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A lesson on BIDMAS. This lesson gives pupils enough opportunity to master the fluency, however gives them the chance to use an apply these numbers in varying contexts All tasks include reasoning, problem solving aswell as mastering the fluency of the topic. All tasks include full solutions and worked examples so that pupils can self and peer mark. All tasks are fully differentiated to either 2/3/4 levels.
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BIDMAS: BIDMAS Lesson with all resources (order of operations)

Powerpoint lesson with a work booklet and tick or trash AFL activity on the Order of Operations (BIDMAS/BODMAS). Skills covered include - using order of operations without brackets or indices, using it with indices and brackets, inserting brackert into questions to make them correct. Time saving resource for busy teachers! You should be able to teach a lesson with hardly any preparation (mainly printing and maybe some cutting!). Fully differentiated objectives: Blue:Know and use the order of operations with simple calculations (no brackets) Gold:Use the order of operations with more complex calculations including brackets and indices Red:Insert brackets into questions to make them correct, work out questions with more than one set of brackets. This resource includes: • A PowerPoint • A differentiated Work booklet that includes self-assessment sections • A tick or trash activity (this could be done alone or in pairs, or in groups!) The PowerPoint includes everything you need to teach order of operations, including animated examples. The lessons use the following format: • Objective and levels • A short starter that can lead into a discussion about BIDMAS • A “how to teaching portion” with animated examples • An AfL miniwhiteboard quiz • Answers to all the booklet questions • Plenary (with answers) The powerpoint and booklet are currently set up for GCSE maths grades, however you can edit the grades to reflect KS3 or your own schools assessment criteria. In the word booklet if you change any grade (e.g the blue section) it should automatically change the rest of that colour into the same grade. This will take up a whole lesson. I also have a differentiated set of worksheets on Order of operations available here.
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BIDMAS Differentiated Worksheet

A worksheet where pupils are asked to answer a number of questions relating to calculations involving the use of BIDMAS. The worksheet has three differentiated sections called Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Challenge to allow for personalised pupil learning/differentiation. Solutions included.
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BIDMAS / BODMAS - Order of Operations

I've designed this resource to allow students to explore basic connections of number and the reasoning why. For example is 3+2-1 the same as 2-1+3. This then leads into an explanation of what BIDMAS is and includes model examples which go through the process step by step. Afterwards there is a quick true or false activity with the answers, you could do this as a mini whiteboard activity, class discussion, group task or silent focus. I personally use this with whiteboards and hammer out the misconceptions. It is a good tool in getting the students to practise providing explinations and reasons verbally for their answers. The resource then in includes a differentiated focused activity which progressively gets harder. This gives students a chance to master and enhance their skills. It includes 4 separate sections a skill 1 & 2 and a stretch 1 & 2. These are all displayed on the same slide for ease of use. (Answers are provided) Then to finish there is an application on how this could be seen in an exam situation including answers. I hope you find this resource as useful as my students have. Miss B
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Order of Operations (BIDMAS) Differentiated Mastery Worksheets

This pack tackles the order of operations (BIDMAS) with hints, tips and scaffolds provided. Pupils improve fluency using practice questions which rely on good knowledge of the order of operations. Understanding is deepened through justification, application and problem solving sections allowing them to master this topic. This is a differentiated set of 3 worksheets using a RAG system where no support is given for green with increasing hints and scaffolds for amber and red versions.
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Differentiated (RAGE) BIDMAS/BODMAS/Order Of Operations

A Red Amber Green Extension differentiated activity on BIDMAS/BODMAS/Order Of Operations. Students always start at RED and work their way through. Answers are provided too. This link should provide an idea as the quality of this resource:
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Number: BODMAS / BIDMAS (+ lots of Resources)

This is a whole lesson on teaching BODMAS/BIDMAS. Recently updated, 16 slides + worksheets + resources. It includes: + two starter activities (designed to be fun as well as the concept of ordering) + learning objectives (differentiated) + keywords + Very clear teaching slides & activities + Lots of built in MWB activities for AFL + questions / worksheet with answers + Plenary (off Facebook - relevant and FUN!) + a helpsheet for the least able (went down very well when being observed!) + three Tarsia activities that I had. NOTE: please browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources. As always please rate and feedback on any purchases or downloads. Thank you for your support.
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BIDMAS (3 Lessons)

