GCSE Art and Design infographic - assessment objectivesQuick View

GCSE Art and Design infographic - assessment objectives

A student friendly infographic to guide students through producing an exam or coursework project that meets the assessment objective criteria. A pdf file which can be printed as a bookmark or larger for display in the classroom. A successful way to break down the GCSE assessment objectives for students and get them taking responsibility for making sure their project covers all aspects.
POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / HomeworkQuick View

POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / Homework

Worksheet for students to create a trainer inspired by Pop Art. Could be used as a cover lesson or a homework task. Possible use in either Art and Design or Design and Technology lesson PhotoCredit Sellers own photoshop files and text - R Evans Pixabay Flicker user - Wonderlane, Mark Anderson Wikimedia Comms Pxhere
2018 Art and Design exam (three dimensional)Quick View

2018 Art and Design exam (three dimensional)

Has powerpoint with examples. Order of how to do stuff and lay out the sketch book, with how to meet grades fro each section Tracker sheet, with outline of time scale, what to do and www/ebi etc. Print A3 for the students
Art and Design KS3 Year 7 Scheme of workQuick View

Art and Design KS3 Year 7 Scheme of work

This is a comprehensive Art and Design scheme of work for year 7 students. The scheme of work covers the academic year term-by-term and week-by-week. Illustrated by my students' work the pdf files are ready to print in colour to A3 size to display in your classroom or in the teacher's portfolio. This scheme of work is part of a series that systematically builds the students’ technical skills and understanding to a high level. 2018 Additional content has been added, the Year 8 Autumn term and the first part of Year 9 term to help you adapt to your own requirements. The scheme of work meets the QCF assessment outcomes for Art and Design. A great reference and resource for teachers and students. Save hours of work and download now.
Dan Maloney
Numeracy in Art and DesignQuick View

Numeracy in Art and Design

This Powerpoint presentation outlines ways in which pupils are developing their Numeracy skills in Art and Design. This was developed as a presentation to support numeracy skills development discussions with pupils, but I have also printed and laminated them for display purposes within my classroom. It is a great reference for pupils to have to hand to reinforce knowledge and skills they are developing, as well as a visual link between Art and Design, and other numeracy-based subjects.
Art & Design artist research steps infographic - poster, handout or bookmarkQuick View

Art & Design artist research steps infographic - poster, handout or bookmark

An infographic designed as a reminder to students (KS3, 4 or5) about how to put together artist research to support their practical project. Six simple steps with short explanations which can be used as a checklist. You can print as a bookmark to pop into sketchbooks or display in the classroom. There are two versions - one with a Mondrian quote at the bottom, the other without - your choice.
Art Project Pattern ArtQuick View

Art Project Pattern Art

Art Project Pattern Art has 47 pages. An absolute hit with kids from Grade 1 to 12. Sample art work sheets included. Worksheets with abstract lines and one blank worksheet included for those kids who would love to make their own lines. Children may make patterns or also color or paint or stick materials using their own ideas and teacher's guidance. Samples included are done by my students of Grade 3 and 4.
Art & Design Literacy Mat with vocabulary and tips for writing about artQuick View

Art & Design Literacy Mat with vocabulary and tips for writing about art

Designed as an A3 printable, this literacy mat has all the vocabulary and tips to get students' writing about art confidently. Aimed at KS3 and KS4, there is guidance about producing high quality writing as well as art-specific vocabulary. Also works at A4 size, and can be laminated back-to-back. Visually engaging and highly effective for supporting students!
Art and Design. Drawing treesQuick View

Art and Design. Drawing trees

Show students of all ages how to produce a line drawing of a tree. This slideshow provides 68 step by step drawings. The drawing is shown building up, line by line. The beauty of this is that you can back track if a student gets stuck .... something that isn't possible if you are demonstrating by drawing on paper. The slideshow is suitable for all ages because students can refine and develop the basic structure of the tree in line with their own ability. ...... and there are over 600 other Art education resources in the shop. You can visit by clicking here Why not follow us by clicking here for regular Art education news. Please don't forget to leave a comment. We value your views.
Art and Design Skills ProgressionQuick View

Art and Design Skills Progression

Use this document to support the slimmed down national curriculum. Key subject specific skills, for example painting, drawing and 3D modeling, mapped out for each year group for Years 1 to 6. Also available in editable word format email webb.gaz@gmail.com website: gwsupport.co.uk
GCSE Art & Design Exam BundleQuick View

GCSE Art & Design Exam Bundle

Resources to support your students with the externally set assignment... guidance on artist research, managing their time, covering assessment objectives and project evaluation. Handouts & display to help get students to understand what they need to be doing!!
A Level Art & Design: Graphic CommunicationQuick View

A Level Art & Design: Graphic Communication

Exemplar folder for A Level and As Level Art Communication: Graphic Design Showing page layouts AO1,2,3,4 - research, experiments, development, refinement, final posters and products. A* Grade.
GCSE art & designQuick View

GCSE art & design

This pack of GCSE art and design resources covers assessment objectives and marking, and course guidance for students and encourages a more independent and motivated approach. Great materials for saving you administration time or just repeating yourself over and over (explaining how to annotate or evaluate)!
Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art and DesignQuick View

Effective Starters & Plenaries for Art and Design

I have created a huge PowerPoint presentation with over 45 starter or plenary activities for your art classes. The activities are all art-related and can be used in KS3 or KS4 art lessons, either as entry tasks, starters, plenaries or exit questions. Sometimes I put the question on the board at the start of the lesson then come back to it at the end. The slides are made up of questions, challenges, thought prompts, image analysis, riddles, true or false competitions, thunks and more. Some are very general so can be used across any class or topic, and some are more specific and related to different art movements - for example, Pop Art or Graffiti. You can use the slides to generate discussion or have students discuss things in groups/pairs etc. I have made them to be as adaptable to your lessons/teaching as possible.