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The Crusades

An hour long, fully resourced lesson with powerpoint, differentiated tasks throughout, worksheets, clip link and accompanying task all about The Crusades. Designed to meet Ofsted Good-Outstanding criteria by a experienced History teacher in a UK secondary school.
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The Crusades

11 Resources
Complete S.O.W incorporating the latest thinking tools as well as many interactive links. This scheme was designed with year 7 in mind and includes a final assessment.
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The Crusades - What were the effects of the Crusades?

This lesson looks at the effects of the crusades. It briefly covers the context of the crusades (what they were, when they took place, why they took place) The lesson has a variety of activities and encourages the pupils to think of both positive and negative effects of the crusades on Christianity and Islam (in Europe and the Middle-East) An excellent lesson.
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The Crusades

I used many of these resources namely the group activity for an observation that was deemed Outstanding. Focus is on history skills. Resources Includes 2 lessons worth of resources including lesson plan and group activity ideal for KS3, having said that much of the material is complex as I was hoping to push literacy with these resources. With the new AQA Specification including Medieval History one might be able to use it for older students, likewise it could be easily adapted for an RE lesson on religious intolerance. Be warned it will require ideally colour copying of resources and a fair amount of time cutting out cards. Lesson therefore requires some preparation time.
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KS3 History Scheme of Work: Crusades

A great time saver for teachers delivering KS3 History Medieval unit. This is a Scheme of Work on the Crusades. It addresses key questions such as: Why did people go on a Crusade? What were the consequences of the Crusades? The activities include card sorts, source work skills, and extended writing. This SOW includes key questions and lesson enquiries as well as possible teaching and learning activities and links to 'Personal Learning Thinking Skills.' It also suggests assessment strategies and differentiation opportunities.
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The Crusades

1hr PP, differentiated resources, clip links - Middle East focus Complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Leave me a review and I'll send you a resource for free. Just message me with the one you want :)


A full lesson with summary, questions and writing activity on the Crusades
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An intro to the Crusades

A map based activity about Europe and the Middle East pre-Crusade. Sheet 1 is best if blown up to A3 and in colour. Sheet two should be printed on coloured card. Involves some literacy elements too.
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First Crusade

In 1095, Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade, calling forth knights and peasants from across Western Europe to march against Muslim Turks in the Byzantine Empire and ultimately re-conquer the holy city of Jerusalem. In this lesson, students compare Christian and Muslim perspectives of the First Crusade by analyzing different accounts of the siege of Jerusalem.
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Crusader and Medieval Warfare

This fun, interactive lesson covers the main weapons used by the Crusaders during the Middle Ages. This includes both siege weapons and soldiers. An initial thinking activity gets children of all abilities to engage with the difficulty of attacking fortifications such as castles and the activity is repeated as a plenary to show progress during the lesson.
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KS3 The First Crusade topic, Lessons 1-6 bundle

6 Resources
This is a unit that I cover with my Year 7s in the second half of the Spring term. It is a 6 lesson enquiry into the question: What did the Crusades ever do for us? There are a range of engaging activities for the students to complete throughout each lesson. It is differentiated so that students of all abilities can access the lessons confidently. There is also an assessment lesson that enables the students to revise the content from the topic and then plan and answer a GCSE style exam question. This is a question stem geared towards the AQA specification. The question is focused on the concept of significance which can be found in Paper 2. The question in the assessment lesson is as follows: Explain the significance of the First Crusade between 1095 and 1099. [8 marks] Please let me know how you found these lessons and I am happy to receive your reviews so that I can continue to improve my own teaching and learning practise.
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Crusades Lesson

A lesson looking at why people went on the Crusades and what they were. Differentiated for mixed abilities. Includes worksheets and slides. Leave a review and choose any resource for FREE! Visit my SHOP for many more great resources
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Crusades Resources/SOW

Set of 7 lessons on the Crusades. All activities are well-planned, with differentiation, and all resources are provided. Designed for Year 7 students. Please see my other uploads for KS3 and KS4 resources.
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The Jarrow Crusade

The lesson is focused around the events and outcomes of the Jarrow march. the lesson begins with an image reveal with focus questions to challenge students to feedback what is happening and why it may be taking place Students will then watch a video clip on the Jarrow march and then discuss the concerns the government may have had from the march Students will complete a worksheet of factual questions as well as the bottom section which requires then to consider the success/failure of the march. This information can be found from the clip.
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KS3: The Crusades

Full 10 lesson learning scheme based on the Crusades for KS3. Includes the rise of Islam, comparisons with the West, why people wanted to go on the Crusades, the Third and Fourth Crusades and comparisons between Richard and Saladin.
First Crusade- Journey to the Holy Land and the Siege of AntiochQuick View

First Crusade- Journey to the Holy Land and the Siege of Antioch

This lesson covers the journey to the Holy Land and asks students to think about the effects of such a difficult journey on the Crusader army. The main activity breaks down the complicated chain of events which led to the Crusaders taking Antioch. Includes literacy activity and card sort.