure - possibly could be used for coverage or for target setting in children's books

By helzbelz1973