Managing Challenging BehaviourQuick View

Managing Challenging Behaviour

This report gives an account of behaviour in schools based on national evidence and provides an analysis of behaviour in a range of educational settings based on visits by Ofsted.
Behaviour Management CPD Session!Quick View

Behaviour Management CPD Session!

This CPD session offers an engaging and original approach to improving behaviour management practices. Grounded in educational research, this CPD session is interactive, well-structured, and has been successfully tried and tested. The aim of the CPD session is to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in order to utilise behaviour management even more effectively in lessons, and it achieves this by embarking upon the following learning journey: 1. Fully understanding the various reasons for challenging behaviour; 2. Observing and analysing behaviour management practices through a Youtube video; 3. Evaluating the main behaviour concerns in the participants' school/classrooms 4. Gaining familiarity with a range of research and theory suggesting the best methods and strategies for a number of different challenging situations; 5, Planning effective behaviour management strategies to prevent and combat challenging behaviour in the participants' real-life classrooms. Included in this pack are: Full PowerPoint presentation, a hyperlinked video for analysis, cards fro the Diamond Nine activity, a top tips helpsheet, instructions for the main group task, and guidance for trainers/ presenters. All images and videos are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide.
Challenging risky behaviourQuick View

Challenging risky behaviour

This lesson plan and activity from 'Think! Education&' looks at the reasons why young people take or are exposed to risk, and encourages students to think about strategies for coping with these situations.
Managing Pupils' challenging BehaviourQuick View

Managing Pupils' challenging Behaviour

Notes taken from a workshop by Seamus Gallagher, Chartered Psychologist and compiled into a useful document with information on communication, body language and specific classroom management strategies.
Behaviour Chart for challenging behaviourQuick View

Behaviour Chart for challenging behaviour

A behaviour chart used for challenging behaviour with children on an individual basis. Included is the behaviour slider, behaviour chart and an explanation of how it can be used with the child. Helps for the child to see how their session is panning out and to work towards achieving a goal.
Behaviour Reflection Activity for Challenging BehaviourQuick View

Behaviour Reflection Activity for Challenging Behaviour

This is an interactive resource to encourage a student to reflect on his/her behaviour and how to modify this behaviour in the future. Good for detention too! The teacher should note there is a password: abc2016 to accept the reflection or ask the student to repeat the reflection task. A version with sound is available on request. help video to download (this was used for a different resource, but the instructions are the same to download) 1. Download zipped file 2. YOU MUST then EXTRACT the files (right click the zipped downloaded folder) 3. Go to the EXTRACTED files and then double click on the story.html Make sure you have an updated browser and updated flash player.
Behaviour Management: A guide to dealing with challenging behaviour in SecondaryQuick View

Behaviour Management: A guide to dealing with challenging behaviour in Secondary

Obviously the first port of call when dealing with any challenging behaviour is to follow the school's behaviour management policy. This resource provides a step by step guide to having the difficult conversation that follows a behaviour incident in a way that maintains the emotional well-being of both the teacher and the student (without the teacher having to resort to shouting) that can be adapted to any school's behaviour policy. Increase the text size to a readable size after downloading.
Challenging risky behaviour KS4Quick View

Challenging risky behaviour KS4

A lesson plan and set of activities from ‘Think! Education’: In this lesson students consider positive and negative risks and discuss them in relation to their own lives and to road safety.
Teachers TV: Challenging BehaviourQuick View

Teachers TV: Challenging Behaviour

‘School Matters’ looks at whether there is a school discipline crisis. Ruth Kelly, the former Education Secretary, has set up a group of teachers to devise a national strategy tackling behaviour in schools. Teachers and headteachers talk about what they consider to be bad behaviour, how they see it increasing and schemes they have introduced to solve the problem. Geoff Moss, an Assertive Discipline trainer, believes that changing social attitudes have blurred the distinction between childhood and adolescence and that teachers increasingly need to teach responsible behaviour.
Teachers TV
Rainbow Challenge Display for Continuous ProvisionQuick View

Rainbow Challenge Display for Continuous Provision

This is a resource pack to create a rainbow challenge area in your classroom. The idea is that in each area of your continuous provision you have a challenge for the children to complete which are linked to the curriculum objectives. Each time they complete a task they collect the corresponding coloured lolly stick and place it in their pocket on your display until they manage to do all tasks and complete their rainbow! Included is the title, pockets for each child either with a unicorn or dragon with photo or with just their name, signs for each area in your provision which detail the task, and a certificate for those who complete or do good work etc. Everything is editable so that you easily chnage the tasks week by week.
Anti-Social BehaviourQuick View

Anti-Social Behaviour

An hour long, fully resourced PSHE lesson with a focus on discouraging anti-social behaviour, explaining consequences (legal and social) and why some young people still do it. This resource pack includes an hour long PowerPoint, differentiated challenge activities, worksheets, clips and literacy focus tasks. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes). This lesson could be used for PSHE, Citizenship or Life Skills. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources   Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Stressometer. Anger and challenging behaviour thermometerQuick View

Stressometer. Anger and challenging behaviour thermometer

The Stressometer is A4 sized and should be made with thick laminated card. Attach a velcro strip across the blank box to attach the arrow to, for your child to move to the appropriate number. Useful for both verbal and non verbal children and adults as you can teach your child to use breathing exercises instead of shouting and screaming, whilst still conveying to you how they are feeling at the time This is also available to purchase professionally made through my ebay shop £4.99 inc UK delivery eBay item number:132130271375
Anger and Challenging Behaviour management cardsQuick View

Anger and Challenging Behaviour management cards

A set of 18 pocket sized set of reminders for children who have trouble managing their anger. Strategies to use when stressed. Blank cards are included for specific instructions and can be written on with a pen. These can be useful when used with the Stressometer - one at home and one at school with consistent messages can help your child to regulate themselves. Print them off (I suggest you laminate them) and pop on a keyring. Or print as large posters round the room These are also available to purchase professionally made on a keyring from my Ebay store £4.99 inc delivery. eBay item number:132130271377
Challenging Behaviour Parent/Carer LeafletQuick View

Challenging Behaviour Parent/Carer Leaflet

This double-sided (tri-section) Leaflet is for sharing with parents/carers. Written by an Educational Psychology Service, it gives a basic overview of Challenging Behaviour and how schools and parents/carers can support.
Behaviour Management Points ChallengeQuick View

Behaviour Management Points Challenge

An adaptable behaviour management resource whereby students can earn points for good behaviour throughout a lesson. At the end of the lesson the points are added up and they receive the appropriate prize. This has worked really well with some challenging students as the focus is fully on the positives. The 'rewards drawer' is a drawer I have with sweets in but can be easily changed.
Behavioural Incident Report with Functional Analysis of BehaviourQuick View

Behavioural Incident Report with Functional Analysis of Behaviour

This document guides staff though a reflective and analytical process when an individual has displayed behaviour perceived to be challenging. It seeks to support staff in exploring the reasons ‘challenging behaviour’ occurs and to promote reflective practice around education and support. The aim is to assist staff in understanding and meeting an individual’s needs so that challenging behaviour reduces. Those completing the process should consider the following key questions throughout the process: • Was the individual seeking to escape a situation they were not ‘ready for’? • Were the supposed consequences something they were actually seeking? e.g. Individual is put in ‘isolation’ but this may be relief to them if they are feeling social overwhelmed. Could this lead to the behaviour being repeated? • Can more be done to teach coping, assertiveness and communication strategies to replace the challenging behaviour? • Do staff consistently demonstrate a good understanding of an individual’s needs? • Are opportunities to share good inclusive practice maximised?