PETAL paragraph learning mat - Essay writing skillsQuick View

PETAL paragraph learning mat - Essay writing skills

A great learning mat with a step by step guide for writing an effective paragraph that can apply to most Language style questions and Literature exam questions. This learning mat breaks down each component of the paragraph and offers a variety of sentence openers and academic language that students can use. A brilliant resource for differentiation of to give to students as a self-help sheet. I have these out on the tables almost every lesson! Review and follow :-)
Research skills - 2 lessons to teach students how to research any topicQuick View

Research skills - 2 lessons to teach students how to research any topic

Two engaging and resourced hour-long lessons to teach students how to approach Internet research and identify reliable sources of information. This is applicable to any research topic and is suitable for key stage 3 or key stage 4. It could also be adapted for key stage 2. Students will learn how to: Identify relevant research questions. Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of various sources Identify key words to use in search engines Choose what information to write down. This resource includes: A Powerpoint for two lessons including teaching and printing instructions Worksheets/printouts for each lesson (included as part of the Powerpoint). I have included an example use for the Holocaust, however these can be easily adapted to suit any relevant research topic. I have used these in my English lessons but they could be adapted to work in any subject which requires students to complete independent research. Leave a review and choose any other resource for free from the LikeAnExpert shop.
Power and Conflict Comparison EssaysQuick View

Power and Conflict Comparison Essays

4 student written power and conflict comparison essays which could be used as a revision material, an example answer or as part of an exercise to help students understand and become familiar with the mark scheme for AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2. Essay questions include: Compare the ways the poets present negative feelings in ‘London’ and another poem form the power and conflict anthology Compare the ways the poets present ideas about humanity in ‘Ozymandias’ and another poem from the power and conflict anthology Explore how writers convey ideas about human power in ‘Tissue’ and another poem from the power and conflict cluster Compare how the effects of conflict are portrayed in ‘War Photographer’ and another poem from the power and conflict anthology
An Inspector Calls Essay PlansQuick View

An Inspector Calls Essay Plans

This useful resource gives points, quotes, and perceptive contextual analysis for a range of character and theme-based essay questions. It is arranged in an easy-to-read table with brief notation, summarising the main points for each question. This resource includes plans for all the characters (including the Inspector and Eva Smith) and a range of the most prominent themes (to include social class, gender, responsibility, and the generational conflict).
Research Skills CourseQuick View

Research Skills Course

An outline of a 12-week Research Skills Course for pre-sessional students going on to study for their degrees. This package includes: Detailed scheme of work for the whole 12 weeks Introductory PowerPoint that includes research scenarios A rationale document explaining the ethos of the course Perfect if you need a solid and proven research skills course outline at short notice.
Information/Research Skills ResourcesQuick View

Information/Research Skills Resources

Resource sheets that help pupils research and take notes effectively. Resources include - Information Sheets on key skills - Research Planning Sheet - Information Skills Questionairre
A Christmas Carol Essay WritingQuick View

A Christmas Carol Essay Writing

Ideal for both KS3 and KS4 students, this fully resourced and differentiated lessons looks at the way Dickens presents Scrooge as an outsider and supports students in writing notes on the whole novella around a central theme. A great lesson for Y7 right the way through to Y11 and easily adaptable. Recently revamped and includes both models and scaffolds for writing analytical paragraphs around A Christmas Carol.
Research Essay for Environmental ScienceQuick View

Research Essay for Environmental Science

Research and essay assessment. Choose 1 of 5 essay questions about deforestation, fossil fuels and climate change. Resource includes mind maps for writing a persuasive essay and the rubric for marking.
Essay Writing SkillsQuick View

Essay Writing Skills

These learning mats help students to structure their essay paragraphs so that they include all assessment objectives. The essay plan gives them a strict structure to follow to ensure they include all aspects needed in their essays. The learning mats also provide ways for students to self-check their work, and provide sentence stems and handy hints so that student can become more independent. This is a great starting point for all students. I have found it to be a winning formula with borderline student and it is easy to adapt and expand for the higher ability students.
Essay vs. Research PaperQuick View

Essay vs. Research Paper

DESCRIPTION: This is a table that shows the different characteristics between writing an essay and writing a research paper. GROUP: This information is suitable for the reference of both instructors and students at secondary and tertiary levels. PERSONALTESTIMONY: I use this comparative table to inform students taking my academic writing course how to distinguish between the two tasks.
A Level English Language Model EssaysQuick View

A Level English Language Model Essays

18 Resources
17 model answers student written graded A/ A*. There is a student model essay here covering every section of both exam papers, as well as both parts of the NEA & a bank of exam style essay questions to try yourself… no wonder its a best seller! You’ll be fully prepared to tackle the exam. Show your students another student’s approach to the essays and opinion articles… worth £74… save over £50. Anyone can memorize theories, facts and grammar. But do you know how to link these up and create a line of argument? See another student’s approach to the exam questions with this bunch of essay answers, all graded in the top band and written by an actual student. The breakdown: **NEA; ** A* example student written language investigation A* example student written original writing and commentary **Paper 1 Section A: ** 2 example essay answers for q1,2,3 graded A* **Paper 1 Section B: ** child language example A* essay answer **Paper 2 Section A: ** 2 gender A* essay answers accent and dialect A* essay answers sociolect A* essay answer occupation A* essay answer world english A* essay answer language change A* essay answer **Paper 2 Section B: ** 2 language discourses example essay answers opinion article examples on AS topics opinion article example on non std varieties of english i.e. world You may be interested in… BOTH PAPERS: Notes for revision & all Essays PAPER 2: Notes & essays
Essay Writing SkillsQuick View

Essay Writing Skills

KS3 - Developing essay writing. Using Lord Tennyson’s ‘The Kraken’ Discussion images to engage students. Poem and glossary of terms. Success criteria. List of techniques to look for. Structure of an essay. PQEL explanation - with a more detailed scaffold. Poem to annotate with some techniques in bold. Self assessment.
Critical Essay SkillsQuick View

Critical Essay Skills

Resources include - Critical Essay Skills PPT - Handouts on improving vocabulary - Checklist for essay skills
Essay Writing SkillsQuick View

Essay Writing Skills

This unit has been designed to develop essay writing skills for year 9 students, but could also be used for other year groups as revision or introduction to essay writing.
Research Skills: The 50 StatesQuick View

Research Skills: The 50 States

Information-packed crossword puzzles! From Connecticut to California and New Mexico to New Jersey, each of the country’s 50 states is the focus of a unique crossword puzzle. Using an encyclopedia to discover solutions, students learn valuable information about each state. Examples: - The name Arizona comes from this Indian word. - Nebraska’s state flower. - The name of Frank Lloyd Wright’s estate near Spring Green, Wisconsin.
Othello - Essay Writing SkillsQuick View

Othello - Essay Writing Skills

Students will consider Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ as a tragic play. They will then analyse an extract from the text in depth and begin to plan a timed essay response. This lesson is designed for A-Level English Literature AQA B - Aspects of Tragedy questions 1&2, however can be adapted for other students who are studying Othello.
Research Skills {Bundle}Quick View

Research Skills {Bundle}

4 Resources
4-Book SetThese books challenge students to "dig" into the encyclopedia for crossword puzzle solutions on a vast array of subjects. Each book covers a different topic including: U.S. Presidents, Landmarks, The 50 States, and Cities.Each puzzle contains key information taken from a single article in the World Book Encyclopedia.