GCSE Buddhism - 20 LessonsQuick View

GCSE Buddhism - 20 Lessons

Thanks to all of those who have left reviews below and helped this to become the “go-to” resource for teaching Buddhism at GCSE level. This bundle contains 20 high-quality lessons, each with lesson plans, presentations, and most with worksheets. It has been designed around the new OCR B specification, consequently it is also fully sufficient to teach the AQA specification (and will be useful to teachers teaching on Edexcel, which is slightly different to OCR B/AQA in terms of course contents) It covers all necessary material for the ‘Beliefs, Teachings & Practices’ section (Section A) of the course in relation to BUDDHISM. It is the product of many weeks work: I have aimed to make these resources such that every lesson would receive a good or outstanding rating if inspected. All lesson downloads include: -A detailed lesson plan: explaining objectives, differentiation, cross-curricular aims, AfL tasks, and an activity timeline. -A presentation file designed to the highest professional standard. -Integrated and varied AfL -A suggested homework task The course features 15 worksheets, a ‘Buddhist board-game’ template, various ‘knowledge hunt’ activities and also features an IT Suite Lesson. It is designed to be a complete course for the first year of GCSE Religious Studies teaching. Downloading this bundle will certainly save you many many hours of preparation time: as a practising Buddhist I hope it will allow Religious Studies Teachers to teach the Buddhist component of their chosen GCSE specification. Positive reviews are warmly welcomed: I have made this course with pride and hope you will find it comprehensive and useful. “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful.” Check-out some of my most popular resources! GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit) Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units) Christianity (Thematic Studies Units) Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit) Islam (Thematic Studies Units) .    GCSE Sociology Resources Complete Units (Whole Course) .  AS/A2 Revision Sessions OCR Religious Studies AQA Philosophy AQA Sociology .  Philosophy for Children (P4C) The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack The Debating Society Toolkit Philosophy Boxes . Other Tools A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!) KS3 RE Units
A-Level RE - Buddhism - Buddhism and the challenge from secularismQuick View

A-Level RE - Buddhism - Buddhism and the challenge from secularism

This lesson - planned with a double lesson in mind - will introduce the debate on whether Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion. Students will be given several sources and introduced to Stephen Batchelor - a renowned secular Buddhist - and David Brazier - a Buddhist famous for campaigning to establish Buddhism as a religion. There are plenty of varied tasks and learning checks throughout. This lesson is planned with the Eduqas scheme of work in mind but can be easily adapted to all exam boards
AQA GCSE Buddhism Beliefs and Teachings revision sheetsQuick View

AQA GCSE Buddhism Beliefs and Teachings revision sheets

A3 revision sheets on Buddhist Beliefs and teachings, key words and key teachings suitable for AQA GCSE course, using AQA approved text book - loosely based on a Christianity version uploaded by another contributor - thank you.
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A presentation including basic theory of Buddhism, its main ideas and philosophy (reincarnation, meditation, Karma, Cycle of life).
A-Level RE - Buddhism – Buddhism in BritainQuick View

A-Level RE - Buddhism – Buddhism in Britain

Using different sources of information, this lesson will give the opportunity for students to study the development of Buddhism in Britain by creating a time line of important events in the history of Buddhism in Britain with key players. Also, with reference to 2011 Census data and other sources, students are given the opportunity to take their learning further and discuss the authenticity of Buddhism in this country. This resource is planned with the Eduqas specification in mind but can be easily adapted for other exam board specifications
A-Level RE - Buddhism – Going for Refuge in BuddhismQuick View

A-Level RE - Buddhism – Going for Refuge in Buddhism

This lesson will help students learn and understand the importance of the Three Refuges (Jewels) in Buddhism. This lesson will help students understand the importance of taking refuge in everyday life and introduce the concept of Buddhists taking refuge in the Buddha, the dharma and the Sangha. It will support progress by supplying students with the opinions of different scholars and Buddhists
A-Level RE - Buddhism - Buddhism and the challenge from scienceQuick View

