Algebra Understanding and Manipulating | WorksheetsQuick View

Algebra Understanding and Manipulating | Worksheets

This pack is filled with worksheet activities covering combining like terms, expand and factorise expressions and substitution. All worksheets are differentiated to three levels, offering supported worksheets, as well as worksheets which challenge the most able students. Answer sheets are also included for all worksheets. Term Trees introduce students to like terms, the essential knowledge needed to successfully combine like terms. Combing Terms Pyramid then puts this knowledge into practice. Geometry in Algebra goes one step further, and applies combining terms knoeledge to geometry scenarios. The final combining like terms worksheet is a fun activity; a crossword. Students collect terms on a worksheet, and then put their answers in the crossword sheet. Each differentiated worksheet has the same questions, but to make things easier for some students, we have included some terms in spaces to give a clue. This is also great for self checking answers. The next two worksheets focus on expanding and factorising, and is a standard worksheet with questions on both expanding brackets and factorising terms with one set of brackets (linear equations). For the challenging questions, this includes simple quadratics with one bracket; ie x(x+2). The second of these worksheets is an unusual activity combining area of shapes as a form of setting up equations to then factorise. The final two worksheets looks at substitution. The first consists of a grid; the rows gives the value of x and y, and the columns give the expression to be substituted. The second is a collection of questions about substitution which includes an applied question to do with the temperature conversion equation and knowledge of commutative expressions. All the worksheets in this pack focus on the essential manipuation skills of algebra needed to work with algebra effectively. You may also like: Algebra Substitution Bingo Combining Like Terms Follow Me Cards Algebra Patterns and Sequences
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Algebra Patterns and Sequences | Worksheets

This pack is filled with worksheet activities covering the topic of patterns and sequences. All worksheets are differentiated, offering supported worksheets, as well as worksheets which challenge the most able students. Answer sheets are included. Gaps In The Sequence asks students to find the missing numbers of sequences (some linear, some following patterns such as doubling each number) and to state the term to term rule. The Fencing In and Dinner Table Conundrum worksheets introduce the idea of geometric patterns which grow at a linear rate, giving a visual representation on linear sequences. For the more able students, this worksheet asks them to find the nth term of the given patterns. Fishing for Sequences asks students to find numbers which appear in a given sequence. The first differentiation covers only term to term rules. The middle differentiation includes nth term examples. The most challenging differentiation asks students to state with algebraic reasoning, why a given number is not in a sequence. This checks for a true understanding of sequences. The fifth worksheet is all about the nth term, with a more challenging worksheet that pushes students to think about such sequences as square numbers, and fraction sequences. The sixth worksheet continues the nth term exploration, starting with students identifying whether a given sequences is linear, and stating whether a given number is in a sequence. The seventh worksheet, Function Machines, asks students to find the given rule for some numbers. And finally, worksheet eight offers a unique challenge for uniquely able students. This worksheet introduces students to the proper mathematical notation for linear sequences, including the formula for finding any term in a sequence. You may also like: Algebra Task Cards Solving Linear Equations Follow Me Cards Understanding and Manipulating Algebra Worksheets
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Algebra Shape Puzzles

This resource has six differentiated levels with calculations of varying difficulty. Ideal as a starter to Algebra using shape substitutes. You can find more algebra resources here:
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Introduction to Algebra

This lesson introduces students gradually to using letters in mathematics. It starts by discussing “constants” and “terms” with examples of each to help the students. Learning objectives: B) Understand that an unknown can be represented by a letter. S) Match expression and sentences. G) Form expressions from sentences. All sides are provided with animated answers. There are several warm-up questions discussing how “3 lots of a” could be written. Then there are fifteen practice questions. This is followed by several more white board questions focusing on what “x - 3” means etc. There’s a nice match-up task next, to give the students some help determining which sentences mean which expressions. A nice “correct the misconception” questions involving perimeter and algebraic. Next, there are some “progress check” questions (again with solutions) to determine how well the students have understood the lesson. Finally, there are a couple of applied questions involving perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. The presentation finishes with a “which objective did you achieve today?” slide.
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Simplifying Algebra Colouring Activity

