Teaching HTML Resource BundleQuick View

Teaching HTML Resource Bundle

This HTML resource bundle includes 3 sets of student workbooks, which students can follow, enabling them to develop an understanding of HTML coding and progressing with this knowledge. Students are encouraged to complete shorter development tasks, before applying their knowledge to produce their own website. This website will continually be developed in each of the workbooks, until it is a fully completed and working website. This is a great resource for students of all ages, who are learning about HTML programming.

By beebusinessbee1

Split screen teaching resourcesQuick View

Split screen teaching resources

In split screen teaching a teacher will have the learning objectives or conceptual understanding, i.e. “What am I learning about?” on the one hand and at the same time, specific learning objectives about how the learning is happening, “What am I learning to do and be?” These cards are designed to support the "what am I learning to do" through prompts that encourage regular reflection during the unit or lessons to identify this.

By Ellemac76

My Dutch Teaching Resources BundleQuick View

My Dutch Teaching Resources Bundle

If you are learning Dutch and you are looking for a way of translating from English into Dutch, then this is a great start. This resource would still need a dutch teacher as everything is in English. You look at the pictures and try to name things in Dutch.

By peterfogarty

Volcano teaching resources bundleQuick View

Volcano teaching resources bundle

This teaching resources pack helps you fully prepare for teaching all about volcanoes. Included in this bundle you will find: - A unit plan. Complete with 21 key questions, learning objectives and suggested teaching activities. - Volcano worksheets. All from the 3D Geography website. 18 activities that are well designed and child friendly. Comes complete with answer key £4 - Volcano quiz complete with answer key £2 - Volcano class display pictures and words £2 All items available individually if desired.

By idj

Celebrations - Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Celebrations - Teaching Resource Pack

A comprehensive 100 page pack including posters, activities and worksheets about celebrations from around the world. Use this teaching resource pack when exploring religious and cultural celebrations from around the world. The pack includes: * Celebrations PowerPoint * Celebrations Worksheet Pack * Celebrations Inquiry Task * Celebrations Fact Sheet Pack * Celebrations Posters * Celebrations Posters (with Information) * Celebrations Page Borders * Christmas Around the World Fact Sheets * Celebrations Word Wall Vocabulary * Rio Carnival Mask Art Activity * Chinese Dragon Art Activity * Eiffel Tower Oil Pastel Art Activity * Kite Window Decoration Art Activity * Mosaic Clover Art Activity * Australia and Aboriginal Flag Collage Art Activity * Independence Day Paper Lantern Art Activity 1 zip files includes US spelling and 1 zip includes AUS/UK spelling.

By TeachStarter

BONFIRE NIGHT EYFS KS1 Teaching resourcesQuick View

BONFIRE NIGHT EYFS KS1 Teaching resources

DISPLAY 1. Long Banner – to head your wall display “Bonfire Night” 2. Frames to display children’s work 3. Flashcards with topic words and pictures associated with Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes 4.Long Banner “Guy Fawkes” 5. Photo posters to create a super display 6. "BONFIRE NIGHT" Display lettering engulfed with flames, great to head your display Two capital letters per A5 page 7. Firework border - to edge your wall display LITERACY 1. Writing / Word mat - “The Gunpowder Plot” – Ideal to use 2. Topic word labels 3. Power point ��� Gunpowder plot story for the IWB 4. Make your own Storybook - “The Gunpowder plot” 5. Writing and drawing frames 6. Writing paper (firework themed) 7. Worksheets – Printable writing worksheets 8. Newspaper template 9. Rocket alphabet line (A4) shows upper and lower case 10. “The firework Code” poster 11. Wanted poster – Writing prompt 12. Word search 13. Maze 14. Visual aid story telling cards; great to tell the Guy Fawkes story 15. Match the words to the pictures activity 16. Bonfire night quiz - fill in the answers MATHS 1. Firework counting cards and matching number cards 1 - 10 2. “Ten Sparkling Fireworks” - Bonfire night subtraction and action rhyme to learn; with song poster and props 3. Number line from 0 to 20 on jacket potatoes CREATIVE 1.Colouring posters 2.Design worksheets 3. Guy Fawkes masks in colour and black and white Not for resale © Story.resources


7 AREAS OF LEARNING POSTERS EYFS Teaching resourcesQuick View


Includes A4 posters 1. Understanding of the world 2. Physical Development 3. Expressive Arts and Design 4. Personal Social and Emotional Development 5. Mathematics 6. Communication and Language 7. Literacy PLUS 1. Heading poster naming the "Prime Areas" 2. Heading poster naming the "Specific areas" These posters are a great way to divide your new development matters into areas of learning, making it easier to use ! © Story.resources Not for resale


Easter Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Easter Teaching Resource Pack

A collection of classroom decorations and activities for Easter. This Easter Teaching Resource pack includes: * Easter Posters * My life in an egg shell writing activity * Easter egg hunt activity * Funny bunny activity * 3 x pages of cut-out decorations * 2 x page borders * Happy Easter card activity * 3 x pages of Easter decorations * 2 x black and white Easter decoration pages * Easter Word Search * Happy Easter banner 1 zip file includes US spelling and 1 zip file includes UK/AUS spelling.

