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An Inspector Calls

**TES AWARD NOMINATED** - 20 hours worth of fully differentiated lessons (powerpoints, worksheets and exam practice / prep) + a GCSE revision guide. A bundle of very highly rated lessons, projects and revision sessions for the study of An Inspector Calls. It basically covers everything you need to teach 'An Inspector Calls' and get successful results (I do). If you think there's anything missing, let me know and I'll make it and send it over to you for free. Hope you find this useful, as a Head of English I have given this to my whole department to use and they are very pleased about how much time they've saved. Leave a review and choose any other Lead_Practitioner lesson for free :)
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An Inspector Calls

A 308 slide (over 20 lessons) SOW covering the whole of 'An Inspector Calls'. Has diffferentiated questioning linked to the AQA AOs and exemplar responses. The first section of the SOW cover aspects of character, form and theme and at the end there are revision lessons.
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An Inspector Calls Exam Revision

A lesson that focuses on the steps to success in writing an exam response to the new specification GCSE Literature exam question. Includes differentiated activities, an assessment point and success criteria.
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An Inspector Calls Essay Plans

This useful resource gives points, quotes, and perceptive contextual analysis for a range of character and theme-based essay questions. It is arranged in an easy-to-read table with brief notation, summarising the main points for each question. This resource includes plans for all the characters (including the Inspector and Eva Smith) and a range of the most prominent themes (to include social class, gender, responsibility, and the generational conflict).
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An Inspector Calls Exam Questions AQA

This superb resource contains THIRTY sample exam questions for revising THEMES (12), CHARACTERS (12) and TECHNIQUES (6) of ‘An Inspector Calls’. These questions have been carefully designed to reflect the exact format and demands of the new AQA GCSE English Literature exam paper. Also included is concise information on the AOs and Mark Scheme. Please check out my range of ‘An Inspector Calls’ resources: AQA 12 Sample Questions on Themes AQA 12 Sample Questions on Characters AQA 6 Sample Questions on Techniques Edexcel 15 Sample Questions on Themes Edexcel 15 Sample Questions on Characters Edexcel 30 Sample Questions on Themes and Characters These exam questions can be used both as class activities and as homework. They are also ideal for practice tests in the run-up to the exams. I hope these are helpful for you and instructive for your students – as always, I’d be delighted to hear any feedback you may have. I will be adding lots more GCSE revision resources to my shop so please check back regularly!
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An Inspector Calls Huge Bundle!

THIS HUGE BUNDLE PACK CONTAINS ALL OF ThE 'AN INSPECTOR CALLS LESSONS, IN ADDITION TO THE COMPREHENSION BOOKLET, THE KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER, AND THE POINTLESS GAME! This engaging, varied, and informative scheme of learning is designed to help students gain a valuable understanding of J.B Priestley's classic play 'An Inspector Calls.' The lessons enable students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the key features of plot, character, context, and language, in addition to considering the key messages being offered by Priestley. All of the resources that you need are included in the bundle: informative and engaging whole lesson PowerPoints, worksheets, activities, and lesson plans. The bundle is made up of a wide-range of interesting and exciting lessons, including: - The Context of the Play; - Arthur Birling; - Priestley's Dramatic Devices; - Sheila and Gerald; - Sybil and Eric Birling Double Lesson; - Inspector Goole (Priestley's message) - The An Inspector Calls Pointless Game. - The An Inspector Calls Comprehension Activity Booklet. Stimulating, visual, and easily adaptable, these lessons provide suggested learning objectives and outcomes for students of a wide-range of abilities - The vast majority of tasks are differentiated to allow for different abilities and needs in your classroom. Each lesson loosely follows this logical learning journey to ensure that students learn in bite-size steps: - Engaging - Defining/ Understanding - Identifying/Remembering - Analysing/ Creating - Peer or self evaluating. All of the lessons are interactive, employ a variety of different teaching and learning methods and styles, and are visually-engaging.
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An Inspector Calls Knowledge Organiser/ Revision Mat!

This detailed and visually-appealing resource offers a complete reference point for students learning or revising J.B. Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls.' It contains comprehensive sections on: - Context; - Scene by Scene Summary (with quotes); - Main Characters; - Themes; - Priestley's Dramatic Devices; - Features of Form. Key words and ideas are underlined for easy reference. The resource is designed to be printed onto A3, and is provided as both a PDF and a Word version (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included).
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An Inspector Calls GCSE Knowledge Organiser / Revision Mat

Brilliant teaching and revision resource for teachers and students. Visually engaging and fully editable, it is designed to be printed onto one side of A3. Perfect for sticking into students’ books. Includes: timeline of the play; character summaries and key quotes; themes; Priestley’s use of stagecraft; Priestley’s context; and historical context.
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'An Inspector Calls' Grade 9 gender essay

AQA trained (Literature paper 2) An essay (top band) which explores how gender is presented in the play. Sample from introduction: Priestley uses the characters of Gerald and Sheila to explore the pronounced differences between men and women in Edwardian England, particularly in the middle and upper echelons. As a keen advocate of women’s rights, Priestley uses Sheila to underscore female vulnerability across society and the urgent need for personal and collective change. In contrast, Gerald...
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An Inspector Calls

Mini bundle - Tes Award Nominated, 10 hours worth of lessons, GCSE revision guide and Exam with prep and markscheme. This bundle covers all the themes, context, history, everything you need to teach the unit. You’ll still need a copy of the book though! These resources were nominated for a 2017 Tes Awards. A bundle of very highly rated lessons, projects and revision sessions for the study of An Inspector Calls.
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An Inspector Calls Revision Booklet

This is a 32 page revision booklet which contains information on context, spider diagrams for each character, key quotes, activities on themes and practice questions.
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An Inspector Calls themes

Mindmap explaining why and how different themes are presented in An Inspector Calls: - Social Respnsibility - Learning About Life - Judgement - Men and Women - Young and Old - Social Class - Family Life - Britain 1912/1945
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An Inspector Calls - Gerald Croft

A fully differentiated and resourced lesson that focuses on Gerald and Sheila's conversation before he is interviewed by the Inspector and his reaction during his interview. Ideal preparation for KS3 and KS4 students preparing for their AQA GCSE English Literature exams.
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Beat the Inspector: Revising An Inspector Calls

A powerpoint quiz to revise ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestly - each Act has a series of questions from simple recall to more analytical ones. The teacher can decide whether an answer is right or not to allow for differentiation - click a smiley to move on to the next question or skull and crossbones to view a comment from the Inspector from the relevant act, you then return to the question.