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Place Value Games

KS2 Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 maths dice games for place value up to millions and decimals to 3 places. Includes games for 4, 5, 6 and 7 digit numbers (thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands and millions) and 1, 2 and 3 decimal places (tenths, hundredths and thousandths). A fun, more challenging and strategic twist on an old idea, these 19 games will make students think carefully about where to place digits, practise their ordering skills, develop interesting tactics and prolong the uncertainty until the final moments. 24 pages, PDF format. Great for starters, early finishers, revision or as a fun homework task Many levels of challenge - ideal for differentiation or for use across year groups Use as printed worksheets or else laminate (or use in dry-wipe sleeves) and complete with whiteboard pens Instead of playing in pairs, you might form small groups - pairs could play against pairs instead of one-versus-one and you might appoint a checker who can adjudicate (and then swap roles for the next game). Consider enlarging to A3 for larger groups. There is a mixture of Make the Biggest Number, Make the Smallest Number and Greater or Less Than games   Every turn, players can place the digit they throw on any row or column, until there are no vacant boxes remaining, prolonging the uncertainty! Keeping an eye on each other’s numbers as they form, players will begin to spot new tactics; for instance they might notice that a 1 placed in a thousands place might not be so costly if there’s a 9 in the ten thousands place, depending on what their opponent is doing on their grid. They can also practise saying their completed numbers aloud at the end.   If you don’t have a 0-9 dice, the games still work with a 1-6 dice. Alternatively: Use 0-9 spinners (I have included black and white and colour templates for your convenience) if you wish to make some Use digit cards (basic digit cards included in the file) Use a pack of playing cards (use Aces as 1 and Jacks as 0, put aside the Kings and Queens; shuffle the pack and take one card in turn)   Instructions are printed on the boards.   Thank you very much for supporting my store.   YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE… Multiplication and Division Activities BUNDLE Maths Puzzles Worksheets HUGE BUNDLE Place Value CrossNumber Puzzles Area and Perimeter Activities BUNDLE   Explore more at FullShelf Resources
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Place Value Orienteering

This PDF contains the resources to set up an outdoor maths orienteering style game. There are 2 games and 3 levels of difficulty - numbers to 1,000,000, numbers to 100,000 and numbers to 10,000. The 2 games require: Game 1) learners to write the standard, word and extended form of 12 numbers (found at each orienteering"flag". Game 2) Learners need to understand a digits place and value i.e., find the flag with a 7 a in the thousands place. Please note: this resource uses the term units.
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Tik Tok Top Trumps - Place Value Game

Tik Tok Top Trumps Place Value game - ideal for upper primary/KS2. Looks at place value up to 8 digits (ten millions). 2 game options available - place value game with question cards or classic Top Trumps. Download includes 32 TikTok Trump cards* with popular figures, over 50 place value question cards, a score recording sheet and instructions on how to play. The Top Trump cards could be used for other activities too (e.g. adding, subtracting). Please share your photos with me on: Instagram- @missfeeney, Twitter- @MissFeeney20. *Information has been taken from the person’s real TikTok account, however some figures have been changed to allow for better gameplay. **Resource is not affiliated with Tik Tok in any way.
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Place Value

A powerpoint presentation aimed at KS3 pupils. The various activities will enable pupils to understand the meaning of place value and the importance of it.
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Place Value

This worksheet support concrete learning with Straws, Base 10 and counters
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Place Value - Numbers to 100,000 - Year 5

This is a whole lesson based on the Year 5 Place Value objective of “Numbers to 100,000". This resource includes the teacher input ( learning journey), independent worksheet and a depth activity to deepen the children’s understanding of the concept being learned. The questions have been inspired and adapted from the White Rose Small Steps Guidance and Teaching for Mastery documents. This document is useful for teachers who have adapted Maths Mastery and need guidance in the approach or those who are looking for variation in fluency, reasoning and problem solving or simply those who don’t want to plan it themselves but want high quality resources and quality first teaching. =) All of the documents that are uploaded as an Activinspire file are interactive and all of the concrete/pictorial manipulative can be used, moved and manipulated. This document can be downloaded on Activinspire and it is also available as a PDF for those who do not have Activinspire. Please note - these resources are not compatible with Smart Notebook and the PDF file is not interactive. Thank you for taking the time to review my resources. =) I hope this helps you with your teaching and if it does please could you be kind enough to leave some positive feedback. =) Kind regards, @MasteryMaths01
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Place Value Charts - Year 2

Place Value Charts - Year 2 In this KS1 maths teaching resource, pupils begin to use place value charts to aid understanding of place value. These activities cover the year 2 curriculum objectives in the maths programme of study (Number - number and place value) and supports the White Rose small steps guidance for year 2 - Autumn - Block 1 - Place Value. Content includes: Identify the number represented in the place value chart differentiated activities and accompanying worksheets Represent the number in the place value chart using base 10 and place value counters with accompanying worksheet and place value chart template and cut outs Write the number represented by the place value chart in words and complete the number sentences with accompanying worksheet Reasoning and problem solving activity and worksheet ‘Place Value Charts - Year 2’ is editable so teachers can adapt the resource to meet their individual teaching needs
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Place Value: Year 2

