Photography /Photoshop Teaching Resource:Quick View

Photography /Photoshop Teaching Resource:

This PowerPoint is really useful in giving groups of students guided details for how to develop images using Photoshop. There are 40 slides of guides, exemplar images and task details in the guide. It has been really useful for all ranges of abilities at both GCSE and A-Level. The guide is straight forward enough to give to individuals to learn by themselves- or it has been great to use for entire lessons for developing images in Photoshop.
Social Stories Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Social Stories Teaching Resource Pack

A collection of social story resources to use in the classroom when developing strategies and skills for a range of social situations. Use this Social Stories Resource Pack in the classroom to develop social skills as a whole class or to use individually for targeted students. After identifying the need for a particular social skill, display the poster or provide students with a black and white copy to teach the skill. Use the activity cards to reinforce the taught social skill, to ensure students have a sound understanding of which strategies to use when presented with a range of social situations. Prepare students for change and or a new event by reading the social story to them prior to the event, so that they can develop the skills and strategies required to take part in the event with success. Create your own social stories using the templates and picture cards provided in the pack. This teaching resource includes: * 25 social stories * 16 activity cards * 81 picture cards * 9 templates. The following social stories have been included in this pack: * A Change in My Day * Afternoon Classroom Routine * Asking My Friends To Play * Asking Politely * Being a Good Friend * Being a Good Listener * Calming Down * Doing My School Work * Eating Time * Getting Ready for School * I Am Not Always Right * I Can’t Always Win * Keeping My Hands and Feet to Myself * Letting My Friends Know I Don’t Like It * Lining Up * Making a Good Choice * Morning Classroom Routine * Personal Space * Playground Rules * Play Time * Rules for School * Saying Sorry * Sharing with My Friends * Using My Quiet Voice at School * Waiting for My Turn To Talk. There is 1 zip file for UK/AUS spelling and 1 zip file for US spelling
Resource pack to teach Alan Peat sentence typesQuick View

Resource pack to teach Alan Peat sentence types

Lots of resources to support teaching and use of Alan Peat's ideas about improving writing. Pack includes PowerPoint introducing different sentence types,lesson plans,learning objectives and differentiated activity worksheets. I've used these from Years 3-6 but can be adapted for other year groups.
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Indonesian Language - Teaching Resource Pack

A resource pack containing a range of posters to use when teaching your class the Indonesian language. This teaching resource includes the following English/Indonesian posters: * Colours * Days of the Week * Family * Parts of the Body * Number * Clothes * The City * Directions * Fruit * Kitchen * School * Taste * Transport * Months and Seasons * Vegetables * Grammar * Greetings * House 1 zip folder has UK/AUS spelling and 1 zip folder has US Spelling
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Teaching Digital Technologies and STEM

Download the most complete STEM curriculum resource available! This popular eBook is loaded with activities, resources, and inspiration for your CODING, ROBOTICS, COMPUTATIONAL THINKING and DATA needs. **UPDATED JULY 2017 - NOW INCLUDES 20 NEW PAGES OF CONTENT, RESOURCES AND AMENDMENTS** *************************************************************************** With 112 pages of resources, interactive multimedia, teaching ideas, and global insights for implementing DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES AND DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES in the classroom, this book is purpose driven to guide you through providing a 21ST CENTURY CURRICULUM. If you find yourself encountering confusion, hyperbole, and unnecessary expenses that surround the STEM subjects, this eBook will clear the air and help you properly design your class. We follow a proven process of working with data, computational thinking, coding, and robotics that is adaptable to many different students as well as your available resources. It is an ideal resource for implementing the Digital Technologies component of the Australian Curriculum. It is fully aligned to the AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM, U.S. COMMON CORE STANDARDS, and the BRITISH CURRICULUM. Whether you have been begrudgingly dragged into this curriculum area or something of a guru who wants to take their students to the next level, this book is a must-have and a great addition to our highly popular suite of innovative eBooks. BE SURE TO READ THE REVIEWS FOR YOURSELF!! ***************************************************************************** YOUR REVIEWS ARE ESSENTIAL IN KEEPING OUR PRODUCTS LOW PRICED AND REGULARLY UPDATED!!! IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO US!!! PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW About Innovative Teaching Ideas Terms Copyright © Innovative Teaching Ideas. All rights reserved by author. This product is to be used by the original downloader only. Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, department, school, or school system is prohibited. This product may not be distributed or displayed digitally for public view. Failure to comply is a copyright infringement and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Clipart and elements found in this PDF are copyrighted and cannot be extracted and used outside of this file without permission or license. Intended for classroom and personal use ONLY. See product file for clipart and font credits.


