THE ULTIMATE RE DISPLAY PACK (displays & posters)Quick View

THE ULTIMATE RE DISPLAY PACK (displays & posters)

I think the largest collection of displays and learning mats for RE, Ethics & Philosophy on the internet :) Massive discount! Hope you enjoy! :) Check-out some of my most popular resources: GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit) Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units) Christianity (Thematic Studies Units) Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit) Islam (Thematic Studies Units) .    GCSE Sociology Resources Complete Units (Whole Course) .  AS/A2 Revision Sessions OCR Religious Studies AQA Philosophy AQA Sociology .  Philosophy for Children (P4C) The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack The Debating Society Toolkit Philosophy Boxes . Other Tools A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!) KS3 RE Units
British Values Display PostersQuick View

British Values Display Posters

Create a powerful display to promote British Values in your school / classroom / nursery with these child friendly posters. Over 10 posters included (some with variations). The posters depict and explain democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect, individual liberty and tolerance to those of different faiths and beliefs. Every school in England must promote British values in their SMSC development, which is particularly important to Ofsted. This set is perfect for that! The document is in .pdf format (not editable) however if you have any suggestions, my email address can be found on the last page of the resource.
Reading Display, Instant Reading Corner Display, Reading Area SignsQuick View

Reading Display, Instant Reading Corner Display, Reading Area Signs

Reading Display, Instant Reading Corner Display, Reading Area Signs Instantly make your Reading Area a place children want to be with this gorgeous "Where will your reading take you? " display. Print out, stick onto card and fasten to a stick for a sign-post effect. Two editable signs allow you to add additional destinations. Pack includes 2 pdf files with: 18 destination signs - 2 per sheet of A4 2 editable signs 1 "Where will your reading take you?" banner - 60cm long
Punctuation Display PostersQuick View

Punctuation Display Posters

This poster pack includes 12 different posters which provides definitions and examples of full stop, commas, apostrophes, exclamation mark, question mark, hyphen, ellipsis, speech marks, colon, semi colon and brackets. This display pack comes in two sizes 12 A4 posters that can be stuck to the window, hung across the centre of the room or used to create a display. 12 small poster cards which can easily be stuck into books and used as a revision guide for pupils (16 cards per A4 sheet)
English Classroom Display PostersQuick View

English Classroom Display Posters

These English classroom posters cover a range of helpful key terms, to support students’ knowledge and understanding. They have been created in high resolution – A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) – so that they can be used as a large classroom display. However, they will print perfectly well in other paper sizes, such as A4. For more learning resources, please visit: FREE English videos:
GCSE American West Map DisplayQuick View

GCSE American West Map Display

9-1 GCSE American West 1835-1895 New 2016 Specification Display information and banner that can be used to create an American West map display. Features 15 information cards on key geographical parts of the American West topic, such as the Oregon Trail, Transcontinental Railroad, Wounded Knee, Abilene etc. Some cards have colour coded bars which match the routes which can be drawn onto the map (See photo) DOES NOT CONTAIN THE MAP - THESE CAN BE BOUGHT FROM AMAZON (POLITICAL MAP) Please see my other lessons & resources Feedback welcome


Bring football fever to your school as teams from across the globe compete in Russia to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This interactive wall display will help children to explore the countries, flags and groups as well as to keep track of the progress of each team during the World Cup starting on June 14th 2018. Perfect for a communal display for children, staff and parents to discuss or for an individual classroom. All of the games include the date and time of when they are played.
Business Studies Key Words DisplayQuick View

Business Studies Key Words Display

The top 58 Business Studies key words that relate both to GCSE and BTEC courses. The key words are displayed on double sided coloured bunting that can hang above your classroom or learning environment. Once printed, all you need to do is either laminate them or print on card, hole-punch and feed string through to link them together. If you would like to see more exemplar pieces or view photos of the bunting display in a classroom please don't hesitate to contact.
ISPACE Sentence Openers Display SheetsQuick View

ISPACE Sentence Openers Display Sheets

A set of posters which encourage pupils to vary the sentence openers that they are using in their writing. Each poster contains an example of each type of sentence, and some words to get children started. Also includes a worksheet for children to create their own sentences.
THE FORCE IS WITH US- Star Wars Forces DisplayQuick View

THE FORCE IS WITH US- Star Wars Forces Display

THE FORCE IS WITH US My display uses the theme of Star Wars to explain Forces. The display covers What is a force, Newtons Law of motion, Pressure, Turning Forces, Centripedal Force, Friction, Gravity, Weight, Magnetic Force, Magnetic Fields, Electric Forcesa and Nuclear Forces, as well as some Forces puns. Everything you need to recreate this display is attached. All you will need is a display board backed with black paper and bordered yellow to fit in with the Star Wars theme. Plenty of photos of the display are attached to help you recreate it to.
The Highwayman DisplayQuick View

The Highwayman Display

This is a large visual display for a unit on The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. 40 editable slides suitable for a KS2 or 3 class. Designed to engage and interest your pupils, bringing this glorious narrative to life. Emotive stills and haunting images, alongside challenging questions and engaging explanations. Includes: - The poem broken down into lines and images (see cover image) this could also be used for a sequencing or analysis activity. - Images for the old fashioned words in the poem (breeches, rapier hilt, casement, cobbles, shutters, pistol butts, claret velvet coat etc.) - 12 higher level thinking questions - 2 interactive reasoning questions to answer on the display - 20 key words (including themes of the poem) - 8 important features of the poem - 8 example cards of each feature All reviews welcome. You can find many more reliable and useful KS2 English resources at my shop: Teachallenjoy You might also be interested in my: Modal Verbs Display Persuasive Writing Display The Piano Display
Elements of Music Display PostersQuick View

Elements of Music Display Posters

A set of six informative and colourful posters clearly explaining the elements of music (dynamics, harmony, melody, rhythm, timbre, tempo). Available here as a PDF. Ideal for displays in both secondary and primary music classrooms.
AVOCADOS DisplayQuick View


A display based on the AVOCADOS mnemonic. It is bright, clear, and constantly referred to by my pupils during lessons, whether that be during reading, listening, speaking or writing. I absolutely love this display, as do my pupils. There are some very minor errors - English/Spanish swapped round for instance, but they are easily rectifiable. I will not be updating the PowerPoint as it was time-consuming enough to make it in the first place. Please do let me know if you convert the template into other languages - I’d love to see! Enjoy!
Electricity DisplayQuick View

Electricity Display

Picture of the stimulus display included. Science display with vocab and title, ready to print. The figure in the middle was found on google and then made bigger on photocopier. This display was made with a lot of help from Hope it's useful xx :)