Christmas: Christmas Literacy ActivitiesQuick View

Christmas: Christmas Literacy Activities

Very popular Christmas resource - updated for 2017! Get sorted for the festive season with three fun Christmas literacy activities for primary classrooms. 1. Christmas Riddles - a fun activity lesson where pupils write riddles about Christmas presents and then make a lift-the-flap present. 2. Christmas Tree Kennings - pupils learn what kennings are and use them to make a Christmas tree poem. 3.Christmas Performance Poetry - a five-day literacy unit leading up to a poetry performance, adaptable to different age groups. Please follow the download instructions at the bottom of the page to make sure you get all of the 5 files (2 X PPT and 3 x PDF files) included in this resource. Problems downloading? Click here for download help. Please follow the steps below to access your files: 1. Return to this page and click on each resource to go to the product listing. 2. Scroll to the files included within the resource listed under the header ‘Files Included’/'All Files'. You may need to click on the ‘See all Resources’ to view them all. 3. Use the download arrow icons found to the left of each of the file names for each separate file.
Christmas 2017: Christmas Sounds QuizQuick View

Christmas 2017: Christmas Sounds Quiz

Christmas 2017: Christmas Sounds Quiz PowerPoint quiz with 60 questions and multiple- choice answers about the sounds of Christmas, covering TV; movies; music and carols, and other festive sounds.
A Christmas CarolQuick View

A Christmas Carol

AWARD NOMINATED: EVERY LESSON FOR A CHRISTMAS CAROL! 17x fully differentiated and resourced lessons to prepare KS3 and KS4 students for AQA GCSE English Literature questions on Charles Dickens' classic novella. All created by Tes Bev Evans Award nominated author 2017. Keep checking your downloads as more and more resources will be added to this bundle.
Christmas Quiz 2017. Christmas Quiz Slideshow EditionQuick View

Christmas Quiz 2017. Christmas Quiz Slideshow Edition

New Buyers: 90% off with code: NEWYEAR90 Return Buyers: 50% off with code: UMZQ53TF enter @ checkout! TOP SELLING quiz globally last Christmas. Updated and improved for 2017 to include a visual round and a hilarious "True or False" round. Get your copy and give students a Christmas challenge with this big, challenging Christmas quiz. 40 questions, 10 visual questions and 25 True or False questions that will really challenge students knowledge about all things to do with Christmas. If you do purchase this resource you can choose another resource from our shop free of charge up to the value of £20. Simply visit our shop, look through the 1000 + resources on offer and email me at Click here to go to our shop and have a browse! Our little Christmas present to you! Provided in easy to print list form and also as a visually festive slideshow with a slide per question so that questions can be displayed on the whiteboard. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Start Education! Christmas Xmas quiz 2017 - It's just fun!
Christmas DIRT Worksheet Bundle!Quick View

Christmas DIRT Worksheet Bundle!

Due to the success of our A3 DIRT Worksheet, which has had hundreds of downloads and received 100% 5* reviews: we’ve released a special Christmas edition one! The downloads are suitable for any exam subject (KS4 & KS5!) This bundle contains: -The Original DIRT Worksheet (with PPT) -The Christmas Edition DIRT Worksheet -AfL Feedback Sheets -Revisionopoly (revision board game) -A bonus gift: P4C Session (for any form group or class!) Check-out some of my most popular resources: GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit) Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units) Christianity (Thematic Studies Units) Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit) Islam (Thematic Studies Units) .    GCSE Sociology Resources Complete Units (Whole Course) .  AS/A2 Revision Sessions OCR Religious Studies AQA Philosophy AQA Sociology .  Philosophy for Children (P4C) The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack The Debating Society Toolkit Philosophy Boxes . Other Tools A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!) KS3 RE Units
A Christmas Carol Huge Bundle!Quick View

A Christmas Carol Huge Bundle!

THIS BUNDLE CONTAINS ALL OF THE 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL' LESSONS, IN ADDITION TO THE 30-PAGE COMPREHENSION BOOKLET, THE KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER, AND THE POINTLESS GAME! This engaging, varied, and informative scheme of learning is designed to help students gain understanding, assessment skills, and key interpretations of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Made up of a wide-range of interesting and exciting lessons, students should complete this scheme having gathered vital skills in: interpreting the significant meanings of the text, understanding the writer's ideas within the text, analysing key characters, settings, and themes, and understanding Dickens' language devices. Stimulating, visual, and easily adaptable, these lessons provide suggested learning objectives and outcomes for students of a wide-range of abilities - The vast majority of tasks are differentiated to allow for different abilities and needs in your classroom. Each lesson loosely follows this logical learning journey to ensure that students learn in bite-size steps: - Engaging - Defining/ Understanding - Identifying/Remembering - Analysing/ Creating - Peer or self evaluating. All of the lessons are interactive, employ a variety of different teaching and learning methods and styles, and are visually-engaging. Resources, worksheets, and lesson plans are all provided.
The Ultimate Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