A-Level RE - Buddhism - Buddhism and the challenge from science

This lesson - planned for a double lesson - will guide students through the challenges facing Buddhism today from science. The case studies used will help students learn about the Kalama Sutra and how the Buddha taught to avoid 'blind faith', the Dalai Lama's attempts to collaborate Buddhism with science and how the Buddhist world view of different realms would clash with scientific ideas. There are plenty of worksheets and learning checks throughout the lesson. This lesson is planned with the Eduqas scheme of work in mind but can be easily adapted to all exam boards
A-Level RE - Buddhism - A comparison of two Buddhist teachers - Engaged BuddhismQuick View

A-Level RE - Buddhism - A comparison of two Buddhist teachers - Engaged Buddhism

This lesson is designed to encorporate 2-3 hours of an A-level lesson which guides students through the introduction to the 14th Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh and their contribution to Socially Engaged Buddhism. The overall objective is to answer the following exam questions based on the new WJEC/EDUQAS specification (but can obvioulsy be adapted to all exam board specifications: A) Explain the reasons for the development of Socially Engaged Buddhism [20] B) ‘Buddhists should try to change themselves, not the world’. Evaluate this view [30]
KS3 Buddhism bundleQuick View

KS3 Buddhism bundle

A Buddhism bundle for KS3 students. Lessons are engaging and fun but also place focus on what students are learning. L1 Life of the Buddha L2 Four noble truths L3 Eightfold path L4 Wheel of life L5 Five precepts and meditation
Buddhism - Introduction to BuddhismQuick View

Buddhism - Introduction to Buddhism

A double lesson (1.30 -2 hours if all tasks completed) all about the origins of Buddhism and how the life of Buddha relates to Buddhists today. Also included are optional activities on Wesak. This pack includes a Powerpoint, worksheets, clips, all well differentiated. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes). You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Buddhism and EnlightenmentQuick View

Buddhism and Enlightenment

An introduction to some key information and facts about Buddhism, including links to PSHCE themes, etc. Presented as a booklet. Some pages could be used as part of a display or working wall (if enlarged).
Symbols in BuddhismQuick View

Symbols in Buddhism

Lesson which goes through the main symbols in Buddhism and what they represent - the three jewels, lotus flower, Mandala, etc
A-Level RE - Buddhism - Buddhism and the challenge from other religionsQuick View

A-Level RE - Buddhism - Buddhism and the challenge from other religions

This lesson - which is planned for a double two hour lesson - will look at the relationship between Buddhism and other religions and how Buddhists should behave when encountering other religions. The emphasis within Buddhism on the individual testing the teaching and staying true to experience, even if that means following a path different to Buddhism (with reference to the Kalama Sutta v.9 & v.10 and Majjhima Nikaya 56.16 – the Buddha’s conversation with Upali will be taught in this lesson The emphasis on seeing good within all religions with a focus on Emperor Ashoka, Rock Edict NB 7 and Rock Edict NB 12 will also be a focus for students to research Finally, students will be challenged to research two modern day case studies in looking at the relationship between Buddhism and Islam in Myanmar and Sri Lanka
Life of the Buddha - KS3 BuddhismQuick View

Life of the Buddha - KS3 Buddhism

A KS3 lesson teaching students about the life of the Buddha. It is perfect the start a unit of work on Buddhism or as part of a religious founders unit of work. The lesson includes a variety of activities and focuses on checking learning at various points in the lesson through in depth questioning. The first activity uses the Animated World Faiths clip (any alternative clip can be used). The final activity offers students a choice of two tasks, that can be selected based on their ability/behaviour/learning style/etc. The lesson is engaging and fun for students.
Higher BuddhismQuick View

Higher Buddhism

SAVE 50% BY PURCHASING THE BUNDLE! This bundle is an excellent pack for Higher Buddhism, containing PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, worksheets, flipcharts and mind maps for the content required for the new Higher. More to follow soon - all updates will be free!
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Lots of assesment and information about buddhism ( the best)