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Bastille Day

A cultural, stand alone lesson to explore the background to 14th July or 1/3 lessons for an end of term project on the French Revolution which studies symbols of La Terreur, historical and literary references together with a reading comprehension and creative task. This can be used in conjunction with Expo 2 and a well known film. A part 2 follows in a second power point.
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Bastille Day Quiz

Easy questions about Bastille Day. The quiz has 16 questions in English and 4 in French as it is aimed to the whole school and not just to French learners.
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Bastille Day Lesson

A lesson all about Bastille Day including a range of activities. It is presented in English, so it is suitable for low-ability or younger pupils. It could also be used during form time for cultural awareness. Includes: -Presentation of facts with questions mixed in to check understanding (these could be answered on mini-whiteboards). -Listen to the Marseillaise and put the French lyrics into the right order (first verse, chorus and second verse). Then match to the English translations (flashcards are included, plus link to anthem.) -Two truths and one lie: pupils must decide which statement about France is false/myth (again mini-whiteboards would be good for this!) -Word race: use dictionaries to find translations for all the vocabulary.
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Bastille Day information and French language

Bastille Day is 14 July. This resource provides information about Bastille Day and some French language phrases to practise. Free audio versions of the French conversation and things you can see on Bastille Day are available at:
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Le 14 Juillet / Bastille Day

A little ppt about Bastille Day. You can also show the video from La Môme with Edith Piaf singing La Marseillaise. Link : Enjoy !
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Bastille Day

The posters are displayed around the classroom. Pupils have a worksheet and using previous knowledge, cognates or the pictures fill the answers in. There is a harder worksheet for higher levels. Then, the powerpoint is shown for correcting and extra information, culminating at the end with a link to join in singing La Marseillaise! It was prepared for KS3, but I have just done it with yr5 and it worked very well. Have fun!
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La Revolution Francaise - The French Revolution - Bastille Day

10 slides on the French Revolution to explain what it is. - Brainstorming to start the lesson - Listening activity : video 'The French revolution in a nutshell' to understand what happened on the 14th July 1789. the students answer the 3 questions What ? When ? Where ? - Class activity : What is la Marseillaise ? Listen to an extract of the song and fill in the gaps in the lyrics - Why is the flag blue white red ? - Writing activity (GCSE training) - Describe the picture : Delacroix painting, la Liberte guidant le peuple. Recap of the vocabulry in the foreground/background etc. - Quizlet vocabulary practice - the students can scan the QR code to land on the quizlet page and practice the vocab. Print the flashcards from the website to practice the vocabulary in class.
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Bastille Day - revised June 2013

This is a useful power-point to show to the children whilst the Teacher explains the facts about Bastille Day and the subsequent celebrations held in France now
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Bastille Day

These PowerPoints have been prepared for non-French-speaking form tutors to use with their form each year (hence the dated file names) but all will be suitable to use at any time.
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Bastille Day

Storming of the Bastille and an opportunity for a diary entry. Storming of the Bastille resources can be used as a game, students working in teams of max 4
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Bastille day

2 lessons - 1 in french for higher groups and one in English on Bastille day. worksheet for lesson in French
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The French Revolution: Storming of the Bastille.

I recently used this lesson for a mixed ability KS3 class. Pupils will learn about the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. The main task is literacy relay where pupils will work in teams to answer the questions related to the different interpretations of the Storming of the Bastille. Pupils are then to form a judgment regarding which sides' story of events they trust more, either Historian's version of events of that of the 3rd Estate. Pupils will then answer their leveled judgment question. I have also included a modern day link to how Bastille day is celebrated today along with an opportunity to learn beyond. Videos are embedded into the presentation, however I have also provided the links for these as well. Differentiation though outcome and a peep sheet to help with the main task. SMSC question included to encourage further discussion points. Many thanks.
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Bastille Day Resource Bundle

Fireworks, food and festivities... Sounds awesome right? But what is Bastille Day really all about? To answer that, we have to go back to a time when France was, well, a little less awesome... Use the Bastille Day Resource Bundle to introduce students to Bastille Day and to contextualize it with the national holidays celebrated in your country. Australian Curriculum Link: ACHASSK065 This resource is delivered as a 12 page PDF in A4 size. So, what's included? ✓ 500-word engaging and entertaining article entitled Bring On Bastille Day! targeted at 9-12 year-old readers. ✓ Glossary of unfamiliar terms found in the above article to build understanding and vocabulary. ✓ Pre- & Post-Reading Quiz for analysing prior knowledge and reading comprehension (answers included). ✓ Understanding the Text Tri-Level Question Guide asks students 'Does the text say this? Does the text suggest this? Do you agree with this statement regarding the text? ✓ French Revolution Image Analysis encourages students to look at two iconic images associated with Bastille Day for clues about the event and the people involved. ✓ The Fall of the Bastille Sensory Worksheet ✓ Bastille Day Quiz ✓ National Day Venn Diagram Template to compare Bastille Day with a national holiday celebrated in your country. ✓ A list of other teaching ideas for utilising Bring On Bastille Day! in your classroom. Purchase Issue 09 of HistoriCool Magazine in print or digital format to use this resource alongside the coinciding mag: