NPQSL 2019 Submission - Phonics and SpellingQuick View

NPQSL 2019 Submission - Phonics and Spelling

My successful NPQSL submission focussed on introducing Read, Write, Inc. and spelling across school. Submitted through Leeds Beckett Carnegie Leaders. Submission scored 27/28 and I have included mark scheme. Feedback said the project showed clear positive outcomes. School information has been anonymised. Also included is appendices including business case and risk management pan
Phonics Phase 3 Roll It Spell ItQuick View

Phonics Phase 3 Roll It Spell It

There are four picture boards in total. Board 1 - qu,ch,sh,th,ng Board 2 - ai,ee,igh,oa,oo Board 3 - oo(u), ar,or,ur, ow Board 3 - oi, ear, air, er Each board has a ? section where there are a mixture of pictures from the sounds on the board. Board three has two ? the second has pictures that are either longer or have two Phase 3 sounds. **How to play: ** Roll the dice. When it lands on a sound, find that column on the game board. Spell the first picture from that column on your spelling grid. Continue rolling and spelling each picture. Can be played with 1 or 2 players. Please note ure has not been included. UPDATE - Now includes answer boards and a bonus activity Roll It Find It #SpringSavers
Alternative Spellings Phase 5 PhonicsQuick View

Alternative Spellings Phase 5 Phonics

This is a complete resource pack to teach Phase 5 Alternative spellings in Year 1 aligned with the new curricullum. It includes new updated overview of spellings which should be taught in Year 1. This pack includes spelling rules flashcards, power point with over 2000 slides (created in the same font as phonics screening) and alternative spelling display. Please note that alternative sounds suggested in Letters and Sounds are now out of date. The power point is aimed to teach alternative spellings in a whole class setting. Each lesson takes 20 minutes and follows the structure of a phonics lesson: revisit and review, teach, practise, apply. The list of activities included for each lesson is as follows: Revisit and review recap phase 5 sounds and alternative pronunciations (as this is previous learning children in Year 1 should be secure in) Teach introduce the alternative spelling rule (sounds the same but looks different) Practise read words phoneme count write 5 words with alternative spelling Apply write a sentence choose a correct spelling best bet (which spelling is the most common)
Phonics Tricky Word Spelling SheetsQuick View

Phonics Tricky Word Spelling Sheets

This pack contains spelling sheets for all the Tricky words from phase 2 to 5. They are similar to the look, cover, write, check but with a twist. Pupils get to practice the writing in different ways such as joining the dots, rainbow writing and colourful writing before covering and having a go.
Spelling and Phonics at home - EYFSQuick View

Spelling and Phonics at home - EYFS

A selection of materials to engage Early Years children in phonics activities when working from home in the event of school closure due to the Coronavirus outbreak. These are available to download free of charge. We hope that you find these resources useful. For each year group we have created a selection of spelling activities along with writing activities linked to a variety of engaging themes. Some require pupils to complete their own research to use in their own writing and others use images and video clips to inspire. The Literacy Company is a team of dedicated consultants who provide schools with support, advice and training. Please get in touch via our social media if there are any additional resources you would like us to look into producing during this period of uncertainty.
Phonic Spelling SequencesQuick View

Phonic Spelling Sequences

Lists of regular phonic spellings in short sequences. For ear-training. What has changed? One phoneme changes for each new word. Use with a good set of plastic letters where digraph consonants and vowels are presented as single units.
 spelling and phonicsQuick View

spelling and phonics

Three parts to this. The booklet to work in class, the words to go home and the words to test on the following week There might be a few mistakes which is why it's an editable document.
Phonics flashcardsQuick View

Phonics flashcards

A set of 76 phonics display/flashcards to use in KS1. There are 2 A5 cards on a page. Each card contains pictures and a list of words including the relevant common exception words for Year 1. The first set contains the letters of the alphabet. The second set contains the consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs and trigraphs in the Y1 Spelling appendix. The third set contains extra graphemes identified in the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.
Phonics spelling resource packQuick View

Phonics spelling resource pack

This resource pack includes loads of different spelling words , activities , how to prounounce words and more. This is very good to learn the -ing -ed -er -est -ful -ly -y words . This resource is worth the money and children will enjoy it. This pack also incudes 33 pages worth of spelling and activities.
Phonics, Reading and SpellingQuick View

Phonics, Reading and Spelling

Phonics, reading and spelling documents to support the assessment, teaching and learning of: Letters and Sounds and spelling lists from the National Curriculum 2014, Years 1 to 6. These high quality reference documents enable quick access to phonics, reading and spelling lists from Years 1 to 6. The formative assessment tool for each objective/learning outcome identifies: Learner’s strengths, areas for development and next steps of learning; Gaps in learning. An effective reading and spelling record for individuals or group pupils, providing a simple progress measure and evidence for: 1:1 sessions for pupils with special educational needs; Group work for pupils with additional needs; Differentiated lessons for whole class learning.
Phonics Phase 4 Roll It Spell ItQuick View

