Doubles and Halves Board GameQuick View

Doubles and Halves Board Game

A board game (with instructions) that allows children to practise doubling and halving various numbers using different vocbulary.

By julianne26

Halving and Doubling Small NumbersQuick View

Halving and Doubling Small Numbers

These PowerPoint presentations are designed to introduce the concepts and vocabulary of halving even numbers to 10 by either splitting or sharing the set. The splitting PP also looks at what happens when you try to split an odd number. The doubling PP covers doubling numbers up to 10 by combining two identical sets to find a total. Thanks to Silver Lining Multimedia for permission to use their images which remain copyright.

By trogfoot

Doubling & HalvingQuick View

Doubling & Halving

Please find enclosed within this download the following resources: A PowerPoint that shows how to double and half different numbers by use of the partitioning method. In addition to this, the PowerPoint includes a learning objective, differentiated success criteria and a count-down timer so children can see how much longer they have left in the lesson. The PowerPoint also has a starter activity (what angle is this?) to settle down the class as they start the lesson and get their 'maths heads' on. As always, I have used every resource I sell with my own classes (both past and present) to ensure they are correctly pitched and can be used successfully to aid children in their learning. Thanks!

By PrimaryPros

Doubling, Halving and SharingQuick View

Doubling, Halving and Sharing

This activity is part of the Functional Skills Maths at Entry Stage 2 but can be used for Early Years and primary maths. Suitable for the complete beginner and for learners who struggle with numeracy. The 2 page resource contains explanations and examples on how to find half and double followed by 2 tasks with answers. There is also an explanation on using thirds and quarters.

By Qualiteach_Education

Doubling & HalvingQuick View

Doubling & Halving

Mathematics, KS2. 1 page printable PDF. A series of sums to encourage multiplication and division by two.

By iChild

Doubling and HalvingQuick View

Doubling and Halving

Game I created as a trainee teacher; to help a Y7 group to get to grips with doubling and halving numbers, using ladybirds and butterflies. Add, or take away spots or patterns to determine what the double and half of numbers 1 - 12 are. Reward yourself with an interactive clap/cheer. Please leave a review to let me know if this is helpful.

By EJClare

Cake Scaling problems doubling and halvingQuick View

Cake Scaling problems doubling and halving

4 differentiated worksheets for scaling recipes. MA: children have to use what they have worked out the calculate different amounts. Reasoning - children explain how they got their answer.

By lilvix

Christmas doubling and halving (full lesson)Quick View

Christmas doubling and halving (full lesson)

Can you help Santa to deliver his presents to the strange village? This pack is designed for teaching a straightforward Christmas maths lesson on the use of doubling and halving. It is also ideal as an easy-to-use activity to keep your class entertained as the Christmas holidays draw nearer. Includes: • Introductory PowerPoint presentation (including teaching notes) • Three differentiated worksheets (higher, lower and middle ability) • Blank worksheet template

By goldtopfox

Doubles and halvesQuick View

Doubles and halves

2 different double-sided worksheets aimed at MA/HA. My children will complete these in pairs following a guided maths session. Please note that you will need to add dots to the dominos as they were too tricky to do on the computer.

By Josey111

Doubling and Halving frames for 2/3 digit numbersQuick View

Doubling and Halving frames for 2/3 digit numbers

Frames to help double or half numbers. Put 2 digit number into top circle, partition into tens and units, double each following the arrows to put the new numbers into then add together and put the answer into the bottom circle. Put a 3 digit number into the top circle, partition into hundreds, tens and units, double the numbers putting the new numbers into the box, add together and put the answer into the bottom circle.

By misscurtis

Year 2 - Halves and Doubles - Worksheets - Differentiated - EditableQuick View

Year 2 - Halves and Doubles - Worksheets - Differentiated - Editable

Great resource for your class. Differentiated and editable for your class. Halving - Halving from 40 Doubles - Doubles to 20 Comes with up to five resources all differentiated for LA, A, and AA children. I use these worksheets in my class for early morning activities, main teaching, small group interventions, and homework. Please check all other resources available. - Great Year 2 resources available.

By Acrosbie

Doubling and halving -simple and clear worksheetsQuick View

Doubling and halving -simple and clear worksheets

Doublind 'pods' worksheet. Clear and simple to use.For use of Key stage one as an introduction to doubling halving, or for year 3s who are really struggling to double and halve numbers. Can be edited for halving.

By Nmarwood