Boris the Lost Badger StoryboardsQuick View

Boris the Lost Badger Storyboards

Introduces the idea of storyboards and using words and drawing to develop story. Sequencing activities with text and some ‘bonus’ Boris illustrations used by the author and illustrator in the development of the book. Children can go on to create their own storyboards and stories.
Boris the Lost Badger-CharactersQuick View

Boris the Lost Badger-Characters

Children develop their inference skills using the text and pictures to complete a simple Character sheet proforma. Children can also learn the vocabulary of the names of the different homes of the creatures in the story.
Boris the Lost Badger Numeracy Word ProblemsQuick View

Boris the Lost Badger Numeracy Word Problems

This series of worksheets is aimed at KS1 and lower KS2 children. The problems give practice in numeracy and mathematics, helping children to become more fluent with maths involving words and graphs. They will develop mathematical reasoning as they solve word problems set in the context of the ‘Boris the Lost Badger’ story. The resource consists of six worksheets and a leaflet for use by children to record answers. Also included are explanatory notes giving guidance on how to use the resource.Used either in a classroom setting, or as part of an outdoor education experience, this maths links well to work on habitats and animals.
Boris The Lost Badger Letters and Sounds Nature TrailQuick View

Boris The Lost Badger Letters and Sounds Nature Trail

A nine letter phonics trail for outdoor use, based on the Boris the Lost Badger story. Ideal for EYFS and KS1. The trail helps children to discover more about habitats. They can gather information to develop initial sounds and vocabulary for purposeful writing about animals, in particular, badgers. The trail offers a purposeful set of activity ideas to use in a woodland or forest area that can be developed through use of story. An author note explains what to do. There are minimal amounts of preparation required. The trail leaflet and letters to use are all supplied ready to use.
Plans to sell off our forestsQuick View

Plans to sell off our forests

There are plans to sell off our national heritage forests. There is a growing campaign to stop it. This is a good project to involve all schools in as it has tremendous value as a cross-curricular subject and also relates to the health and well-being of the students, school, local and national community, As this falls within my remit as a Community Cohesion and Religious Education consultant I have collected some material on the subject and if any school would like an assembly or presentation to suit your age / sector / requirements I am available. Contact me on