MANDOWN is a 6min short film that has been backed by leading mental health charity CALM in the UK and HEADSTRONG in Ireland. There is now also a lesson plan, powerpoint and worksheet accompanying the film for teachers to use for free. The lesson is mainly discussion based to start to get students to become more aware of depression and to deepen their understanding of it. LINK TO VIDEO RESOURCE:
Material World Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Material World Teaching Resource Pack

30 pages of worksheets, posters and classroom displays about natural and man-made materials. This Material World Teaching Resource pack includes: Title page / poster 2 x man-made and natural materials posters 4 x materials posters (plastics, metals, biodegradable and minerals) man-made vs natural materials worksheet Biodegradable or not experiment activity and worksheets Aluminium foil art activity Renewable and non-renewable energy sort activity 2 x page borders 4 x pages of cut-out decorations 2 x Renewable and non-renewable energy posters 2 x mining posters Word wall poster and cards
Italian Language - Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Italian Language - Teaching Resource Pack

A 22 page resource pack containing a range of posters to use when teaching your class the Italian language. This teaching resource includes the following English/Italian posters: * Italian/Italiano Title Poster * Pronunciation/Pronuncia * Colors/Colori * Days of the Week/Giorni Della Settimana * Family/Famiglia * Parts of the Body/Parti Del Corpo * Number/Numeri * Clothes/Vestiti * The City/La Citta * Directions/Direzioni * Fruit/Frutta * Kitchen/Cucina * School/Scuola * Transport/Transporto * Months and Seasons/Mesi E Stagioni * Vegetables/Verdure * Grammar/Grammatica * Greetings/Saluti * House/Casa * Time/Tempo * What Time is It?/Che Ore Sono? There is 1 zip file with US Spelling and 1 zip file with AUS/UK spelling.
French Teaching Resources Colours WorksheetQuick View

French Teaching Resources Colours Worksheet

This worksheet is accompanied by a PowerPoint so students can speedily mark their work! All: The first sections asks students to write in the English for the following colours: Jaune Bleu/ bleue Blanc/ Blanche Gris/ Grise Marron/ brun/ brune Noir/ noire Rouge Vert/ verte Orange Violet/ violette Rose They then complete the little colour-by-numbers activity. The students answer the following questions in their own words: Colours are adjectives (describing words). Why there are sometimes 2 ways to say a colour e.g. noir, noire? ________________________________________________________________ Why is there sometimes only 1 way e.g. rouge? ________________________________________________________________ Which colours are irregular and do not follow either pattern? ________________________________________________________________ Most: There is a divide the words activity – drawing lines between the individual colours. Rougevertjaunebleuroseorangenoirblancbrunmarronviolet Then there are 4 unjumbling questions e.g. 1. terv = _________ 2. lebu = _________ Then there are 4 colour combining questions e.g. 1. rouge + blanc = _________ 2. bleu + jaune = __________ Some: Combines colours and classroom objects with a gap-fill of 8 questions e.g. Une trousse bl_________ Un crayon ro_________ U___ li_______ bl_________ U____ cahier ma_________
My Dutch Teaching Resources BundleQuick View

My Dutch Teaching Resources Bundle

If you are learning Dutch and you are looking for a way of translating from English into Dutch, then this is a great start. This resource would still need a dutch teacher as everything is in English. You look at the pictures and try to name things in Dutch.


