Responding to a stimulus (Drama SOW)Quick View

Responding to a stimulus (Drama SOW)

The overall aims of this scheme of work is to encourage students to be more creative in their devised performances. This SOW is aimed at KS3 and would be perfect for a Year 8 or Year 9 class. It could also be adapted for a younger class or GCSE. The aims of the SOW include: learn what a stimulus is explore a range of auditory stimuli respond to a range of auditory stimuli devise performances to music work with a section of script complete a practical assessment complete a written assessment The PowerPoint is ready to be used in lessons and all resources are included in the slides. It includes 7 lessons. *I do not own any of the media, images, script or music used in unit of work
101 Drama Games and ActivitiesQuick View

101 Drama Games and Activities

Ideal as activities for drama lessons and group work, this big pack of activities include ice breakers, warm ups, mime and movement, improvisation, concentration, group work, storytelling and rehearsal and will be sure to get your students engaged and enthused.
CHARACTER CARDS Drama CardsQuick View


This set of 259 Character Cards comes with 3 suggested activities (Character Scenes; Monologues; Bus Stop) but can be used in so many more ways. Enhance creativity, storytelling and character development with these versatile cards. NEVER BE STUCK FOR A DRAMA ACTIVITY AGAIN! ************ DRAMA CARD BUNDLE *************** The following 17 DRAMA TRUNK card sets come with at least 2 suggested activities and are available INDIVIDUALLY or as a CLASSIC BUNDLED SET: • Characters • Quirky Characters • Dramatic Deaths • Lines • Mimes • Locations • Genres • Pictures • Silly Superheroes • Titles • Moods • Movement • Mannerisms • Character Switches • Vocal Styles • Time Periods • Characteristics ************ MORE DRAMA CARDS *************** Check out more Drama Cards available at my store (only available individually), including: • Great Escapes • Forbidden Word Scenes • Olympic Events • Drama Shoes • Theatre Styles (FREE) • Famous Characters • Historical Events • World Destinations + MORE DRAMA CARDS ARE A DRAMA TEACHER'S BEST FRIEND! Just print, laminate and cut out a set of versatile drama cards that you can use over and over again. I cannot count how many times and ways I have used these cards – absolutely my most handy drama resource. Use DRAMA TRUNK cards for tons of creative, fun, imaginative, any day activities, including: •Drama games (including last minute activities) •Warm ups •Team building and cooperation activities •Improvisation / quick thinking •Audition / rehearsal activities •Language activities •Guided learning •Listening skills •Inspiration •Storytelling Combine the use of multiple cards for even more activities, challenges and ideas (you will have a HUGE amount of drama activities ready to go when needed). Stay tuned to my store DRAMA TRUNK for more fantastic drama resources (coming soon) – from drama activities and classes for little people; primary school level drama; secondary curriculum and more... Happy Teaching!
Blood Brothers Drama Revision BookletQuick View

Blood Brothers Drama Revision Booklet

A 35 page revision booklet on the musical Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. It was written to support Drama written exam components- Originally based on OCR but will work with other exam boards. The booklet covers-Key Words, Plot and Structure, Themes, Social, Historical and Cultural Context, Genre, Style and Conventions, Characters, Performance Space, Set, Costume, Props, Sound and Lighting Design and Direction of Key Scenes. There are exam questions for students to answer throughout the booklet.
Huge Drama Bundle - ideal for Key Stage 3 and 4 dramaQuick View

Huge Drama Bundle - ideal for Key Stage 3 and 4 drama

NOW EVEN BETTER VALUE AS THE DRAMA IMPROVISATION GENERATOR AND CONCEPT GUIDANCE PROFORMA GUIDE BOOK ADDED! Lots of really useful resources for teaching drama. at Key Stages 3 and 4. Would prove useful to both subject specialists and those new to the subject. 2 Schemes of work - intro to drama and working from a stimulus Drama Role Cards Blood Brothers Exam paper and revision cue cards. DNA Cue Cards Monologues (x6) and lesson powerpoint Duologues (x6) and lesson powerpoint The Improvisation generator - 170 randomly generated stimulus scenarios to use with your classes Buy in confidence from a TES recommended author. Save over 50%. If you make a purchase and find the resource useful, why not get another one absolutely free? Simply leave a review for the resource purchased, email with your TES username alongside a link to the resource you would like. Your free resource will then be sent over right away!
AQA TV Serial Drama Revision BookletQuick View

AQA TV Serial Drama Revision Booklet

Over 50 pages of revision activities for Media GCSE students studying the AQA spec. Focuses on all key concepts and allows you to use with students in lessons or for students to use at home. My previous booklet last year enabled students to get top marks in the exam.
Drama OCR GCSE : Example Concept Pro-FormaQuick View

Drama OCR GCSE : Example Concept Pro-Forma

This is an example pro-forma created for student reference within the OCR Drama GCSE module presenting and performing texts. This pro-forma explores the character Leah, in D.N.A. by Dennis Kelly
Complete Introduction to Drama. 15 Lesson Scheme of Work.Quick View

Complete Introduction to Drama. 15 Lesson Scheme of Work.

***updated and improved for 2018!*** This is a fully loaded scheme of work that is an enjoyable, engaging, active and fun introduction to drama. Ideal for use at the start of a new academic year or for any class that are unfamiliar with the basic conventions of drama. Not only will students enjoy a range of practical activities, they will also learn a whole host of important drama skills which will make them strong, well rounded performers. Lessons in the scheme run as follows: Lessons 1-3 - Drama games - 20 games, fully explained, that are guaranteed winners for any group Lesson 4 -Voice work - a cracking lesson designed to unleash the student's voice work Lesson 5 - Freeze Frames Lesson 6 - Thought Tracking Lesson 7 - Mime Lesson 8 - Levels and Proxemics Lesson 9 - Soundscaping Lesson 10 - Mime Lesson 11 and 12 - Improvisation and Developing a Concept Lessons 13 and 14 - Rehearsal - highly structured lesson with guidance on good rehearsing. Choice of 3 assessment tasks for teacher to choose from Lesson 15 - Performance and Evaluation (evaluation can take the form of an extended activity to be completed in a separate lesson) Ideal for less experienced teachers and non-subject specialists as well as more experienced drama teachers. Engaging and fun powerpoints with very little adaptation required. Tasks are accompanied by supporting notes where necessary so that all tasks are easy to follow and teach. A complete and fully resourced scheme of work designed to engage students from lesson 1 and make drama the subject they all talk about! Ideal for building strong, well rounded and skilled performers. Would suit key stage 2, 3 and 4. For some reason the preview feature doesn't seem to work properly on some of the resources but they all download fine and are formatted correctly when downloaded. If you make a purchase and find the resource useful, why not get another one absolutely free? Simply leave a review for the resource purchased, email with your TES username and the free resource you would like; your free resource will then be sent over right away!
Drama - Introduction to Drama PowerPointQuick View

Drama - Introduction to Drama PowerPoint

Drama - Introduction to Drama PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentation with animations, sounds, and graphics that will engage your student when starting a drama unit. Defines drama, drama terms like playwright, stage directions, set, props, script and much more! Includes staging, dramatization, how plays are produced, the role of the audience and theater etiquette. Also, now includes information on Greek theater, Shakespearian theater, and Modern theater. Enjoy! . - HappyEdugator CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.6.7 Compare and contrast the experience of reading a story, drama, or poem to listening to or viewing an audio, video, or live version of the text, including contrasting what they “see” and “hear” when reading the text to what they perceive when they listen or watch. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.7.7 Compare and contrast a written story, drama, or poem to its audio, filmed, staged, or multimedia version, analyzing the effects of techniques unique to each medium (e.g., lighting, sound, color, or camera focus and angles in a film). CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.8.7 Analyze the extent to which a filmed or live production of a story or drama stays faithful to or departs from the text or script, evaluating the choices made by the director or actors.
Drama: KS5: Eduqas A Level Drama and Theatre Component 3: Section A Rehearsal Technique ResponsesQuick View

Drama: KS5: Eduqas A Level Drama and Theatre Component 3: Section A Rehearsal Technique Responses

This revision guide will help your students to structure responses for the new 2016 Eduqas A Level Component 3 Paper. This guide focuses on 30 mark rehearsal technique questions, using exemplars from 'Love and Information' by Caryl Churchill and 'Machinal' by Sophie Treadwell, two of the set texts for the specification. As a word document, the exemplars could be amended to suit other texts if desired. The guide also contains a list of over forty rehearsal techniques, linked to question type, with aims for each.
Drama: KS5: Eduqas Drama and Theatre A Level: Component 3: Section B Guide ('Love and Information')Quick View

Drama: KS5: Eduqas Drama and Theatre A Level: Component 3: Section B Guide ('Love and Information')

This detailed revision guide will help your students to structure responses for the new 2016 Eduqas A Level Component 3 Paper. This guide focuses on 40 mark SECTION B questions, using exemplars from 'Love and Information' by Caryl Churchill. As a word document, the exemplars could be amended to suit other texts if desired, whilst keeping the information on structure and content.


I have been working on this resource for the last year on and off and it is used for students for any of the following reasons: 1 - removal from lesson 2 - unable to participate practically 3 - isolated students ( taken from lesson) 4 - room changes ( for exams etc to a desk based space) especially last minute ones. 5 - when students are off school and parents request work ( brilliant as it can be emailed and there is no reason why it cannot be done on line) 6 - emergency cover for non specialists or people who panic when they are given a drama cover The booklet is 38 pages and each page is a stand alone activity for them to do. It is designed for them to do without your input ( ideal for removal - DT etc) The booklet features various work, questions, word search activities, design activities and can be used from yr 7-9.Templates are provided for written work as well as drawing / design tasks, so this really is an ideal booklet to send with the student who cannot work in your room. It features work on: character - role work costume design make up design risk assessment / H&S melodrama storyboards and other activities. Use this booklet as either a printed resource, or if you have little budget; project the activity on the board and students can complete it on paper.
Drama worksheet- Drama rulesQuick View

Drama worksheet- Drama rules

A sheet I’ve created to get students thinking about why they need to be safe in drama and what careers and skills Drama can potentially provide them with.
Stanislavski NATURALISM Drama PosterQuick View

Stanislavski NATURALISM Drama Poster

Stanislavski "NATURALISM" drama poster to use as a handout or as a poster. US and UK spelling both included. This resource also comes as part of a drama poster bundle with the following theatre / theater practitioner posters included: 1. Artaud THEATRE / THEATER OF CRUELTY 2. Stanislavski NATURALISM 3. Strasberg METHOD ACTING 4. Brecht EPIC THEATRE / THEATER 5. Grotowski POOR THEATRE / THEATER 6. Meyerhold BIOMECHANICS 7. Bogart VIEWPOINTS 8. Boal THEATRE / THEATER OF THE OPPRESSED
Introduction to DramaQuick View

Introduction to Drama

This is a half term's worth of once-a-week lessons that might be useful to you, particularly if you have never taught Drama before!
AQA GCSE Drama Component 2 Devised Drama LogQuick View

AQA GCSE Drama Component 2 Devised Drama Log

Three lessons on how to approach writing the Devised Drama Log Book for the current AQA GCSE Drama syllabus. The lessons go through the requirements of the what the students need to write for each section and breaks it down into thoughtful statements designed to bring out focused and detailed responses to the general points given in the specification. There are also worksheets to help guide the students before they are start the written work and to self or peer asses their work after it is completed. The worksheets are not designed to be writing frames and I would advise against giving them to students to use for that purpose. Any outlines, paragraph or sections headings used in these documents are taken from the specification and not additional new material.
Drama gamesQuick View

Drama games

lots of drama games to develop speaking and listening, teamwork, confidence, self-esteem, concentration.