Simplifying Algebra Colouring Activity This is great for end of term fun! There are 24 questions on simplifying algebraic expressions. Each answer occurs twice, once with a number and once with a colour. The matching colour can then be used to colour the picture in a colour by number activity. It is suitable for Key Stage 3, years 7, 8 and 9. It is also suitable for year 6 after they have finished SATS. The resource is printed in black and white and the students colour it in. Non-calculator. All answers are included. The document is 5 pages in total, but you only need to print 2 pages for students. You may also like:- Fractions Colouring Activity Solving Equations Colouring Activity Please visit Maths Shop to see more of my resources. Keywords: fun, summer, end of term, algebra, simplifying algebraic expressions, colour by number.
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Algebra Workbook

Workbook with worksheets on simplifying expressions, equivalent expressions, substitutions and solving equations. Also includes questions on applying algebra to area and perimeter and algebra word problems. Created for 11+ and KS2 SATs preparations. Suitable for use as an introduction to algebra and for KS3 students as well. Includes Answers!
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Algebraic Proof

A lesson that was used to secure a job. Lesson begins with testing students ability to expand double brackets. Presentation slides scaffolds working out needed for algebraic proof. This is complimented by a matching activity which is followed by a RAG activity, the red having a scaffold to assist students. Please leave feedback and rate!
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Angles and Algebra

A worksheet which requires students to use their knowledge of angles in parallel lines and polygons, with algebra to solve problems
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Algebraic Expressions

Divided into 3 sections: (a) Algebraic notation and simplifying by collecting like terms and multiplying/dividing expressions. (b) Substituting values, including negative numbers, into algebraic expressions, with consideration of BIDMAS. © Forming algebraic expressions from potentially worded information, particularly appreciating it as the first step in solving equations (the latter which isn’t covered till the ‘Equations’ topic).
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3 Differentiated Algebra Worksheets

These worksheets are linked to the Key Stage 2 curriculum and provide a range of differentiated algebra questions. These worksheets are also available individually for £2 each. Make a saving! Buy this bundle of three worksheets for £2.50!
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Algebra Worksheets

This resource contains 9 algebra worksheets, with answers, covering a wide range of topics, including completing the square and simultaneous equations.
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Algebraic Substitution and Simplification

Simplifying expressions. Substituting in to expressions. Two worksheets. With answers. Each worksheet is a whole lesson's worth of work. Suitable for both KS3 and 4. Fully Differentiated. All files can be found in a single powerpoint. Also separately as Word/Jpeg/Pdf filetypes.
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This Algebra Math Mystery is a fun way to review skills working with exponents, expressions, like terms and equations. Engage and motivate your students during math time with this fun algebra activity! (GRADE 6 US Common Core Aligned) Students have to use their algebra skills to discover what the aliens are planning to turn all of humankind into! There are 5 clues to crack to solve the mystery: Clue 1: Solve for the Variable (Exponents) Clue 2: Evaluate Variable Expressions Clue 3: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Clue 4: Add and Subtract Like Terms Clue 5: One-Step Equations Pack also includes a mystery declaration sheet, answer sheets, elimination guide and awards. Great activity for algebra review. Available for other grades with different skills/levels of difficulty. Please email me on for assistance. *US spelling used. Please email me on if you would like adjusted to suit UK/AUS spelling. Mrs J. © 2015
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Algebra Puzzle Resources

A collection of 8 puzzle sheets to be used independently or alongside the interactive of the same name available through the Math Playground website.
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9 Resources
A comprehensive introduction to algebra, including algebraic expressions, simplifying algebraic expressions, removing brackets and factorisation.
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This algebra worksheet helps children to practise substituting, writing algebraic expressions and solve equations in algebra. It is suitable for children in Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7. It would also make a really great homework activity.
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Enabling pupils to develop their mathematical reasoning skills through independent work is a key element of the Mathematics Mastery programme. This activity explores the concept of algebra. • Pupils should complete these tasks using concrete manipulatives as part of the CPA approach • Pupils should be encouraged to explain their working in full sentences • These tasks may be adapted with pupils working in pairs to encourage mathematical discussion Like what you see? Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers with a mission to transform mathematics education in the UK. This task is just a taster of the complete classroom resources we offer. We also provide in-depth development training, online CPD, specialist support and assessment tools. We believe all elements of our programme are vital in creating lasting change – enabling every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics. Want to find out more? Check out our free resources and blogs or join an information session.
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Algebraic Fractions (Differentiated)

A series of differentiated lessons on Algebraic fractions including real life uses to promote love for learning and exam style questions with answers to link to GCSE exams. You will not have to change it. It is made in such a way that you could download this and teach from it straightaway. That means, no lesson preparation for you! This pack includes separate differentiated worksheets (RAG) for adding, subtracting , multiplying and dividing algebraic fractions with answers.