Aquila by Andrew NorrissQuick View

Aquila by Andrew Norriss

This resource provides a scheme of work as an accompaniment for the class reader Aquila by Andrew Norriss. Throughout the series of lessons various aspects of reading, writing and speaking and listening are addressed.
Plurals RevisionQuick View

Plurals Revision

The words are taken from Matt's Million by Andrew Norriss. Adding s or es to make plurals. Choosing singular or plural to fill the blanks.
Nouns, Verbs & AdjectivesQuick View

Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives

Revision sheet. The text is from chapter 2 of Matt's Million by Andrew Norriss but you do not need the book to do the exercise. An engaging scene in which Matt & Claire visit the bank vault é see over £1 million piled high.
Aquila - Understanding the PlotQuick View

Aquila - Understanding the Plot

This resource is designed to be used alongside the first couple of chapters of 'Aquila' by Andrew Norriss. The PowerPoint and Activity are designed with Lower Ability students in mind, but each can be adapted easily for more able students.
Aquila Puzzles (Early Chapters)Quick View

Aquila Puzzles (Early Chapters)

A set of three puzzles to accompany the reading of the early chapters of 'Aquila' by Andrew Norriss. The puzzles are aimed at revising students' individual strengths and challenging their weaknesses, and some puzzles will be more challenging than others for students, depending on age and ability.
Aquila - Looking at CharactersQuick View

Aquila - Looking at Characters

This resource is designed to support a lesson focusing on the characterisation within the story of 'Aquila' by Andrew Norriss. While the PowerPoint and Worksheet have been designed for Lower Ability students, both can be easily adapted for more able students.
Readers' TheatreQuick View

Readers' Theatre

Small group activity. Act out a scene from a book. Extract from Ctrl-Z by Andrew Norriss provided but can be adapted for any book. Children read from a script with appropriate expression & intonation. Follow-up discussion about the delivery é the events that took place. Ideal for making a movie.
Aquila - Part 1Quick View

Aquila - Part 1

This resource is designed to allow students to explore the story of 'Aquila*' before opening the book. Included are a PowerPoint and Homework Activity Sheet, and Teachers Notes to briefly explain what each includes. * All novel resources are the intellectual property of the author, in this case, Andrew Norriss.
Guided Reading for Ctrl-ZQuick View

Guided Reading for Ctrl-Z

Guided Reading for Ctrl-Z by Andrew Norriss. Activities, suggestions for discussion, moral dilemmas, character description, brainstorming, evaluation. Also, Readers' Theatre: Scene to act out & ideas for follow up discussion based on characters é events. Ideal for making a movie.
Explanation Text Template - Operating a UFOQuick View

Explanation Text Template - Operating a UFO

Created as part of a Literacy unit on 'Aquila' by Andrew Norriss. We looked at the features of explanation texts then children wrote their own explanation of how to operate a UFO. I have included two different templates for different ability children. Once complete, these made lovely pieces of display work. Check out my shop! -
Describing Characters Using Evidence From textQuick View

Describing Characters Using Evidence From text

During a Year 5 Unit on 'Aquila' by Andrew Norriss, I wanted to encourage my higher ability pupils to look for evidence in the text to support their character descriptions. The first activity asks the children to come up with words to describe either Tom or Geoff. For each characteristic, they must then find the evidence in the text, noting down a quotation and the page number it was found on. After this, I asked the children to compare Tom and Geoff including evidence from the text. I provided them with an example that compares the two teachers instead. This way, they could see how I expected the work to be laid out. I have included the initial table for recording evidence from the text as well as the example I gave them for the main task.