Year 2 Autumn Term Maths - Measurement- MONEY ASSESSMENT - WRMQuick View

Year 2 Autumn Term Maths - Measurement- MONEY ASSESSMENT - WRM

This test is designed to be used at the end of the White Rose Mastery Unit on money. It covers all of the taught objectives to give you an idea about which pupils are on track and where any gaps are. I have used many of the White Rose diagnostic quiz questions and added some questions based on the lessons and activities that I have taught. There are 4 sides which could be copied back to back. There are 16 questions in total including some which are a greater depth aimed at your more able pupils. Though there are also lots of more simple questions so all pupils should be able to attempt it.
To AutumnQuick View

To Autumn

A presentation which considers some advanced aspects of the context, form and structure of John Keats's To Autumn. It then provides discussion / comprehension questions for the language in each stanza. The resource is suited for more able GCSE learners (i.e. those following the Eduqas specification) and A level Literature students who have selected Keats as their pre-1900s poet.
WRM Y2 Autumn Plans and ResourcesQuick View

WRM Y2 Autumn Plans and Resources

This file contains all my plans and resources for the Year 2 Autumn Units following the white Rose small steps scheme. This is a huge file with loads of resources. 40% less if bought as a bundle. Plus and extra 10% off during the promotion.
Maths mastery ks2 - year4 2015 autumn.    NEW CURRICULUMQuick View

Maths mastery ks2 - year4 2015 autumn. NEW CURRICULUM

In the summer I worked alongside a team of Shanghai teachers who taught me about how they teach maths in their country. We looked at children mastering a skill and not leaving the lower ability behind. My school decided to take on this method of teaching and I worked with these teachers and other teachers to create 6 weeks of planning for my class that covers the year 4 curriculum. I have also planned for year 3,5 and 6 too and that planning will follow. Here is 7 weeks of detailed planning which covers the new curriculum. Each day has a series of tasks/activities which gradually get harder and there is always a challenge for children who have mastered the success criteria. I have included all detailed presentations/flipcharts which I shared with the children, every activity that I created and my weekly planning. Any questions please ask. I hope this makes sense and it saves you lots of time. I am happy to help with any questions that you may have :)
The Enormous Turnip story resource pack- Autumn harvestQuick View

The Enormous Turnip story resource pack- Autumn harvest

A great story pack to accompany the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. Great to use with your Harvest theme. Includes: Large colourful characters and story props- these would be great on a display or are good when laminated and velcro added to the back for the children to use on a flannel board Small characters and story props- these are great for table top play and also great when laminated and stored with the story book or included in a story sack Story word cards- these are useful to add to a display or to include in a writing area A coloured A4 story word card- great for the children to use when writing about the story Black and white pictures of the characters and story props for the children to colour or collage Colour face masks of the different characters- great for role play and retelling the story Black and white face masks of the characters in 'The Enormous Turnip' story A game based on 'The Enormous Turnip' story- collect the different vegetables to plant in your vegetable garden A colourful matching pairs game with pictures from the story Finger puppets to colour and make- great for retelling the story and including in your story sack Black and white pictures to sequence of the story Various worksheets about 'The Enormous Turnip' Question cards to encourage the children to think about the story and what happened in 'The Enormous Turnip' story
Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!Quick View

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!

Awesome Autumn activities Here is a mix of back to school and October resources for you and your classes to enjoy!
Autumn: Autumn PoetryQuick View

Autumn: Autumn Poetry

This is a fun and popular performance poetry unit for KS1, based on creating and performing Autumn poetry about a fieldmouse looking for safety during Autumn time. This pack covers one week of literacy lessons for Y1 or Y2. The five lessons in this unit aim to give children the opportunity to read and listen to a classic autumn poem and to consider how the sounds and language patterns come alive when it is read aloud, in particular its use of verbs and commands. Children will have the opportunity to engage imaginatively with the poem and to create their own version of an autumn poem to perform aloud. The aims of the unit for pupils are: • To listen to a classic harvest poem being read aloud • To identify verbs • To use command sentences • To prepare a poetry performance including actions • To perform a poem to an audience The final performances would also be perfect for a harvest assembly.
Arithmetic Tests for Year 5 Autumn Term 1Quick View

Arithmetic Tests for Year 5 Autumn Term 1

This resource is for Year 5 and covers the arithmetic objectives from the 2014 National Curriculum. It is differentiated in 6 levels and builds on skills from the whole of Year 4 and Year 5 Autumn Term 1. Find more Arithmetic resources here:
Autumn: Autumn Integrated UnitQuick View