The Ultimate Christmas Quiz 2017

Make the Christmas Quiz of 2017 the stuff of legend with this action packed and fully resourced 'mother of all quizzes'. 110 slides of action packed fun consisting of 6 rounds: 1. Picture round 'who is hiding behind Santa's presents?' 2. 2017 in the news 3. Christmas through the ages 4. Spot the difference (timed round and interactive egg timer included on the powerpoint) 5. General knowledge 6. Christmas hits (music and observation round) Full instructions, answers and guidelines are provided, the PowerPoint is visually impressive and easy to follow. Suitable for all subjects and curriculum areas as a one off fun lesson that your students will never forget: all you need to do is provide the prizes! Unfortunately, the TES preview feature doesn't seem to be working properly for new uploads so I've attached an image so that you see what your'e getting. All resources download properly when purchased. Feedback welcomed and appreciated.
2017 Geography Christmas QuizQuick View

2017 Geography Christmas Quiz

Seven rounds: Where did Santa leave his presents? Christmas logos Country catchphrase Christmas food miles Where did Santa leave his hat? Flags of the World? Where do Santa's letters come from?
Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

Christmas Quiz 2017

A Fully resources quiz with 10 rounds and Team Answer Sheet: (All answers run through on PPT) Round 1: Christmas Films (5 questions) Round 2: 2017 Songs (5 questions) Round 3: Christmas covered Celebs (5 questions) Round 4: This Year in pictures (12 questions) Round 5: Christmas Catchphrases (5 questions) Round 6: Christmas Close Up (5 questions) Round 7: Christmas TV Specials (5 questions) Round 8: Christmas Trivia (5 questions) Round 9: General Knowledge (5 questions) Round 10: Find the Christmas Items (1 question) Total: 53 questions, 124 slide PPT and Answer Sheet attached Font: Grilled Cheese- may need to be downloaded on some computers.
A Christmas Carol Revision BookletQuick View

A Christmas Carol Revision Booklet

A 49 page revision booklet with: - information on Dickens - information on context - Key extracts - tables to complete on themes - a key quote challenge - 10 practice questions - sentence starters for writing responses
Elf Classroom Christmas MonitorQuick View

Elf Classroom Christmas Monitor

Keep your class calm on the run up to Christmas with this fun Elf Monitor, runs in Powerpoint on your whiteboard, just move the monitor with your remote or the keyboard arrow! FREE with code NOVEMBERNEWBIE for new users or WOWVEMBER for old customers.
Science Christmas Quiz 2016 / 2017Quick View

Science Christmas Quiz 2016 / 2017

*NEW ROUNDS ADDED FOR 2017* Christmas Quiz for use within Science lessons towards the end of term. There are 19 Quiz rounds to choose from (I usually have the folder open on the board and let one team at a time choose which round we do). There are several science based rounds, as well as some generic Christmas and music rounds.
Christmas 2017 End of Term QuizQuick View

Christmas 2017 End of Term Quiz

A 9 round quiz that will keep a class happily busy for at least an hour. Rounds include: Adverts, Confectionery, True/False Xmas Facts, Logos, Music, Celebrity Photo Mash-Ups, Christmas Movies, Statistics and General Xmas knowledge. The format is similar to those used on TES in the past and you can easily edit bits and pieces if you wish. The presentation runs seamlessly and music etc should all play automatically. My particular favourite is the advert round, pupils will hear the advert and need to guess the High Street shop/brand behind it. Enjoy! I'm sure your pupils will and it should cover all secondary school ages. Thanks to all for the success of my last Quiz (Summer 2017), this Quiz will once again be at rock bottom price for you.
The Big Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

The Big Christmas Quiz 2017

A powerpointed full lesson Christmas quiz with a wide variety of questions to appeal to all students including word rounds, general knowledge and picture rounds. Eight rounds of 10 plus questions with answers at the end of each round. Round 1 - Christmas Alphabet; 2 - Name that Christmas Film; 3 - Christmas Facts; 4 - Christmas Adverts; 5 - Christmas Trivia; 6 - Name the Celebrity; 7 - Christmas Alphabet part 2; 8 - Christmas Songs.
Christmas Homophones Search - The Night Before ChristmasQuick View

Christmas Homophones Search - The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Homophones Search - The Night Before Christmas. Fun printable handout for December. A Christmas activity searching for homonyms and homophones in a crazy homophone version of the famous Christmas poem "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark Moore. Supports common core standard to spell correctly. Challenging activity using poetry: I recommend you use partners. It will take your students some time to find and correct all of the incorrect homonyms in this one. No prep. Print and go. Student answer sheet and key included. - HappyEdugator
A Christmas Carol - ChristmasQuick View

A Christmas Carol - Christmas

This is an introductory lesson to 'A Christmas carol' by looking at Christmas traditions. I am sing it for low ability year 7 and will edit with differentiation as I teach the scheme.
Christmas CoordinatesQuick View

Christmas Coordinates

Christmas Coordinates: 4 Quadrant - Elf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Rudolf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Santa (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Rudolf (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Frosty (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Holly (1x1cm) Enjoy!!! When i get a chance will make the following. 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Christmas Pudding (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant - Mistletoe (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Fireplace (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Holly (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Angel (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Tree and Presents (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Robin (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Frosty (5x5mm)
Christmas TransformationsQuick View

Christmas Transformations

Here is another set of transformation pictures that will create a lovely Christmas scene. There is a reindeer and Christmas tree which only require multiple translations to create, the other snow man and reindeer involve a mixture of rotations, reflections and translations. All the worksheets are as pictures to help preserve the positions of each piece that needs to be transformed. These have been double checked for mistakes but if any are found do let me know! Hope these prove to be useful and an enjoyable task to end the long autumn term on!