Adjectives Word Mat (Over 350 different adjectives)Quick View

Adjectives Word Mat (Over 350 different adjectives)

This is an adjectives word mat I have made to support the writing in my class. I have these on every table during lessons to encourage pupils to use new words and to check the spelling of words they want to use. They are in alphabetical order so pupils can find the word they want to write fast. The different sections include: • Positive feelings • Negative feelings • Size • People • Objects • Time
Pointless - Building Adjectives EditionQuick View

Pointless - Building Adjectives Edition

Based on the popular game show 'Pointless', this resource is perfect for use as a starter activity, plenary, or revision tool. Editable, so that you can change to any other topic or change the questions/answers. Containing almost 30 slides of sound clips, engaging visuals, and suitably challenging questions, this resource is effective at both promoting engagement and enhancing learning. There are several full rounds of questions to build students' understanding of adjectives, including: 1. Finding synonyms of dull adjectives 2. Defining adjectives 3. Unscrambling anagrams of adjectives 4. Finding the most complex and interesting adjectives. The nature of the game ensures that this resource can challenge students of all levels. NOTE: You can buy this resource alone, or in a bundle of 8 Pointless games, for only £1 more!
Adventurous Adjectives!Quick View

Adventurous Adjectives!

This is an exciting and engaging lesson/set of tasks aiming to build students' skills at using personification and adjectives in their writing . It was taught during an observation lesson where the teacher received an Outstanding judgement. Students learn to: - Define and give examples of what regular, adventurous, comparative, and superlative adjectives are; - Identify adjectives in fun and interesting examples; - Analyse what makes them effective; - Create their own adventurous adjectives using step-by-step advice; - Peer assess using a clear and succinct success criteria. It comes complete with: - Engaging and visual PowerPoint to guide students (and teacher!) through the lesson; - Colourful and thought-provoking worksheet for the main analysis task; - Lesson plan/ teacher guidance sheet, which goes through the lesson step-by-step; - Resources to create adjective word cards. All pictures are licensed for commercial use, and image authors cited on the final slide. This lesson can also be bought as part of the Descriptive Devices bundle for just £5. The bundle leads students through each language device needed in order to write to describe confidently. Alternatively, you can buy the Descriptive Writing Big Bundle (All descriptive devices lessons, structuring and organising writing lesson, capturing the readers attention lesson, and the literacy writing mat) for £6
Verb, Adjective, Adverb word matsQuick View

Verb, Adjective, Adverb word mats

Verb, adjective and adverb word mats with picture prompts for every word. Colours correspon to some colourful semantic programmes. Adjective word mat also includes senses prompt at the top to further support learners.
GCSE French revision adjectivesQuick View

GCSE French revision adjectives

KS3/KS4 revision on adjectives for French GCSE Mind map (with agreement rules and irregular adjectives). One worksheet + answers. Four in a row ready to print to work in pairs A board game (to use as a starter or plenary)
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Adjectives PowerPoint and Worksheets - Adjectives are easy to teach when you use this no-prep PowerPoint! This is a highly visual and interactive adjectives PowerPoint. Students discover what adjectives are through games and exercises. This PowerPoint introduces adjectives to students. By the end of this lesson your students will know exactly what adjectives are. This is a great PowerPoint for the review and introduction of adjectives. Also included are three worksheets to further reinforce and consolidate adjectives. Included: 30 PowerPoint Slides 3 Worksheets & Answer Sheets
Character Project and Adjectives List Quick View

Character Project and Adjectives List

Character Project and Adjectives List. Students create a fiction character for a new story. They must use 10+ adjectives from the provided list to create traits and an interesting personality for their character, and write detailed sentences to describe. Students will also make a drawing to describe what their character looks like. Included is the project handout with directions, an adjective list, and a writing checklist. The adjective list and writing checklist are also useful for any creative writing activity. Great to help students develop a character which they later introduce in a narrative. Supports common core! - HappyEdugator
KS2 Grammar - Converting Nouns to AdjectivesQuick View

KS2 Grammar - Converting Nouns to Adjectives

Powerpoint and activities to support children converting the noun into its adjective form. Powerpoint guides children through learning with examples question using the style of KS2 SPaG paper 2016 Great for year 6 SPaG paper as activity focusing of test style questions.
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This worksheet is based on adjectives and is really useful!
Les vetements - Clothes and adjectivesQuick View

Les vetements - Clothes and adjectives

Comprehensive powerpoint on clothes & describing them. Includes several games / activities with explanations in the comments bit underneath. Extension slides at the end on comparatives for those who need stretching! Thanks to google for images & some other tes resources for images of clothes / powerpoint background.
Comparative & Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs Quick View

Comparative & Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs

Comparative & Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs PowerPoint & Worksheets - Included: - Comparative & Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs PowerPoint (49 slides) - Comparative & Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs Anchor chart - 3 Comparative & Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs worksheets and answer sheets The PowerPoint consists of 49 fully animated slides. The degrees of comparison are explained with animated examples. Spelling rules and tips are also explained with animated examples. Students are encouraged to use their whiteboards during the PowerPoint. This helps them to stay actively involved. Three worksheets and answer sheets cover all the spelling rules and tips. The last worksheet has sentences that students have to complete with the correct form of the degree of comparison. Created by Lindy du Plessis (store: Lindy loves to teach). Single user license only.
Opposite AdjectivesQuick View

Opposite Adjectives

Cut, laminate , match the pairs of adjectives opposites. Thanks to all for downloading and the nice comments! :-)
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Adjectives: These task cards are a great way for students to have fun while they improve their ability to identify adjectives within sentences. This activity has students reading various sentences to each other, 26 in total, and then asked to identify the adjective within the sentence. A multiple Choice (MC) version and an open ended version is provided. An answer sheet and an answer key are also included.
Emoji Adjectives Display (French)Quick View

Emoji Adjectives Display (French)

80 common adjectives from the new GCSE specification with emoji illustrations. Perfect for a "washing line" style display, and can be used in a variety of activities (spotting patterns, selecting adjectives relevant to specific topics etc.) You could get students to select a number of adjectives that they want on the washing line for them to use in class, and then change it each term. They are also annotated with information about placement (e.g. "I go before the noun") and when they are used with "faire" (e.g. "use with faire!"). (They are A5 posters so you can print two (landscape) on a sheet of A4.)
spanish adjectivesQuick View

spanish adjectives

over 60 key adjectives in spanish clearly presented to aid all kinds of learning including written work, speaking and listening.
AS French AdjectivesQuick View

AS French Adjectives

Step by step worksheets taking you through formation of regular and irregular adjectives, both before and after nouns with exercises as you go along.
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This ppt has a fun presentation on adjectives followed by individual and group work. The activities can be printed out as single sheets to be completed by students in class or as homework task. This ppt can be edited and content adapted to classroom needs. It's colourful with beautiful pictures. Visit 'free resources' to check our grammar videos and free worksheets.


A resource that contains 8 worksheets with answers on Adjective Phrases. It includes worksheets on structure and properties of adjective phrases. Teachers can use these to enhance the sentence construction skills of the learners when it comes to writing.