This resource contains a workbook (with answers) and progress check of mastery maths resources to support the delivery of the Year 2 Place Value - Autumn Term White Rose (WRM) ‘small steps’ programme. These resources are for Week 2. The resource contains 20 worksheets / activities (concrete, pictorial and abstract) linked to the White Rose small steps with an emphasis on the mastery approach to learning advocated by the White Rose scheme and includes reasoning and problem-solving tasks. Answer keys and solutions are included. The resources focus on the following objectives and small steps: Year 2 Maths’ National Curriculum Objectives Recognise the place value of each digit in a two digit number (tens, ones) Compare numbers from 0 up to 100 Use <, > and = signs Use place value and number facts to solve problems. White Rose Small Steps Use a place value chart Compare objects Compare numbers If you buy this resource and are pleased with your purchase, I would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review. As a token of appreciation, you can have a free resource of your choice up to the same value as your purchased resource. Just email with your user name, the resource you have reviewed and the resource you would like for free. You may also be interested in: Year 2 Place Value Workbook 1 Year 2 Place Value Workbook 3 Year 2 Place Value - Block 1 Week 2 - 20 Worksheets, PowerPoint Lesson, Lesson Plans, Progress Check Bundle More Maths Resources Thinking of publishing your own resources? Check out this step-by-step guide: How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step-by-Step Guide
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Year 3 Place Value

A set of three differentiated worksheets that work on place value for Year 3 children. Having used a similar format in my own lessons, these sheets often provide enough challenge for lessons, with children taking on the easier work then moving on to harder challenges within the other sheets. These have all been made with mastery in mind and so follow this pattern. Worksheet One - Works on practise and fluency (LA) Worksheet Two - Practise, fluency and reasoning (MA) Worksheet Three - Practise, fluency, reasoning and problem solving (HA) Answers are included for each sheet.
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Place Value Tens and units

Children have to add tens and units and partition them Children have to add tens and units cubes Children have to add tens and units sums
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Place Value Display

A complete and colourful display for a KS2 maths unit on place value. Includes 3 titles, vocabulary cards, fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions, interactive activities and concrete images of this concept. Provided in a beach theme, this will start, support and extend your topic in an engaging and effective way. Enjoy the cheerful simmer theme of the seaside and brighten up your room. Quickly pop up on your display board to start the term organised. Contains: Place Value titles (3 formats) Place value chart Place value vocabulary cards Fish theme images Fluency questions Reasoning questions Problem solving questions Abacus images Interactive activities Ideal for KS2. All reviews welcome. Check out my other popular maths resources in My Shop!
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Place Value PowerPoint

Place Value PowerPoint - This interactive PowerPoint helps students understand place value and expanded notation. It is problem-based (Alex needs help with his shopping list) and interactive, they use their personal whiteboards to work out answers. This is great fun and keeps all the students actively stimulated and on task during the lesson. Place Value PowerPoint (9 slides). Created by Lindy du Plessis (store: Lindy loves to teach).
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Place Value Worksheets KS2

Fun KS2 place value puzzles challenges, great for early finishers activities, starter tasks, revision and homework, originally designed for Year 4, 5 and 6 Maths / Numeracy. There are 2 fun crossnumber puzzles for revision of numbers up to 5 digits / ten thousands, 2 puzzles for numbers up to 6 digits / one hundred thousands, and 2 puzzles for numbers up to 7 digits / millions. For each of 5, 6 and 7-digit numbers the first puzzle is for practising reading the word version and writing the digit version in the grid, while the second, more challenging puzzle for each involves adding and subtracting from large numbers (increase by 1000, take away five hundred thousand etc). These more challenging place value mental maths puzzles use a mixture of words and digits for the given calculations, with pupils entering digits in the grid as before. A PDF file with puzzles and full solutions is contained in the Zip file. These Numeracy puzzles are an engaging alternative to standard worksheets and should help pupils consolidate their understanding of place value in a fun way. This pack also provides good differentiation and revision opportunities and could be used across different age groups / classes. You can get these puzzles alongside my other Place Value activities and games (large differentiated sets of self-check Place Value trails for 5, 6 and 7-digit numbers and also decimals Place Value games) in this good value bundle: KS2 Place Value Activities Bundle You might be interested in my popular bundle of Hidden Word Puzzles for Rounding, Multiplication, Fractions and Negative Numbers: Maths Puzzles Some of my other popular KS2 Maths resources: Mental Maths Bundle Multiplication / Division Bundle Angles / Symmetry Bundle For time-saving, engaging printables and presentations to plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, visit FullShelf Resources
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Place Value - Year 4

Place Value - Year 4 52 slide PowerPoint presentation and 6 accompanying worksheets In this teaching resource, pupils are taught about place value and practise recognising the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones). It is ideal to use when introducing pupils to place value as per the curriculum objectives of the year 4 maths programme of study (Number - number and place value). Content includes: Three digit number recap What is a four digit number What is place value Partitioning four digit numbers activity and accompanying worksheet Whole class activity with cut out place value models Find the number represented by the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones activity and accompanying worksheet Place value activity and worksheet Name the value of the underlined digit activity and worksheet Multiply and divide by ten activity Place value spinner activity Mystery number activity Link to a place value game Further place value worksheet ‘Place Value - Year 4’ is editable so teachers can adapt the resource, if needed, to suit their individual teaching requirements.
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Place Value Decimals

KS2 Maths Teaching Resources: Place Value Decimals ‘Place Value Decimals’ has been designed to help delivery of a lesson covering many of the curriculum objectives in the KS2 maths programme of study - Number - Fractions (including decimals and percentages). Content includes: Place value and decimals explanation Converting fractions into decimals activities Decimal place value activity Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 printable worksheet and number cards and activity Finding decimals on a number line activity Ordering decimal numbers activity comparing decimal numbers activity Decimal loop game worksheet printable This animated maths PowerPoint presentation can be edited so teachers are able to adapt the resource to suit their individual teaching requirements.
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Place Value Grid Upper KS2

Place value grid - perfect to laminate and to use in main lessons or in starters! Great for teaching place value ranging from millions to hundredths. Also can be used for teaching multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. You could even expand to A3 size and use on a working wall or flipchart as a learning aid. The bright colours help to engage pupils. Also, this resource shows children that the decimal point belongs on the line and does not have its own square!