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An Inspector Calls

A 308 slide SOW covering the whole of 'An Inspector Calls'. Has diffferentiated questioning linked to the AQA AOs and exemplar responses.

By MatthewKnox

An Inspector Calls Revision A (2015 Specification)Quick View

An Inspector Calls Revision A (2015 Specification)

An introduction to the characters of An Inspector Calls required for the new 2015 GCSE specification. This PowerPoint is intended to support revision of characters and themes for the AQA programme of study. Whilst it has been written with AQA in mind, it has a lot of transferable skills and information that will be of benefit to other exam boards. The lesson will take approximately 90 minutes to get through but it can be easily adapted to fit a one or a two hour period. The content includes. Exam Intro and AOs Character Quote Quiz Sample Question on Mr Birling Revision Activities Exam Skill Practice Additional resources will be uploaded that compliment and support this unit of work. Please check them out.

By imarshall1

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An Inspector Calls

A fully differentiated revision guide for KS4 students to prepare for Section A of the new specification AQA Literature Paper 2, which includes differentiated activities and resources to support students as they revise for J B Priestley's An Inspector Calls. Find more free and inexpensive resources at my shop:

By Lead_Practitioner

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Inspector Calls

Complete bundle for Inspector Calls, with 5 powerpoints designed to aid you in your teaching for the new AQA specification of Inspector Calls

By martinhill89

Word Banks for 'An Inspector Calls'Quick View

Word Banks for 'An Inspector Calls'

Word banks of 'An Inspector Calls' key words to support borderline sets and ALN pupils. The selections of words for character and atmosphere is particularly useful for extract questions. Context can be for revision. Contains: + Mood and Atmosphere + Character + Context

By lboumeester

An Inspector Calls RevisionQuick View

An Inspector Calls Revision

A fully differentiated 2 hour lesson to prepare students for the AQA Literature Paper 2 exam. Includes resources on historical context, character and themes to get your students ready!

By Lead_Practitioner

Inspector CallsQuick View

Inspector Calls

A Collection of Resources to help students understand and respond to the Text

By StevenRoberts33

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An Inspector Calls

A revision lesson for the character of Mrs Birling that includes key quotes and starter of true and false and a main activity where students can write an exam response.

By EnglishGrade5

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An Inspector Calls

Full Sow to teacher An Inspector Calls using the AQA assessment criteria. most resources embedded into ppt.

By coolkaren10

An Inspector Calls - What's Happening?Quick View

An Inspector Calls - What's Happening?

An activity designed to get students thinking and recapping on their understanding of the plot of 'An Inspector Calls.' The activity gives students quotes from the text and asks them to explain where they fit into the plot.

By Sazo123

An Inspector Calls Acts 1 and 2Quick View

An Inspector Calls Acts 1 and 2

A summary lesson to help students reflect on and consolidate their knowledge of Acts 1 and 2 of An Inspector Calls. Activities include a Cloze Reading task, comprehension questions, a review of a key theme (capitalism and socialism) and a creative writing task. The lesson culminates in a Peer Assessment task which encourages students to review their partner's work and offer them suggestions for improvement. This is a special Stretch & Challenge lesson which encourages students to achieve merits or VIVO points through stretching themselves continually.

By larcher3

An Inspector Calls Revision MapQuick View

An Inspector Calls Revision Map

A revision map with over 70 quotations. This revision tool also details: Plot Character quotations Themes A great visual aid for helping students revise their modern prose/ drama text for their GCSE exam!

By jessicagough