Phonics Phase 4 Roll It Spell It

This pack has boards for Phase 4 words using set 1-7 sounds , using Phase 3 sounds as well as a board for polysyllabic. Dice template have been included but a 1-6 (1-3 dice for the polysyllabic) can be used as well. Recording sheets are included. UPDATED: there are extra boards from the previous version and a answer board pack. Bonus activity Roll It Find It included as well.
Phonics displayQuick View

Phonics display

A display resource to aid children’s reading through the encouragement of sounding out.
Spelling Activities & GamesQuick View

Spelling Activities & Games

This resource contains 20 + spelling activities and games. Suitable for any word list (KS1, KS2) Almost no prep needed apart from printing (some games require a dice or a spinner). Can be used year after year making it a great investment! Activities include: secret code writing; spelling battleships; look/say/cover/write/check; iPad spellings; postcard writing; word search making; rainbow spelling; dictionary work; word webs; word swirls; spelling hangman; board game; word families; comic strips and more!
Phase 6 Phonic planningQuick View

Phase 6 Phonic planning

A years worth of Phase 6 phonic planning. The first couple of weeks revise the key elements of Phase 5, followed by comprehensive plans covering all aspects of Phase 6 phonics, with the final weeks focus on revising and consolidating learning.
Phonics and Spelling for Year 2 Bundle (3 weeks)Quick View

Phonics and Spelling for Year 2 Bundle (3 weeks)

3 Resources
Week 1 to 3 planning and resources for Year 2 phonics and spelling. Covering the national curriculum objectives; The sound /j/ spelt dge, ge The sound /s/ spelt c The sound /n/ spelt kn and gn NEW updated Phonics/Spelling planning and teaching resources in line with the National Curriculum and Phase 6. 3 x powerpoint presentations each comprising of three phonics/spelling lessons (1 weeks worth) based around the objetcives above. There is also a practise and apply section with ideas of activities for additional lessons or for use within continuous provision sessions to help children really consolidate their new learning. There is also a long term plan taken from the National Curriculum and a lesson by lesson teaching plan as a word document. Each lesson follows the typical revisit, teach, practise and apply sequence used in phonics but mainly focuses on spelling rather than reading words. All the teaching points are recorded in the notes section on each slide and the separate lesson plan, templates have been provided for you to use for activities with your children and the slides can be used during lessons as a visual for the children. These items can also be bought separately in my TES shop.
Phonics Phase 5 Roll It Spell ItQuick View

Phonics Phase 5 Roll It Spell It

There are four picture boards in total. Board 1 - ay,ou,ie,ea,oy Board 2 - ir,ue,aw,wh,ph Board 3 - ew,oe,au,ey,a-e Board 4 - e-e,i-e,o-e,u-e Each board has a ? section where there are a mixture of pictures from the sounds on the board. Board 4 has two ? where there are sounds missing in the word and the children have to work out which phase 5 sound is missing. Please note some boards have words with the sound missing instead of pictures as some sounds do not lend themselves to pictures How to play: Roll the dice. When it lands on a sound, find that column on the game board. Spell the first picture from that column on your spelling grid. Continue rolling and spelling each picture. Can be played with 1 or 2 players. UPDATED: now includes answer boards and bonus activity Roll It Find It
SPELL WELL 1Quick View


The two Spell Well books help pupils to learn the strategies, rules and conventions they need for accurate spelling. They focus on the phonemic and morphological principles which govern word construction. The series is suitable for a wide age range. A structured approach is taken, with activities that fit in well with many phonics and spelling programmes. The activities are suitable for independent or supported work. They can be used as class, group or individual activities and are ideal as homework tasks. Spell Well 1 has 53 sheets and includes phonic spelling with sounds ai, ee, igh, oo, oa, y/oo, and looks at spelling past and present tense verbs plus plurals. A second book is available. Previously sold through Easylearn.
Phonics for SEN: Reading and Spelling Testing & Assessment Materials and Progress TrackerQuick View

Phonics for SEN: Reading and Spelling Testing & Assessment Materials and Progress Tracker

Testing & Assessment Materials and Progress Tracker When using any programme it is important to establish the improvements or gains that our pupils have made over time and track their progress. This suite of assessment materials, which complement the Phonics for SEN programme, enable you to test, assess and track individual pupils’ progress in reading and spelling. Individual pupil tests at two levels: Basic (Books 1 & 2) and Advanced (Books 1 – 6/7) • blending, • segmenting, • knowledge of the relationship between sound and letter (sound spelling), • knowledge of the relationship between letter (sound spelling) and sound, • single word reading • single word spelling of high frequency words Progress Tracker (Pre-programme – Book 7) Organised as separate reading and spelling strands and records: • progress through the stages of the programme • progress through levels related to age related expectations • gives a total reading score • gives a total spelling score • gives a combined reading and spelling score Assessment Materials Basic Code Stages and Assessment Materials Advanced Code Stages available as pdfs. Progress Tracker available as Excel document.