Elmer the elephant story sack resourcesQuick View

Elmer the elephant story sack resources

The pack includes: A display banner with elmer pictures and a colourful patchwork border A colourful patchwork border for your displays- print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size A coloured Elmer picture and a black and white version to colour in or collage A picture of an elephant- in grey colour and in black and white 10 A4 posters of patterned elephants- great to create an elephant parade on your display An elephant and an Elmer face mask in black and white An alphabet line on colourful patterned elephants A number line up to 100 on elephants and Elmer- great for counting in 2's too A powerpoint about real elephants A photo pack of elephant pictures A photo pack of the other animals in the story Number flash cards Posters for the number rhyme 'one elephant went out to play' with props for singing the rhyme Word cards with a patchwork border with words relating to elephants and the Elmer story 10 colouring pictures An elephant themed bingo colour game Fact cards about real elephants with colour photos A matching pairs game- match the patterned elephants An Elmer colour game- collect the coloured patchwork squares for your Elmer Counting cards up to 10 with elmer pictures A finger puppet to make of an elephant and Elmer Large lettering for your display 'ELMER' with a colourful patchwork pattern A4 work borders in colour and black and white with a patchwork pattern- great for displaying work quickly 2 different tags to use on your story sack of Elmer Colour paint splats with the name of the colour A colour poster

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Elmer the ElephantQuick View

Elmer the Elephant

A blank Elmer. I've used it for painting when colour mixing, Re-creating Elmer (and Wilbur), basic colouring (making sure no 2 adjoining squares are the same colour, etc.

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Elmer the Elephant Resource PackQuick View

Elmer the Elephant Resource Pack

This resource pack has an excellent range of resources including writing templates and scaffolds, a matching game, masks, and many literacy and early number activities and worksheets. There are also colour dominoes and labels with elephant facts. Also included is a Power Point Presentation about elephants. There are photographs, borders, labels and titles that will enable you to create an instant, bright and informative display. This resource is designed for Reception and Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds). This resource pack will be most relevant to teachers, trainee teachers, child minders and home educators. Images were generated using graphics resources from Microsoft office and Focus Multimedia Ltd and used with permission under the terms of the respective product licences. For more quality time saving teaching resources visit our shop at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/bestprimaryteachingresources

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Elmer the elephant story sequencingQuick View

Elmer the elephant story sequencing

Writing frames differentiated on ability. Children to draw a picture to reflect the beginning, middle and end of the story, and either write a sentence, caption or beginning/middle/end or trace over words.

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Elmer the elephant - Elephant ParadeQuick View

Elmer the elephant - Elephant Parade

My class children loved "Elmer" by David McKee. They loved the delightful patchwork elephant in the story, and the way the other elephants painted themselves on "Elmer's day". I created this sight word tool to ride on their interest . This is a Powerpoint based interactive teaching tool and contains all 40 sight words from the Dolch word Pre-primer list. It can be used for presentation , revision , or assessment of sight words.

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Learn colors with Elmer the Elephant

This set of activities works very well for young children with very limited English language experience. It also works well for English-speaking children at Pre-K or K level. The activities are based on David McKee's book 'Elmer'. Children will learn color vocabulary. Children will gain more advanced numeracy and communication skills can also practice their dice pattern recognition and teamwork skills by playing the collaborative Elmer game. My class love Elmer, I hope yours does too! For more information and activities, please visit www.earlyyearsenglish.wordpress.com

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Elmer the Elephant Display and Activity PackQuick View

Elmer the Elephant Display and Activity Pack

First I want to make it known that I do not own Elmer. This pack contains my artistic rendering of the wonderful elephant for personal classroom use to aid in teaching the story. This pack includes: 1 Elmer cut out puppet My Favorite Elmer Color Graph Number 1-12 cards with recording sheet I am Unique Like Elmer writing page

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Ideas for activities relating to the text elmer

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Colour mixing with Elmer the patchwork elephantQuick View

Colour mixing with Elmer the patchwork elephant

I can investigate different art materials. With a little help, I can investigate colour. I can describe what I have done and what I learned. This is an art lesson for KS1. The cross curricular links are english, PSHE and possibly maths with shape, measures and even area if this is useful. The pastoral angle is about being different and friendships. The children will use palettes to mix the primary colours and white/ black. Encourage conversation with the shades and colours. They will then paint the large squares of lining paper and leave to dry. If time, the children can complete the pre-prepared sheet using smaller brushes and paint or pencils if the teacher is clearing. At a later date, the teacher can masking tape the squares together and make a large Elmer to display. He can have a speech bubble for art and/ or pshe sentence. EXTN: Children can be asked questions, work in ability buddies, draw freehand their own Elmer, design another patchwork animal and even write a story about it. Resources: Lining paper, selection of paints (including black and white), selection of medium and small brushes, scissors, palettes with primary colours, water in pots, coloured pencils, rulers, computer with internet, Elmer books optional.

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Resources included are as follows: •72 PDF or PPT files for you to print. You could also use many of them on the IWB. •.Story presentation – retelling the story. •Character face masks in colour and black and white., hand puppets, blank hand puppet to draw. •2 elephant poems to read and act out. •Adjectives cards from the story. •A4 coloured elephants, A4 patterned elephants, colour splats A4 size, colour flashcards, colour wheel, fill in the colours worksheet •Alphabet mat, number square 1-100, table top number line, ordinal numbers on elephants, addition game with elephant theme, 16 A4 shapes posters, size order elephants •Large letters for display title, long banner to head wall display, borders and backing paper, patchwork bunting, large character faces for display, binder covers and drawer labels, key word cards, story sack tag, elephant silhouettes •Elephant photo pack, elephant facts poster, elephant fact cards, writing booklet to make, map to show where elephants live, booklet cover, themed writing frame, animal A4 poster showing lots of common animals •Bingo game, draw door hanger, hand writing sheet, fill in the missing colours words, make an invitation to jungle fun, Elmer colouring pages, elephant colouring pages, reward chart, note taking page, words that begin with e worksheet, make words from letters task, true or false quiz, elephants can have and are writing task, draw favourite part of story, make a hanging mobile, word search, draw jungle scene, colour in the patchwork elephant, design a new pattern for an elephant, draw items in different colours, make a booklet about elephants, describe the elephants, write about our differences, why does Elmer want to be grey? Writing task •Question pack for before during and after reading the story, character description task, speech bubbles worksheet, I like the story because…, story board to write, cut and stick sequencing activity, story elements writing task etc

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