Poppy Art – Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Armistice Day, Anzac Day.Quick View

Poppy Art – Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Armistice Day, Anzac Day.

A ‘Fun with a Ruler’ art project for your students to complete leading up to Remembrance Day / Memorial Day / Armistice Day / Anzac Day. This project involves your students ruling straight lines between 2 dots on a template, to create a poppy. Your students could write something in the petals before colouring (eg facts, opinons, a 4 line poem, etc). Display them together to make a 'poppy patchwork quilt'. Included: ♦ Template – black dots ♦ Template – light grey dots ♦ Example – black/white ♦ Instructions ♦ Teacher notes Level of Difficulty: Your students need to be able to use a ruler to draw straight lines between 2 points (the curves are made with straight lines … it’s like magic!). The design looks more complicated than it actually is. Concentration is required, but the actual process is not difficult. A pattern is repeated 8 times. Instructions: Simple, clear, easy-to-follow instructions are provided. One instruction per page (image and a sentence). Display the instructions via a data projector if you have access to one. Otherwise print and enlarge them and/or demonstrate on an enlarged template. Equipment: You need a ruler and a pen (black works best). Something to colour with (eg coloured pencils, watercolours, felt tip markers, chalk pastels, dye, etc) Size: The artwork measures approximately 17cm x 17cm. Designed on A4 size paper. Keywords: string art, parabolic curves, math, geometry, patterns, war, symbolism, veteran, © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
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Anzac Day – Poppy Pop Art

A fun, effective art activity for your students when celebrating Anzac Day. Draw some patterns on the poppy / background and colour it in. 4 different templates are included: ♦ TEMPLATE 1 and 2 – the patterns are given in the boxes at the base of the sheet. Students transfer these patterns to the poppy and the background and then colour everything in. ♦ TEMPLATE 3 – this is a blank template. Your students decide on their own 5 patterns and draw them in the boxes at the bottom of the sheet. ♦ TEMPLATE 4 – the patterns are already given on the poppy and the background. This is just a colouring activity. ********************************************************************** © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
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Exploring Anzac Day Worksheet

Worksheet to support the Exploring Anzac Day PowerPoint presentation. Two pages that prompt students to record key information covered in the presentation.
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Anzac Day Assembly / Lesson Presentation

A presentation about Anzac day with 20 slides that could be used for an assembly or a tutor / information session. This assembly looks at - The origins of Anzac Day How Anzac Day is commemorated Anzac Day around the world This assembly has slides so you can add you own text, or remove/ add slides of your own. Each slide makes a simple point so that you don't need to learn a script.
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Anzac Day Commemoration Poppy Art Activities and Poster Resource Pack

Are you looking for a colourful and creative way to commemorate Anzac Day with students in Australia, New Zealand and around the world? Use these abstract, eye catching poppy templates and posters to create stunning artworks and Anzac Day displays for the classroom. Contents: 1. 2 coloured posters to print out and decorate the classroom 2. coloured bookmarks to print and cut out 3. ‘hidden poppy’ poster template 4. two ‘abstract’ poppy colouring sheets 5. draw your own poppy template 6. simple poppy template 7. make your own bookmarks template Examples: 3 coloured examples are included to give you ideas, using paints, pastels and felt tip pens Simple key materials needed: 1. heavyweight paper 3. felt tips / pencils / oil pastels / crayons / watercolour paints and brushes 4. scissors 5. string / tape / pegs if you would like to make a poppy garland Artworks are ready to print on A4 size paper and use UK/Australian spelling of 'colour' Please take a look around my shop, where you’ll find lots of inspiring and affordable art resource packs to spark young imaginations and keep creativity flowing.
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Worksheet suitable for Key Stage 2 Content related to ANZAC day
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Poppy Craft :: Remembrance Day :: Memorial Day :: Anzac Day

Honour the Memory. Never Forget. A wonderful Poppy Project to honor Remembrance Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and Anzac Day. There are 12 lantern designs and 14 trim sets with various messages of Remembrance. These units are created in a Mix and Match format. You are able to pick the pieces that you want depending on the needs and the abilities of your students. There are so many different possibilities. This unit can be approached in several ways. Either as a quick Poppy project that will take about 90 minutes to complete. Or as long, in-depth project that will take upwards of a week to complete. In my classroom, creating the basic lantern will take my kiddos about 90 minutes (coloring and assembly). Adding on large Poppies or Message Ribbons will take an additional 45 to 60 minute blocks of time. I normally read a Peace storybook for my Kiddos. Then we create one large Poppy circle for each Peace related book, writing and drawing one element from the story that is important. Use this Peace project as the center piece for your Remembrance, Veterans, Anzac or Memorial Day units. In Elementary grades, keep this project simple. Colour or paint the lanterns. On the back of the flower embellishments have the kids write a sentence about what Peace Is. I love reading Todd Parr's book...Peace Is. In Intermediate Grades, on the back of the Poppies, have your kiddos research the different wars...record the name of the war and the death toll. I always find it shocking the number of people who have died to keep us safe. We shall never forget... In High School, especially in Grade 11 Socials, get the kids to research one of the wars or peace keeping missions. Either have them draw on or behind the words images of peace/war. Use the flowers or their own symbols of peace to add notes about their research. :: Poppy Craft :: Peace Poppies :: Fine Motor Crafts :: Poppy Crafts for Kids :: Poppy Activities :: Paper Lantern :: Ms Lil :: Remembrance Day Craft :: Veteran's Day Craft :: Memorial Day Craft :: Anzac Day Craft :: Remembrance Day Activity :: Veteran's Day Activity :: Memorial Day Activity :: Anzac Day Activity ::
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Anzac Day