Resources include: Germany information pack, giving details of key facts, geography, climate, famous people, etc Photo pack of scenery around Germany, photo pack of all the major cities of Germany famous German people flashcards, number flashcards, food flashcards, etc Key word cards for discussion or display, large lettering, long banner, buntings, plain and patterned borders, flags of Europe, maps of country / continent / world / blank, map and flag tasks, treasure hunt game, quiz, etc, bingo game, writing activities, colouring pages, drawing activities, role play activities, research task, mind map Days / months/ common phrases of the week flashcards in English and German German history timeline information from 500BCE to current day
New French GCSE Role Play – Bundle of up-to-date teaching resourcesQuick View

New French GCSE Role Play – Bundle of up-to-date teaching resources

New GCSE Role Play – Bundle of up-to-date resources This bundle of up-to-date and detailed teaching resources has been created to support staff and students in building up skills to tackle the ‘role play’ element in the new EDEXCEL French GCSE (The skills and strategies are relevant for all exam boards). These are resources which can be used for parts of lessons, whole lessons or be part of a scheme of work focused on Role Plays. All the resources can be adapted to meet the needs of the students in your class. The bundle includes: • A colour Role Play Learning Mat for GCSE students (when downloaded delete the box from Page 1 which covers some of the questions) • A comprehensive differentiated 18 page Student Booklet (with a PPT) including:  Strategies for keeping your language simple  How to answer unexpected! questions  How to ask questions in 3 ways (in-depth)  27 core questions to recognise/say/answer  Common role play scenarios practice  Differentiated tasks (Foundation and Higher Level) • A presentation showing strategies for tackling unexpected questions with 25 modelled examples of possible questions with answer and peer/teacher assessment opportunities using the GCSE mark scheme • Word copies of all the EDEXCEL SAM specimen Foundation and Higher Role Play papers (much easier to use and modify) • Blockbuster, Random Generator and ‘Morpion’ interactive tasks to engage and deepen learning • Some worksheets for practising different role play scenarios
GCSE Buddhism Teaching ResourcesQuick View

GCSE Buddhism Teaching Resources

This bundle contains resources to accompany our 5-star Buddhism GCSE course which you can view here: It includes: -A revision workbook -QuotationS and exam question booklet -A3 Learning Mats -Ethical Debate Generator -Revision Session -PLCs (OCR and AQA specs)
Business Ethics Teaching Resource Pack (OCR)Quick View

Business Ethics Teaching Resource Pack (OCR)

This is a complete teaching resource pack for the Business Ethics section of the new OCR Religious Studies A Level. It contains PowerPoints, handouts, worksheets, articles and videos. It covers all of the areas described in the specification including, Corporate Social Responsibility, Whistleblowing, Good Ethics as Good Business, Globalisation, Kant, Utilitarianism, Shareholder Theory and Stakeholder Theory. Most lessons also come with stretch and challenge resources for more able students or to support staff subject knowledge. There are seven core lessons and an additional one that includes suggestions on how to use documentaries to engage with some of the broader questions and enrich the unit further.
Healthy Eating Teaching Resource PackQuick View

Healthy Eating Teaching Resource Pack

A 41 page teaching resource pack about nutrition and healthy eating. The Healthy Eating Teaching Resource Pack pack includes: - Healthy eating poster/title page - Try for 2 and 5 poster - Food pyramid poster - Food pyramid sort activity - My plate poster - 2 x food journal worksheets - 2 x healthy/unhealthy colouring worksheets - 2 x fruit and vegetable naming worksheets - 2 x food choices sort activities - What’s on your plate worksheet - Vegetable word wall - Fruit word wall - Legend in your own lunchbox checklist and awards This zip file has two folders, 1 for AUS/UK spelling and 1 for U.S. spelling.
Dr Faustus Teaching ResourcesQuick View

Dr Faustus Teaching Resources

A range of different worksheet resources that analyse key components of the play including: Character, theme, form, structure and language: For example: Theme of power in act one The ideas of the morality play extended analysis of the seven deadly sins The role of the comic fool in the play Links between Diana and Achtaeon in Greek Mythology


Resources include: 25 pdf files to print. All resources have a maths mastery theme. 1 - 12 times tables posters each on 1 A4 size page each Times tables square 1-12 A3 poster with all 12 times tables on Number square 1-100 Prime numbers square 1-100 4 Bingo games with several bingo boards -Separate bingo games for 2/5/10 times tables, 3/4/6 times tables, 7/8/9 times tables, 11/12 times tables. 4 sets of loop cards for different times tables. Table mats Table top times table line Small flahcards Display background, border, bunting, large letters to head wall display, long banner, folder cover, resources sack tag.