7 Key Concepts Connecting History, Memory, Identity, and the NationQuick View

7 Key Concepts Connecting History, Memory, Identity, and the Nation

This power point presentation identifies and defines 7 key concepts for students studying history, government, anthropology, and sociology. The 7 terms support a conceptual approach to the social studies and features the list of 7 terms and a slide for each with a definition and key points. Teachers can incorporate the slides into their own presentation. Most importantly, the presentation is designed to encourage and support the study of the social sciences conceptually and not as an exercise in memorization. The presentation provides a foundation for teachers new to this approach and contributes to teachers experienced in this methodology.
Historical Thinking: Change Over Time OrganizerQuick View

Historical Thinking: Change Over Time Organizer

This graphic organizer helps students plan a Change-Over-Time essay or project. Often students struggle with the planning aspect of demonstrating their competency with this Historical Thinking Skill. The resource is a one page overview that can also be used as a formative assessment tool. The approach emphasizes historical narrative and student's ability to connect the impact of individuals, ideas, groups, things, systems, and events on change in history. The resource is targeted for grades 7-12 and has also been used with undergraduate students.
Globalizing U.S. History: Free ResourcesQuick View

Globalizing U.S. History: Free Resources

This website addresses the How, What? and Why? around the move for transnational/global perspectives in US History. It includes all FREE resources, scholarly articles, modules with primary and secondary lessons, and screencasts. The resource is a free website you can access here: https://globalushistory.edublogs.org/ It will change your thinking, teaching, and your students' learning. Globalization has changes the purpose of education. This is one step you can take to meet those demands. Perfect for AP and IB as well.