Expectations for Classroom BehaviourQuick View

Expectations for Classroom Behaviour

I've produced a presentation which I've been going through with all my classes and thought I'd share. In some classes, it had an immediate effect going through this for 5 minutes. Then throughout the lesson I can remind them of expectations quickly and easily because they know what I'm talking about. Each expectation is basically broken down into some rules. You could adapt it for your own expectations if you think it would be worthwhile for any of your classes. At the very least it's a cool power point template to add to your arsenal!
Classroom expectationsQuick View

Classroom expectations

Just a quick powerpoint slide I use to introduce myself to a new class and to start off a new topic/ carousel
Back to School Classroom Expectations PowerPointQuick View

Back to School Classroom Expectations PowerPoint

Back to School Classroom Expectations PowerPoint. Just what you need at the beginning of the year. Use at Open House, Back to School Night, or Parent Night. A basic slideshow template of classroom expectations for students at the beginning of the year. Fill in your own specifics. Back to school expectations include behavior, routines, etc. Project it on your SmartBoard for the first day of school. Editable. Revise for yourself as necessary. I also play it continuously looping at Open House at individual student computers, set up like kiosks. - HappyEdugator
Things to Re"meme"ber - Classroom expectations memes!Quick View

Things to Re"meme"ber - Classroom expectations memes!

This resource is a powerpoint which can be used in a few different ways. It can be used as a powerpoint in the first lesson with a new class in order to introduce classroom expectations. It could also be used in a whole school assembly. Alternatively, the slides can be printed out and displayed in classrooms as a visual reminder of the rules. It is a handy way of teaching classroom expectations in a light-hearted way and introduce a bit of personality into an otherwise relatively mundane part of the back to school routine. The memes make the rules accessible to students and the images can be beneficial to EAL students. I'm an NQT so please feel free to make my day and leave a review! Enjoy!
Classroom Expectation PostersQuick View

Classroom Expectation Posters

Pdf of 5 A4 Expectation posters for use in the classroom (with one specific to art classroom & sketchbooks) containing memes found online!
Classroom expectations SlideQuick View

Classroom expectations Slide

Slide to show classroom expectations. Good to show students at the start of the year and to reiterate the classroom rules at any time. Make an 8-bit version of yourself using the link provided in the file
Classroom expectations activityQuick View

Classroom expectations activity

To be used at the start of the year or whenever you feel your class need a reminder about how to behave in your classroom. The resource provides some ideas on classroom rules but essentially encourages the students to come up with their own rules with you in order to share the responsibility. I use it when I start working with a new class, at the start of each term and refer back to it at any point I feel the students need reminding. Keeping a uniform Power Point keeps consistency.
Necessary Classroom Posters to show classroom expectationsQuick View

Necessary Classroom Posters to show classroom expectations

A selection of 4 posters that explain and demonstrate classroom expectations. These include: 'Beautiful Work Every Time' which explains the expectations of a written piece of work 'The No Phone Zone' which details what happens if a phone is out in class, and what we expect. 'Makeup Fails' which explains the expectations of students with regards their appearance 'The Equipment Checklist' which details what students must have in every lesson.
Classroom Expectations - Back to School PostersQuick View

Classroom Expectations - Back to School Posters

Back to School Classroom Expectations Posters. This is a set of classroom rules posters has six rules: Focused Bodies, Raised Hands, Quiet Mouths, Walking Feet, Helping Hands, Caring Hearts. There is one poster with all of the rules, and one poster for each separate rule. - HappyEdugator
Western Music Decor - Classroom ExpectationsQuick View

Western Music Decor - Classroom Expectations

Cowboy up with this western decor for the Music room. The rustic backgrounds and wild west clipart are easy to incorporate into any color scheme transforming your room into a friendly western theme. Make learning easy with these wall posters. Go Western! Follow PBIS protocol with these classroom reminders: Be Ready Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Prepared Be Safe Be Caring Be Kind Be Your Best Be a Team Be.... + 1 Blank =================================================== Follow The Bates Clef on Facebook, Blogger, and PInterest to take a peek into my music classroom and stay up-to-date with new products, sales, and freebies. * https://www.facebook.com/batesclefmusic/ * http://batesclef.blogspot.com/ * https://www.pinterest.com/batesclef/