Autumn: Autumn Integrated Unit

Packed full of fun literacy and maths activities for the autumn season, your students can review and consolidate a range of english and maths skills, as well as learn about the life-cycle of a pumpkin. Ink-saving blacklines (where appropriate) are also included. A bonus PowerPoint show - 'Signs of Autumn' and fun game - 'Spotlight on Autumn Signs' have been added for discussion: 34 slides in total. ****************************************************** CONTENT • Cover/Contents AUTUMN PUZZLES • Wordsearch 1 • Wordsearch 2 • Alphabetical Order • Crack the Code • Secret Trails • Word Shapes • Word Scrambles • Word Hunt 1 • Word Hunt 2 • Answer Keys MATHS CHALLENGES • Greater/Less Than • Double Trouble • Odd & Even Numbers Sort • Roll a Picture Graphing LITERACY/CRAFTIVITY • Pumpkin Compound Words • Kate’s Pumpkin Story • Story Sequencing • Jack O’Lantern Craftivity SCIENCE/LITERACY • Pumpkin Life Cycle Poster • Mini Workbook: Life Cycle Labelling; Informational Writing; Sequencing SUGGESTIONS FOR ART ACTIVITIES • TOU/Credits PAGE COUNT: 73 pages, plus 34 slides ********************************************************** RELATED RESOURCES ********************************************************** Teacher's Toolkit Integrated Units: Autumn
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Fall Math Activities: Fall Math Coordinate Graphing Bundle: This Bundle includes all of my Fall/ Autumn themed Coordinate Graphing activities, which are outlined below: All these lessons sell individually for $5; as a bundle they are 20% off, for $3.95! 1. Halloween Coordinate Graphing: 2. Autumn: Maple Leaf Coordinate Graphing 3. Autumn: Squirrel, Acorn and Maple Leaf Coordinate Graphing
Unseen Poetry Revision (Autumn - Alan Bold)Quick View

Unseen Poetry Revision (Autumn - Alan Bold)

A revision exercise for students studying GCSE English Literature, allowing them to practice their understanding of a unseen poem, and also writing an answer to the question in their exam. ***The poem is the copyright of the author***
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A set of Autumn Writing worksheets and a power point suitable for EYFS and KS1 to discuss all things autumnal! Resource includes: Autumn Adjectives - leaves and pumpkins Autumn Similes Autumn Simile Senses Leaf Shape Poem Acorn Shape Poem Autumn Acrostic Poem 15 page Autumn discussion power point If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.
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Autumn themed colouring pictures for use in the season to make a autumn themed poster
Mini Scheme: ‘To Autumn’ by John Keats - WJEC/EduqasQuick View

Mini Scheme: ‘To Autumn’ by John Keats - WJEC/Eduqas

This 38 slide PPT contains approximately 4-5 hours worth of lessons (depending on your class and their pace) analysing ‘To Autumn’ by John Keats. This resource is specifically tailored to the new WJEC/Eduqas Anthology for teaching from September 2015, although it would be suitable for analysis for other exam boards, especially for the ‘unseen’ element of the exam. It covers first impressions, opportunities for detailed language/poetic technique analysis, discussion and analysis about tone, structure, themes and context. Homework and revision opportunities are also built in. Each activity is linked to the AO’s (of which there is a student-friendly version) and there is a set of grade criteria/banding towards the end of the PPT. Some activities are for individual completion, some pair and group work and a timed essay response towards the end. I've added previews of a few more slides from this PPT, so you can see a bit more of what you're purchasing: I hope you find it useful.
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A little book to colour, fold and make.
Year 5 Autumn  Baseline Assessment for MathsQuick View

Year 5 Autumn Baseline Assessment for Maths

This resource is for the start of Year 5 to assess gaps in prior knowledge. It has a question for each of the Mathematics objectives from the New National Curriculum for Year 4. For more Assessment resources, visit:
To Autumn RevisonQuick View

To Autumn Revison

A PowerPoint presentation that talks through the poem To Autumn by John Keats. Included in the PowerPoint is: -Analysis of Language -Context -Meaning of the title -Structure -Attitudes themes and ideas -Rhyming scheme -Poetic Techniques A link to a reading of the Poem on BBC Bitesize is included in the context slide. Look out for more of the poems in the WJEC anthology book for 2017 coming out soon. Please leave any constructive criticism or positive feedback below and apologies for any mistakes or inaccuracies you may find. To find more English and History Resources visit my shop --
Introduction to Autumn  - a Variety of Autumnal TasksQuick View

Introduction to Autumn - a Variety of Autumnal Tasks

This pack introduces children to basic sentence construction using an autumn theme. The ' Let's write about Autumn' presentation allows the teacher to model basic sentence construction on a smart board. Then the teacher has the option to scaffold two sentences from the visual prompt on following slide. Alternatively, the children can actively 'share the pen' with the teacher and write on whiteboard using visual prompt. I have also included a printer friendly version where children can record sentences on sheets, They could also record on whiteboards after teacher has modelled using simple word wall provided. The ' Autumn Scarecrows' presentation provides simple information in a clear and engaging way. It is followed by a factual writing task, a 'cut and stick' activity with background provided, a colour coded scarecrow task and a symmetrical task. There is also an online link provided for a 'scarecrow' action song. This is particularly suited as a cross curricular link for Autumn.
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