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Nativity and Advent

2x 1 hour PP, worksheets, well differentiated and easily adapted. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
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Advent calendar

Advent calendar for your class. Each day has a clip from a Christmas film, Christmas song, puzzle, facts, colouring, etc. My class always look forward to opening their class calendar. Images are all hyperlinked to You Tube.
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A simple resource explaining the meaning of Advent and the Advent wreath.
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Advent Assembly and Advent Calendar

This resource is for use for explaining the Season of Advent. There is an advent assembly which is about explaining the season of Advent including the symbolism of the Advent Wreath. In the PowerPoint, there are prayers that can be said and a video that explains Advent in 2 minutes. There is a second PowerPoint that is designed to be like a prayerful Advent Calendar. It gives for each day a theme , a quote from the Bible and a prayer.
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Advent Assembly

This is a plan for an assembly on Advent, with a focus on preparing for Christmas. There is an optional simple PowerPoint on Advent traditions included. The plan is easy to follow and requires no resources, so is perfect for using at the last minute! I like leading assemblies that are interactive, engaging and relevant to the children's lives. So this assembly involves using an anecdote about a December when you prepared for Christmas in all the wrong ways. You can use the example in the plan or use an anecdote from your own childhood. The children are then encouraged to think about how they can prepare for Christmas by thinking about others. There is a lot of opportunity for children to think about their own experiences and to feedback. There is also an example prayer/reflection to finish with.
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powerpoint lesson starter/ assembly
RE ADVENT Lesson PPT/ activities/ worksheet (Christmas)Quick View

RE ADVENT Lesson PPT/ activities/ worksheet (Christmas)

A PowerPoint lesson introducing children to Advent and exploring the symbolism behind it. The slides will take your pupils on an exciting journey exploring the origins of Advent and what makes it important to Christians. The PowerPoint included information on the Advent season; advent calendars; christingles; advent wreaths and candles; There are 3 activities included in the lesson: 1. Sequencing the story of Jesus' birth. 2. Exploring the events the local churches hold during Advent. 3. Watching a video about Papa Panov. There is an independent worksheet that asks the children to circle the symbols of Advent and write a paragraph describing their feelings (anticipation) during the season. Suitable for KS2
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Advent Materials

The Advent Liturgy can be used as an assembly or RE lesson to get your children involved in Advent. It can be done all in one go or spread over the four weeks of Advent. Materials also include an Advent Calendar, Colouring Activity, and an Advent Wreath Activity where children can be creative and reflect on what the candles represent.
Advent Sunday - Reading Comprehension Christmas Text / WorksheetQuick View

Advent Sunday - Reading Comprehension Christmas Text / Worksheet

This Reading Comprehension worksheet is suitable for higher elementary to proficient ESL learners or native English speakers. The text describes the traditions and origins of Advent and the days leading up to Christmas. After carefully reading the text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including comprehension questions, True or False exercises and a gap filling exercise. The text can be used for vocabulary building purposes. This handout can be completed in class or assigned for homework. This reading comprehension worksheet can ideally be shortly before Christmas / New Year's.
German Advent Calendar quizQuick View

German Advent Calendar quiz

I crafted a powerpoint advent calendar. Clicking on each of the doors takes you to a revision question or general christmas question. After answering you return to the calendar page by clicking on the house button on the question slide. Currently filled in for a Y9 German (1st year of learning it), but easily modified for other subjects or languages. The background picture is also separate from the calendar doors, so easily swapped out for one of your liking. Merry Christmas ps - first version didn’t seem to work once uploaded. Apologies. Saved this as .ppt now, hopefully this version will work as intended.
Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Advent CalendarQuick View

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Advent Calendar

This resource contains an interactive PowerPoint Advent calendar with the theme of acts of kindness. Each day an act of kindness is suggested. Acts include  Pick up ten pieces of litter in your school playground or in your home area this week. Remember to wear some gloves!  Hold the door open for someone.  If you see someone alone with no friends on the school playground go and talk to them and ask if they want to chat or play.  Tell a teacher how much you enjoyed their lesson.  Let someone else go first in a queue that you are in.  Give a Christmas card to someone you would not normally give one to.  Tell someone how much you love them.  Give someone a compliment today.  Donate your unwanted books, toys or games to a charity.  Sit with someone at lunch that looks lonely or that doesn’t have very many friends.  Do a chore or job at home that you would not normally do.  Do something nice for someone but don’t tell them or anyone else that you did it.  Say thank you to the school caretaker for the things he / she does.  Write a note to someone who has lit up their house with amazing lights and decorations to say thank you for lighting up their house for you to see and enjoy. (You could personalise some of these suggestions to make it applicable to your school or local community). After all the days have been opened, the calendar contains some reflective and evaluative questions to promote discussion and reflection. 1. Did you manage to complete the suggested acts of kindness? 2. Did you manage to complete an act of kindness and keep it secret from that person and not tell anyone? 3. How did being kind to others make you feel? 4. How do you think these acts of kindness made others feel? It concludes with the suggestion that maybe pupils could do an act of kindness every day in 2017, making it their New Year’s resolution. For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this 'must have' step by step guide. How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step by Step Guide To be kept informed of new resources click here and follow!
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This lesson first looks at the practical and emotional preparations that are involved in the advent period before considering the theological significance in relation to the fall and Jesus' birth.
Advent ArtsQuick View

Advent Arts

Engage in a creative Christmas countdown, while learning in visual arts, literacy and religious education. These activities are adaptable for a range of ages and abilities and encourage creative thinking and expression, visually and verbally.
Christmas - Reverse Advent ChallengeQuick View

Christmas - Reverse Advent Challenge

Christmas - Reverse Advent Challenge A tutor time Advent activity based on donation and charity. Can be amended to incorporate the whole class or pupils can be spilt into six groups and each group can complete their own Reverse Advent Challenge. We hope that you enjoy this resource, Merry Christmas! If you like this resource, please give us a review and we will send you a free resource of your choice of the same value. We hope that you enjoy this resource! We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes TeachElite's Shop click the'Follow this Author button' . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: and Facebook:
Advent- Acts of Kindness ActivityQuick View

Advent- Acts of Kindness Activity

Lovely activity in the lead up to Christmas. Each child has a Reindeer/Santa. Starting at the bottom of the scroll or beard, each day they try to follow the act of kindness such as smile at a friend, when done they cut it off until the whole scroll has gone! This includes a Rudolph version and Santa's Beard version both in colour and black and white. Both are also fully editable so you can write your own acts of kindness on.
Advent Hope AssemblyQuick View

Advent Hope Assembly

Act of Collective Worship based around the theme of Advent Hope - complete with video clips. Ideal for tutor groups and whole school assemblies.
Christmas Literacy Advent CalendarQuick View

Christmas Literacy Advent Calendar

One literacy activity for every week day in December in the run-up to Christmas. These could be used as lesson starters or form-time activities. Activities include: * Comprehensions * Spell-checking * Taboo * Description writing * Memorisation There are 14 activities in total, up to the 20th December. Leave a review and choose any other resource for free from the LikeAnExpert shop.