By TeachStarter

A SQUASH AND A SQUEEZE Story teaching resources EYFS LiteracyQuick View

A SQUASH AND A SQUEEZE Story teaching resources EYFS Literacy

This set includes : 6 Stick puppets : Goat, Cow, Pig, Hen, Wise old man and Little old lady. Provided in two sizes 4 x per A4 page ( small) and 1 x per A4 page ( large) Story props : Picture props to help retell the story Mask set : of the Old lady and the Wise old man Banner : “A squash and a Squeeze” to head a wall display Border Paper : Print as many times as required to edge your display. Shows animals as a repeat pattern Keywords : Keywords and names in text boxes Rhyming pairs : Pairs of rhyming words in text boxes Speech bubbles : Key phrases in speech bubbles Story sack tag : Tag to add to your story sack Photo posters : Photographs of the 4 animals in the story 4 x A4 Lesson ideas Work sheets (c)Story.resources Not for resale


GCSE American West Teaching ResourcesQuick View

GCSE American West Teaching Resources

This is your chance to buy all my outstanding American West resources bundled up for a massive saving. These resources are tried and tested. They are suitable for a wide range of abilities and will successfully engage your students. For more information, click on the resources.

By Roy_Huggins



Resources included are as follows: Information 55 PDF files for you to print. Information posters/ fact cards, 40 butterfly/moth/caterpillar species flashcards, key word cards, photo pack, lifecycle photo and information pack, lifecycle poster in colour, question cards, quiz, word search, learning objective tracker. Literacy and other activities Colouring pages, writing frames and pages, acrostic poem to complete, can / have / are worksheet, finger puppets, high frequency word cards, poem to read and act out, counting rhyme to act out, hand puppets, face masks, jigsaws, book marks, writing booklets, mind map etc. Science Label the insect parts worksheet, label the lifecycle, draw the stages of lifecycle, colouring page of lifecycle, body parts poster, key words bingo game, cut and stick activity, draw a habitat, writing booklet. Maths activities Counting, number chart 1-100, table top number line, several symmetry activity sheets. Display Large images of each stage of life cycle to use for display board (approx. A4 each), large arrows to display lifecycle with photos, Long banner to head display, large lettering, display borders, backing paper to print if needed, binder cover and drawer labels, resources sack tag.

By hayleyhill

Teaching inference to your students? These resources will help!Quick View

Teaching inference to your students? These resources will help!

A number of presentations - offering an accessible visual approach before progressing to a more literary approach - make sure your students understand that the ability to infer is important. All resources are tried and tested. To include: visual stimuli, starters, model responses, texts to study, sentence starters and discussion points. I have included a visual starter that I used this year to reinforce the idea of inference before we progressed on the other presentations/lessons. ALL images are author's own.

By burfo

Teaching of the Transatlantic Slave TradeQuick View

Teaching of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

A complete teachers resource that enables teachers worldwide to teach the Transatlantic Slave Trade with sensitivity, empathy and the role played by black and white abolitionists to end the Slave Trade.

By deltamariabooks

Business Ethics Teaching Resource Pack (OCR)Quick View

Business Ethics Teaching Resource Pack (OCR)

This is a complete teaching resource pack for the Business Ethics section of the new OCR Religious Studies A Level. It contains PowerPoints, handouts, worksheets, articles and videos. It covers all of the areas described in the specification including, Corporate Social Responsibility, Whistleblowing, Good Ethics as Good Business, Globalisation, Kant, Utilitarianism, Shareholder Theory and Stakeholder Theory. Most lessons also come with stretch and challenge resources for more able students or to support staff subject knowledge. There are seven core lessons and an additional one that includes suggestions on how to use documentaries to engage with some of the broader questions and enrich the unit further.


Italian Language - Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Italian Language - Teaching Resource Pack

A 22 page resource pack containing a range of posters to use when teaching your class the Italian language. This teaching resource includes the following English/Italian posters: * Italian/Italiano Title Poster * Pronunciation/Pronuncia * Colors/Colori * Days of the Week/Giorni Della Settimana * Family/Famiglia * Parts of the Body/Parti Del Corpo * Number/Numeri * Clothes/Vestiti * The City/La Citta * Directions/Direzioni * Fruit/Frutta * Kitchen/Cucina * School/Scuola * Transport/Transporto * Months and Seasons/Mesi E Stagioni * Vegetables/Verdure * Grammar/Grammatica * Greetings/Saluti * House/Casa * Time/Tempo * What Time is It?/Che Ore Sono? There is 1 zip file with US Spelling and 1 zip file with AUS/UK spelling.

By TeachStarter

GCSE Buddhism Teaching ResourcesQuick View

GCSE Buddhism Teaching Resources

This bundle contains resources to accompany our 5-star Buddhism GCSE course which you can view here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/gcse-buddhism-ocr-b-aqa-20-lessons-very-high-quality-complete-resources-lesson-plans-worksheets-presentations-11410236 It includes: -A revision workbook -QuotationS and exam question booklet -A3 Learning Mats -Ethical Debate Generator -Revision Session -PLCs (OCR and AQA specs)

By godwin86

Impacts of Floods - Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Impacts of Floods - Teaching Resource Pack

A resource pack containing a range of posters, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, activities and experiments to use when teaching your class about the impacts of floods on our communities. This teaching resource includes: * Title Poster * Border Trimmers * 6 Different Forms of Flooding Posters * Impact of Floods PowerPoint Presentation * What are Floods? Comprehension Task * What are Floods? Cloze Worksheet * Flood Vocabulary Task * History of the Worst Floods in Australia Information and Location Task * Flood Inquiry Task * Flood Safety Poster – Design and Create Task * Flood Stimulation Experiment Please note: The information in these resources are about Australian floods.

By TeachStarter