A PDF file for KS1 and 2 relating to the landing at Galippoli during the 1st WW. These are original poems written by me for the children to discuss and then create their own acrostic poems, look at personification, similes, metaphors etc. I have also included a powerpoint presentation to be used as a class hook.
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ANZAC Day Presentation Lesson/Assembly, Worksheets/Follow-up Activities, Teacher's Notes/Guide

UPDATED WITH TEACHER NOTES/GUIDE This resource relates to ANZAC Day on 25 April. Clear and straightforward - Ideal for assemblies or as a standalone lesson. Each slides takes you through what ANZAC day is and what it means, symbols are explained (rosemary, laurel and the poppy), why do we need ceremonies and what a typical ANZAC day ceremony involves, the dawn service and why people march. During the presentation students are asked questions that relate to their personal experiences of celebrations and why the Anzac spirit legacy is still important today. <strong>Content: </strong> • Teacher’s Notes/Guide - Slides are referred to in the notes. • PowerPoint Presentation Lesson/Assembly (42 Slides) - You can edit the presentation to suit the time limit of your assembly/lesson. • 4 Worksheets • Weblinks to watch The Last Post and The Reveille <strong>There are two weblinks on Slides 34 (Last Post bugle) and 38 (the Reveille).</strong> <strong>Optional Worksheets</strong> The four worksheets consolidate the meaning of the day. Worksheet 1 – Read the text and answer the questions. Worksheet 2 – Write sentences about what each symbol means and then draw a symbol that means something to them. Worksheet 3 – Students write a sentence or two for each of the ANZAC Day activities that take place – wreath-laying the red poppy, the Last Post, one minute’s silence and the Reveille. Worksheet 4 – Students complete 5 tasks on the poem For the Fallen: gap filling and four short questions. Please see preview of worksheets. File Type: PowerPoint Presentation, Word and PDF formats All images royalty free Microsoft clipart, and www.Flickr.com Thank you for visiting my shop. You may be interested in: The Legend of John Simpson and his Donkey Hardtack and ANZAC Biscuits
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Anzac Day – Poppy Watches

A fun activity for junior students. Colour the poppy watch and wear it around your wrist. 2 Different Designs: ♦ Poppy in a circle ♦ Poppy Each design has the option of a plain band, or one with the words ‘ANZAC DAY’ written on it. Made on A4 size paper. 4 watches per sheet. ********************************************************************** © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
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ANZAC Legend

The ANZAC legend has come to stand for qualities and characteristics Australian and New Zealand soldiers shared on the battlefield during the Gallipoli campaign. But in today's Australian society it has come to mean so much more. This 25 page PPT explores the concept of the ANZAC legend. Suitable for all secondary classes.
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ANZAC Day Word Search

This word search is a great way to review the important terms of ANZAC Day. The solution to the puzzle is included. Terms Included: ♦ ANZAC Biscuits ♦ ANZAC Day ♦ Australia ♦ Donkey ♦ Gallipoli ♦ John Simpson Kirkpatrick ♦ Memorial ♦ New Zealand ♦ Poppy
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Anzac Day Craft and Quiz

A craft activity and a quiz in all one! Quiz questions are written on the ‘poppy petal fold’ template. Lift each petal up to write your answer. Great for students with access to the internet so they can research the answers independently. Glue the template onto a blank piece of paper or a page in an exercise book. Two Options: ♦ Use the template with the quiz questions. ♦ Use the blank template. Students write their own quiz questions. Included: ♦ Teacher notes (instructions). ♦ Template – with quiz questions. ♦ Answers to the quiz questions. ♦ Template – blank (write your own quiz). The Quiz Questions: ♦ What does each letter in the word ANZAC stand for? ♦ When did World War One start and finish? ♦ The last surviving ANZAC soldier died on 16 May 2002. What was his name? ♦ What is the name of the man who became famous for using a donkey to transport injured men from the battle field to the beach at Anzac Cove? ♦ What is the 35th word in the ‘Ode of Remembrance’? ♦ Apart from the poppy, what other plant is associated with remembering those that have fought for our country? Answers are included. Suitable for classrooms in Australian and New Zealand. Made on A4 size paper. Approximate size: 18cm wide and 20cm high. Display suggestion: make a giant class wreath with the poppy quizzes that your students make. ********************************************************************** © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources