Earth, Sun and Moon - Class Assembly KS2Quick View

Earth, Sun and Moon - Class Assembly KS2

This was a KS2 class assembly linked to our topic ‘Space’. I had previously (1 year earlier) done an Assembly on ‘Space’ but with a focus on ‘Planets’ and couldn’t repeat the same assembly. So made a new one, same time of year/same curriculum, but this assembly focusses on the ‘Moon’ and its phases. A word document is provided with the play script, a Ppt presentation to accompany the play script and a mp4 video format of the song - with lyrics - of the song ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival. We didn’t sing this song; instead we created a dance as a class (lined up at the front in a single file facing the audience) with each move linked to the lyrics. The children helped create the moves which made the assembly practise all the more engaging. The TA stood at the back during the assembly and the children followed her moves simultaneously. Any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I hope this description helps.
Earth, Moon and SunQuick View

Earth, Moon and Sun

The world is in their hands in this session along with the Moon and the Sun! Children create drawn scale models of each and use a trundle wheel to measure scaled distances between them. Suitable for Year 5 pupils.
Earth, Sun and Moon DisplayQuick View

Earth, Sun and Moon Display

A great resource for anyone teaching the Year 5 topic of ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’ This interactive display pack includes: Key Vocabulary to display on your board. Key Questions to encourage interaction with the display. A factfile poster on the Earth, Sun and Moon. Suggestions on how to set up your display with diagram. Note this display does not include any photos or pictures of the Earth, Sun or Moon. You will need to add these yourself. Each of the display items are attractively designed in colour and can be seen from a distance
Earth; Sun and Moon ChartQuick View

Earth; Sun and Moon Chart

Features room for children to draw a diagram, write notes and think of questions they would like to answer during the topic. Could be easily adapted.
Earth, Moon & SunQuick View

Earth, Moon & Sun

Primary Science: KS1 and KS2. Three page printable PDF. This activity focuses on facts about the earth, moon and sun.
Earth, Sun and Moon Year 5- Lesson 1Quick View

Earth, Sun and Moon Year 5- Lesson 1

This is a busy opening lesson on Earth, Moon and Sun topic. It requires the sorting of the scientific vocabulary as well as an interesting insight into the topic. This resource includes a presentation, plan and differentiated activity.
The Sun, Moon, and Earth web-quest introduction.Quick View

The Sun, Moon, and Earth web-quest introduction.

The Sun, Moon, and Earth web-quest introduction. Introduction to the interactions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Used it with my 6th grade classes and it went well. Topics include Size of the Earth What makes Earth a terrestrial planet Earth rotation Earth revolution How long a complete rotation and revolution take Simulation on the Sun being the center of the solar system How the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth. Size comparison of the Moon, Earth, and Sun How the visible reflection of the Sun on the Moon influences the phases of the Moon viewed on earth. A build your own solar system simulation How fast are we moving through space right now. If the students have headphones with this lesson it works better because there are 2 video clips from youtube on the sheet. * I upload the worksheet to my webpage so it is easier for students to download and just click through the page on their computer. 2 pages long took my students about a hour to complete no answer key
Info Jots Our Awesome Sun, Earth and MoonQuick View

Info Jots Our Awesome Sun, Earth and Moon

Product Description Info-Jots are a new way of using a traditional Graphic Organizer. This set includes identifying and exploring our Sun, Moon (including phases) and the Earth. Students will complete a record information section, read and highlight the diagram, and make notes on key vocabulary and/or concepts. New to Info-Jots Sun, Moon and Earth is a suggested answer key. Bonus! Now Info-Jots are only limited by your customization. This set includes blank boxes for your specific information; such as vocab, diagrams, teacher-lead note taking, etc. Remember: Doodling is learning! What are Info-Jots? A new way of containing information in a quick, easy to use format. These serve as a visual aid to the student, which in turn increases student concept retention, focus, creativity, and engagement. Students will gain experience in synthesizing information and creating their own tangible connections in their notes. How do you use Info-Jots? Teacher-led note taking Student-led note taking Independent research or homework
Sun, Moon, and Earth Systems vocabulary notesQuick View

Sun, Moon, and Earth Systems vocabulary notes

Powerpoint I use to introduce the vocabulary of the Sun, Moon, and Earth Systems with my 6th grade classes. Vocabulary words and definitions include 1. Rotation 2. Orbit 3. Revolution 4. Eclipse (with short youtube video) 5. Solstice 6. Equinox (with short youtube video) 7. Season (with short youtube video) 8. Gravitational force (with short youtube video) Each definition has a sentence that uses the word for the student to copy down. Also included is a student note sheet for vocabulary squares, where they must copy the word and definition (provided by the powerpoint) and on their own write a sentence using the word, and draw a diagram or give an example of the word. Several of the slides have links to videos on youtube to support the word. 13 pages total Takes 30-40min
Space:  Sun, earth and moon lesson startersQuick View

Space: Sun, earth and moon lesson starters

Four power points containing 5 multiple choice questions about the solar system, satellites, the rotation times of the moon and earth and the position of the moon in eclipses and different phases. There are also questions on mass and weight both on the moon and earth. Useful to review last lessons work and aimed at common entrance, KS 3, GCSE and middle school.
Space - Earth, Sun and Moon - Whole Unit of Work: Notebook, Lessons and worksheetsQuick View

Space - Earth, Sun and Moon - Whole Unit of Work: Notebook, Lessons and worksheets

A whole unit of work based upon the Upper Key Stage 2 Science Objectives for The Earth, Sun and Moon. Included is an editable smart notebook presentation leading you through all the lessons an tasks, links t web pages and all the worksheets used to supplement the lessons. I made all of the lessons interactive with child (group work) led investigations where they have to demonstrate their learning or hypothesis through models and diagrams. There are 19 editable slides on the notebook, 8 worksheets and some space page templates to use for worksheets and extra tasks. All the clipart has been purchased from Scrappindoodles and Creative Clips.
My Moon Diary Activity Pack - Earth, Sun, and Moon - ScienceQuick View

My Moon Diary Activity Pack - Earth, Sun, and Moon - Science

Looking at the moon, space, or the solar system? Get your class excited about this fascinating topic with this fun home learning pack that encourages your students to head outside each evening to observe the moon and complete a short cross curricular activity. It works well to get your class to complete this pack before you start your topic, helping to ensure they all have some prior knowledge before you follow up what they have done at school. This pack is designed to be done with parental support, however the older students should be able to complete it independently. To find out details of moonrise and moonset times you can use this page: - The times at which this activity is done will vary depending on these times. Contents: Teacher guide 31 days of activities A4 diary Please don’t forget to rate this resource if you enjoyed it. Also be sure to visit my store and FOLLOW ME to see my new products and hear about upcoming sales!