Trampolining Task/Peer Assessment CardsQuick View

Trampolining Task/Peer Assessment Cards

Trampolining task cards, also used for peer assessment! Each crd breaks down the skill. Skills included; Back landing, seat landing, swivel hips, front landing and many more. Really useful for empowering students to coach one another under your supervision! Trampolining tracker cards are also listed; used as a self assessment tool throughout the lesson.
Trampolining ResourcesQuick View

Trampolining Resources

Award Criteria - posters detailing what is required for each of the awards. Class Checklist - lists the 10 trampolining awards and their components so that you can monitor when the pupils pass each area of the award. Pupil booklet - pupils can keep check of thier own achievement for each award.
Trampolining resourcesQuick View

Trampolining resources

I have used these resources with both KS3 and 4. My GCSE group have really benefited from using the progression chart as it is linked with the Edexcel trampoline criteria. KS3 have used the shape jump cards to peer teach and assess each others performance. Please feel free to comment as I am a NQT and very open to ideas if you feel they need changing or adapting.
Trampoline Resource CardsQuick View

Trampoline Resource Cards

Trampoline resource cards Differentiated resource cards (silver, bronze gold) for students to work through when performing techniques in flight and on landing. Progression (stretch and challenge) activities for each technique for students to attempt. Skills broken down into simple 3-4 steps for students to understand. Ideal for KS3/4 students.
Trampolining WorksheetsQuick View

Trampolining Worksheets

A range of trampolining worksheets and activities. Good to use if you have a large group and some students who will be stood off the trampoline - keep them busy and give them activities (there is a range of peer assessment, self assessment and routines). One activity involves the students using their phones to scan QR codes to view skills - I found helpful due to my lack of ability.
Trampolining Lesson PlansQuick View

Trampolining Lesson Plans

All Trampolining lessons plans. Including objectives, success criteria, warm ups, skill drills, conditioned games, differentiation and technical information
Gymnastics and TrampoliningQuick View

Gymnastics and Trampolining

3 Resources
BUNDLE INCLUDES: x14 Gymnastic Lesson Plans (7 Flight, 7 Floor work) x14 Trampolining Lesson Plans All of which are designed to build confidence and develop skills gradually from novice Year 7 to competent performer. Each individual lesson plan contains: - Differentiation - Opportunities for assessment - Progressive learning activities - Specific learning objective You're one download away from no more planning, so why wait!?
trampolining routinesQuick View

trampolining routines

This is a worksheet with 11 routines in increasing difficulty that can be used for competitions or in lessons.
Trampolining BundleQuick View

Trampolining Bundle

5 lesson plans including: shapes x2, seat drops, swivel hips and front drop. Swivel hips and front drop progression cards- perfect for non doers, teacher guide or peer coaching. Lesson plans and resources were used for a low ability year 10 class, but lots of differentiation is included so can be used across other year groups depending on ability.
Trampoline Task CardsQuick View

Trampoline Task Cards

Differentiated task cards for students to follow based on the different techniques in Trampolining. Cards contain stretch and challenge activities and ideal for self and peer assessment.
Trampoline bookletQuick View

Trampoline booklet

Trampoline booklet used for pupils to record which skills they have accessed and self assess their progress based on the level 1-9 sequences.
The trampoline challengeQuick View

The trampoline challenge

A fun lesson designed to pull together ideas about energy transfers. Students work in teams to design the best 'trampoline' to be tested by dropping a tennis ball onto it. Tubs of various shapes and sizes are needed as are lots of elastic bands. Has also been used as a science club STEM activity.
Trampolining Scheme of WorkQuick View

Trampolining Scheme of Work

Schemes of work provided for year 9, 10 and 11 in Trampoline Gymnastics. Included: •Learning aims and objectives •Key activities and resources •Support and challenge •Assessment •Literacy •Critical skills •Homework •Questioning For schemes of work in other sports please visit my shop