Very engaging and interactive lessons. This contains 4 PowerPoints. 2 At Foundation Level and 2 at Higher Level. PowerPoint 1 - Lesson on BIDMAS. 36 colourful interactive slides for Foundation Level or 39 Slides for Higher Level. Lots of questions to assess understanding and check for misconception. Discussion points to make students understand and master the topic. Links made to real life. Tasks included in the PowerPoint which can be printed. PowerPoint 2 - Lesson on BIDMAS including Square Numbers . 17 colourful interactive slides for Foundation Level or 19 Slides for Higher Level. Lots of questions to assess understanding and check for misconception. Discussion points to make students understand and master the topic. Tasks included in the PowerPoint which can be printed. Worksheets - 2 Worksheets Pack based on BIDMAS at Foundation and Higher Level. Enough for minimum of 3 Lesson about 150 Minutes worth of resources
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BIDMAS / BODMAS MI5 Codebreaker (Differentiated with answers)

This resource contains three, differentiated codebreaking activities that will help you assess children's understanding of BIDMAS/BODMAS. Each activity has a detailed answer sheet with it. Furthermore, on each sheet there is an optional speed challenge - perfect for building up fluency. Bronze level – Brackets, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. Silver Level – introduces indices and square roots. Gold Level – introduces decimals.
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This is a full lesson based on 80 mins but could be easily altered to suit your lessons. There is a countdown style settling starter followed by the learning objectives slide. This is followed by the lessons starter which is a multiplication square. There are example slides that go through how to use BIDMAS followed by the notes to put into books and a set of differentiated questions. The extra practice is a match up activity with blank cards that enable students to think about how to make questions. The plenary is an exit ticket that can be printed to use.
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A worksheet with an explanation of what BIDMAS stands for/is with progressive questions, getting harder as it goes.
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BIDMAS / BODMAS Homework or worksheet with answers!

This resource can be found at a lower price here: This homework is differentiated three ways and includes a guidance sheet (for pupils and parents) and the answers to make marking faster.
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KS3 Maths Order of Operations starter. 8 questions where 4 of them will give the same answer, those 4 will go green when you click. Nice little settler to stick at the front of a powerpoint.
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Bidmas Activities & Puzzles

This pack contains four different activities to help students who need to work on the order of operations. Including: 1. Bidmas Code Breaker A code-breaking activity where students have to calculate using the correct order of operations to spell out a secret message! 2. Bidmas Matching Activity A self checking activity where students can find the answers to their calculations jumbled up at the bottom of the sheet. 3. Bidmas Maze Students need to find their way through a maze by deciding which statements are true and false by considering the order of operations. 4. Bidmas Puzzles These puzzles require students to find the missing numbers in a set of calculations.
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Resource on order of operations aimed at upper KS2, KS3 or low ability KS4 students. Questions are scaffolded in difficulty, progressing to missing number problems. Students must work out the answer to each question and shade it in the number grid. There is just one number to shade for each question. Once all questions are complete the pattern will be revealed in the grid. Good news -- **self marking activity** ideal for homework or consolidation. A solution page is provided for ease.
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Order of Operations (BIDMAS) Complete Lesson

Suitable for KS3 and KS4. This lesson teaches students how to use order of operations (BIDMAS) to simplify expressions. The lesson features a starter, main, and plenary all fully differentiated. There are numerous example and practice questions for pupils to work through along with answers for pupils to self-assess their work. There are a series of “Super Challenge” questions to stretch and challenge high ability pupils as well as a self-assessment plenary to allow pupils to self-assess their understanding on the topic.
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A pupil friendly literacy activity on order of operations. Students are provided with a word bank and aim to complete the blanks in text.
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This resource was made for my KS3 PRU pupils to slowly introduce them to BIDMAS/The Order of Operations. I have uploaded a Microsoft Publisher version so that it is easily adaptable for others.