Doubling and HalvingQuick View

Doubling and Halving

This is a worksheet which I originally used with my top Year 4 group. There are a variety of different problem styles using 3 and 4 digit numbers.

By ticklepea

Doubling and HalvingQuick View

Doubling and Halving

Game I created as a trainee teacher; to help a Y7 group to get to grips with doubling and halving numbers, using ladybirds and butterflies. Add, or take away spots or patterns to determine what the double and half of numbers 1 - 12 are. Reward yourself with an interactive clap/cheer. Please leave a review to let me know if this is helpful.

By EJClare

Doubles and HalvesQuick View

Doubles and Halves

Four simple activities to consolidate halves and doubles. The domino activity loops round so is self correcting. NB: edited to correct typo on Ladybird sheet!

By renosparks

Doubles and halvesQuick View

Doubles and halves

2 different double-sided worksheets aimed at MA/HA. My children will complete these in pairs following a guided maths session. Please note that you will need to add dots to the dominos as they were too tricky to do on the computer.

By Josey111

Differentiated doubling and halving worksheetsQuick View

Differentiated doubling and halving worksheets

Differentiated doubling and halving worksheets for year 3-4. 6 written questions per page with adequate space for children to work out their answer. Lower ability (LA) doubling numbers up to 48 - 6 questions. Medium ability (MA) doubling and halving even numbers up to 48 - 6 questions. Higher ability (HA) doubling and halving odd and even numbers (up to 4-digit) - 12 questions. Both .word (editable) and .pdf available for both. I made these for a composite Year 3 (P4) and Year 4 (P5) class.

By paddyd422

Doubling, Halving and SharingQuick View

Doubling, Halving and Sharing

This activity is part of the Functional Skills Maths at Entry Stage 2 but can be used for Early Years and primary maths. Suitable for the complete beginner and for learners who struggle with numeracy. The 2 page resource contains explanations and examples on how to find half and double followed by 2 tasks with answers. There is also an explanation on using thirds and quarters.

By Qualiteach_Education

Doubles / Halves GamesQuick View

Doubles / Halves Games

6 boards for fun, strategic and differentiated Four in a Row games to consolidate doubling and halving of two-digit numbers. ALL ANSWERS INCLUDED. This pack includes: • A one-star version of both the doubling and halving game for younger or lower ability pupils - sidebars are included, featuring all answers, which children can strike through when used. However, I have also included this version without the answer sidebars in case your pupils don’t need this added support. This version focuses on lower 2-digit numbers and multiples of 10. • 2 different, more challenging versions of both the doubling and halving boards (two-star versions). Intended to be laminated and used again and again. Two players per board (or 4 if working in a pair). Printing in A3 size is a good idea for a larger group but A4 will work too. Opponents take it in turns to double (or halve – depending on which game they’re playing) a number on the board. Using a different coloured whiteboard pen from each other, they mark the answer in the appropriate box. It works particularly well if they roll a dice to determine which column they must answer a question in (the columns are numbered 1-6). If the column they've rolled has all been completed, they could either roll again or miss a go. The numbers to be doubled or halved will print fairly faintly on the grid so that they don't get in the way of the children's answers. If different coloured pens are not available, children could put their initial or a symbol on the box too. First to get 4 in a row – vertically, horizontally, diagonally – wins. In my TES shop I also have several other differentiated, fun resources for doubling and halving 2-digit numbers, available with this resource in a bundle. You can follow the links to get more information about the individual resources: Doubling and Halving 2-Digit Numbers Activities /Games Bundle I also have lots of other games and activities to add variety and fun to maths, including: Line Symmetry Board Game and Cards Angles Race Game For lots more engaging, great value Maths, Literacy and French resources, visit FullShelf Resources

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Doubles / Halves Loop GamesQuick View

Doubles / Halves Loop Games

3 differentiated 30-card loop games / follow me cards to practise doubling and halving 2-digit numbers. Could be used by groups, perhaps racing against each other, or as a dominoes game by individuals or pairs. The lower ability version focuses on smaller two-digit numbers and multiples of 10, the middle ability version extends to larger two-digit numbers and the higher ability version includes some 3-digit numbers. Questions include ‘Double’, ‘Halve’, ‘x2’, ‘÷2’, with the higher ability version also including “50% of”. The higher ability version also includes halving some odd numbers to make a decimal number. The text on each set is a different colour to help you keep them separate. If printing in black and white each set could be printed on different coloured card or paper before being laminated. I also have a pack of differentiated Four in a Row boards for finding half / double of two digits, a set of 5 tarsia jigsaw puzzles for 2-digit doubling and a set of 5 tarsia jigsaw puzzles for 2-digit halving. For great value, buy these alongside this resource in this bundle: Double and Halving Two Digit Numbers Activities / Games Bundle Here are some other maths games / activities you may be interested in: Angles Activity Cards Pack Line Symmetry Board Game and Cards Area and Perimeter Game Pack Multiply and Divide by 10, 100, 1000 Game (Crazy Doors) For lots more engaging, great value Maths, Literacy and French resources, visit FullShelf Resources

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Doubling / Halving Games BundleQuick View

Doubling / Halving Games Bundle

Activities and games for practising doubles and halves of 2-digit numbers. Add variety to your lessons with these differentiated 4-in-a-row boards, 3 differentiated 30-card loop card sets, 5 doubling tarsia jigsaw puzzles and 5 halving tarsia jigsaw puzzles. Please see the individual resources for more information. I hope this saves you lots of time and provides plenty of engaging activities for your pupils to consolidate finding double and half of two digits. If you get a chance I would be so grateful for a review. Thank you. You might be interested in some of my other popular games: Line Symmetry Board Game and Cards Angles Race Game Area and Perimeter Game Pack Multiply and Divide by 10, 100, 1000 Change from £1, £5, £10, £20 Four in a Row Games Bundle For lots more engaging, great value Maths, Literacy and French resources, visit FullShelf Resources

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Doubling, halving and near doublesQuick View

Doubling, halving and near doubles

3 days of lessons on doubling, halving and near doubles I used with Year 3/4 for Block B Unit 1, to consolidate our knowledge of doubles and extend to 2 and 3 digits. Has some images of doubles to help link to multiplying by 2, images of Dienes to help halve by partitioning and questions for children to work on.

By indigo987

Doubling and Halving worksheet (with ladybirds)Quick View

Doubling and Halving worksheet (with ladybirds)

Great for differentiating: you can choose exactly what numbers you want your pupils to double and halve. I made this for my year 2s, but you could easily use for Year 1 as well. It includes ladybirds so they can draw on the spots as a visual aid. The wording is: 'Double ___ is ____ so Half of ____ is ____.' It should help the children to draw links between doubling and halving both verbally and visually.

By Gorgon10

Halving and Doubling Small NumbersQuick View

Halving and Doubling Small Numbers

These PowerPoint presentations are designed to introduce the concepts and vocabulary of halving even numbers to 10 by either splitting or sharing the set. The splitting PP also looks at what happens when you try to split an odd number. The doubling PP covers doubling numbers up to 10 by combining two identical sets to find a total. Thanks to Silver Lining Multimedia for permission to use their images which remain copyright.

By trogfoot