Solids/Liquids- MeltingQuick View

Solids/Liquids- Melting

PowerPoint showing how different things melt. Worksheets- different ability- about how/why things melt.

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solid, liquid, gas PPTQuick View

solid, liquid, gas PPT

It covers shape and volume of soild , liquid and gas, and then it explain the arrangement an dmotion of particles in solid, liquid, gas .

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Solids, liquids and gases imagesQuick View

Solids, liquids and gases images

A good introductory ppt for Solids, Liquids and gases, this contains a range of different images which the children can look at and either discuss which one (S, L or G) they are or plot into a table. The answers are provided at the end of the ppt. There's a can of hairspray on there which could provide an interesting discussion with pupils as this is arguably both liquid and gas in it's contents, (obviously the container is solid!) I hope it's helpful as a quick starter activity and saves you scrabbling round for objects or making your own ppt!

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Solids, Liquids and GasesQuick View

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Two lessons on the three states. Lesson One: Three States- a revision of Solids and Liquids, and an Introduction to Gases, including Activities, Resource Sheets and Teacher's Notes. Lesson Two: It Gets Everywhere- a lesson on air spaces and bubbles, including Activities, Resource Sheets and Teacher's Notes.

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Density of solids and liquids worksheetQuick View

Density of solids and liquids worksheet

For a lower set year 8 class. A highly scaffolded worksheet teaching students how to use the density formula to calculate densities of various solids. A cloze exercise testing understanding of key concepts about density.

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Solids Liquids Gases - Venn diagramQuick View

Solids Liquids Gases - Venn diagram

Children will need a tray of different materials or images of solids, liquids and gases. The slideshow explains the what all materials are made of what the characteristics of each state of matter are. Children are told to sort things as solid/liquid/gas and then introduced to a venn diagram. A venn diagram is appropriate as there might be some 'tricky' substances which can behave like more than one state of matte (sand is a solid but behaves like a liquid)

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Solid or Liquid?Quick View

Solid or Liquid?

Explore how liquids and solids solidify and melt at different temperatures using some everyday examples. Investigate how the size of particles in a liquid (or a solid acting like a liquid) can affect its viscosity. Suitable for Y4 pupils. Find other lesson plans and resources at

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Solids, Liquids and GasesQuick View

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Differentiated powerpoint covering solids, liquids and gases. Used in an observation. Worksheets to print at the end of the powerpoint.

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Particle Theory lesson - Solids, Liquids and GasesQuick View

Particle Theory lesson - Solids, Liquids and Gases

Year 7 or 8 lesson on the Particle Theory - Solids, Liquids and Gases. PowerPoint and worksheets included (at the back of the PowerPoint). LOs: To identify solids, liquids and gases. To describe the 3 states and their properties. To explain changes of state using ideas about the particle model of matter. Activities: 1. Do Now: Separate the different substances into solids, liquids and gases. Are there any you are unsure about? 2. Exposition: The particle theory of solids, liquids and gases 3. Student Activity: Explaining properties using the particle theory 4. Class Activity: Watch interactive content on particles (could be replaced by practical demonstrations in the laboratory) 5. Student Activity: Complete the information table about the particles in solids, liquids and gases (and green pen check) 6. Mini-plenary: Particles and states MCQs 7. Independent Task: Exam style questions on the particle theory (then self assessment and reflection) 8. Plenary: Learning triangle For more resources check out my shop: If you liked this resource, please write a review! :)

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Solids, Liquids and GasesQuick View

Solids, Liquids and Gases

PowerPoint file to back up teaching of lessons within the solids, liquids and gases topic at KS3. Contains weblinks and animations.

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Solid, Liquid and Gases Display PostersQuick View

Solid, Liquid and Gases Display Posters

A great display resource which will act as a good reminder of the different properties of a solid, liquid and gas. In this pack are three A4 posters showing the properties of a solid, liquid and a gas All the posters are attractively designed in colour and can be clearly seen from a distance.

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Solids, Liquids and Gases pre-test NEW SYLLABUSQuick View

Solids, Liquids and Gases pre-test NEW SYLLABUS

Pre-test for solids, liquids and gases topic. Designed to run as an interactive presentation, with students writing their answer (A, B, C or D multiple choice) on a mini-whiteboard and hold up answer. This provides the teacher with instant feedback, puts less pressure on individuals as more anonymous answering and gives every child a chance to answer. Perfect for testing existing knowledge before beginning the SLG topic, highlighting areas of weakness that need attention, strengths that just need a light covering, and any misconceptions. Also useful at the end of the topic as revision, or run at both the beginning and end to show any improvement.

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