2018 End of Term Summer QuizQuick View

2018 End of Term Summer Quiz

Following the success of previous Quizzes here is my Summer 2018. The quiz follows the usual structure, including a Picture Round, 12 Months, Film, General Knowledge, Music, Maths (yes…Maths…but easy) and a new trial round this time which I’m calling ‘Twitter Battles’. Please note this resource had been previously uploaded, I am republishing now with more image information. Rest assured my prices will remain rock-bottom ;-p The Quiz is aimed at Secondary School Age and should last a full lesson. Answers are provided along with an answers sheet that pupils can fill out if you wish. Also included are detailed information on the copyright information of all images used. If you have any issues with media playback for example feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to sort it out for you: thomas.payne@midkent.ac.uk
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End Of Spring Term Quiz for Easter 2018

Fun end of term quiz! Should take up an entire 60 minute lesson, intended to be shown as a powerpoint presentation with children working in teams to answer the questions. I made this quiz with secondary school and a-level students in mind, although it may also be suitable for older primary school children. This quiz has got 6 rounds with 10 available points in each round. Round 1: Name That Rabbit! (name well known rabbits from films from their pictures) Round 2: Easter Trivia Round 3: Who's Behind The Mask? (name celebrities who have their faces partly covered by rabbit ears and noses) Round 4: Easter Sunday Number 1s (click the eggs to hear songs which have been number one over easter sunday in the last 10 years, and name the song) Round 5: Easter Pictograms (work out which phrases are represented by pictures, all the phrases have something to do with eggs, rabbits or chicks etc.) Round 6: Brainbox (given 60 seconds to look at an easter themed image and then answer questions about it). All answers at the end of the powerpoint.
End of Term/Year Reflection AssemblyQuick View

End of Term/Year Reflection Assembly

An assembly that encourages student to self reflect on the previous term/year. It looks at the importance and benefits of self reflecting, how to identify strength and weaknesses, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes. It asks students to set targets and reflect on the previous term/year.
End of Term, End of Term, End of Term!Quick View

End of Term, End of Term, End of Term!

11 Resources
ACTIVITIES FOR ANY SUBJECT!! Here is a selection of fun end of year / summer activities for you to amuse the pupils during the last weeks for the year. Perfect for activities week / drop down days or the last few lessons of the year. We hope that you enjoy this resource! If you review this resource we will give you another resource of the same value for FREE. We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes <a href=“https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/TeachElite”>TeachElite’s Shop</a> click the’Follow this Author button’ . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeachEliteRE and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeachElite/
End of Term Quiz #2Quick View

End of Term Quiz #2

After the popularity of my first one, I thought I'd share my latest one An interactive, End of Term Quiz. This has a variety of rounds - TV Intros, Children's Literature, Film, Science, Dingbats etc. There's nothing really time-sensitive here: although there is a slight Christmas flavour to the movie round. It's aimed to be accessible across the Key Stages - I've done it with 7s (with a few clues) up to 13s. It should happily take up a lesson - the answers are included at the back.
Inspiring End of Term Assembly by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

Inspiring End of Term Assembly by @TeacherToolkit

This assembly can be adapted to suit any age, as well as the stage of the academic year. The assembly focuses on time; time-equivalent; population statistics and famous one-off events; people; disasters and celebrations. Essentially, what happens in your life-time. People featured are: Andy Murray; Fred Perry; Michael Jackson; Princess Diana; Jack Andraka; The Queen; NASA and Nelson Mandela.
QUIZ 2018 END OF YEAR 2018 LAST TERM 2018Quick View


End of Year Term Quiz to use with all secondary year groups and classes, maybe years 5 and 6 too. QUIZ ROUNDS :- 1 CELEBRITY MASH UP BONUS – BABY FACE 2. NEWS 3. MOVIES 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 5. MUSIC BONUS – VIDEO MUSIC MATHS PROBLEM ANSWERS TIE BREAKERS BONUS ROUND JUST DANCE “KUNG FOO FIGHTING” or “JUJU ON THE BEAT – CLEAN VERSION” (FORFEIT FOR LOSING TEAM, PUPILS LOVE THIS) Questions, Answers, MUSIC, VIDEOS all self-contained in one easy to follow PowerPoint. Very easy to use, minimal work from the teacher:) MASSIVE 200MB (FILE SIZE) QUIZ If you are using an older version of PowerPoint please email me – mr.a.chishti@gmail.com SOME REVIEWS FROM MY PREVIOUS QUIZ :- Brilliant resource! So brilliant that our maths teacher beat me by playing it first so the kids knew the answers. However he didn’t play the dance of the loosing team and we did. We had so much fun! Thank you very much for your fantastic work! Absolutely brilliant. Worth every penny. Usually do one myself so you have saved me hours of prep. Looks terrific and the kids have loved it. A huge thank you! What an absolutely amazing end of term quiz! I did this with an assembly group and they had an absolute blast! ( Admittedly - they all presumed I had taken the days of work it must have taken you to produce such a great quiz- and I didn’t correct them ;-) ! ) Thank you so much for increasing my credibility amongst my colleagues and my students alike! A great quiz- I look forward to purchasing the next one and this was the first thing I have bought from TES as a user for over 10 years! I will buy from you again B1CEPS! Well worth the money. If you want a memorable end of term- then you must get this quiz! Thanks again! “AMAZING ! best resource I’ve spotted on tes in ages. Superb quality” “Great graphics and slick use of PP! Long enough to fill an 1hrs lesson!” “Absolutely fantastic - I’ll be returning to you for the 2017 version!! “Absolutely brilliant! They loved it. Other teachers popped their heads in and asked me for it. I referred them here! Thank you.” “Excellent! Well worth the £2 for the amount of work put into it. Thanks”
Summer end of term, end of 2018 quizQuick View

Summer end of term, end of 2018 quiz

8 round quiz with 85 questions. Topics specifically designed to engage KS3 and KS4 Rounds -Name the famous -Football -Music -Sport -Films -News -World cup true or false -Which youtube star…? Please leave a review if you enjoy it :)
Riddles and Puzzles (End of term)Quick View

Riddles and Puzzles (End of term)

This is a slide show that contains 22 slides of puzzles and riddles. They are easy enough to guess the answers but hard enough to present a fun challenge for primary school-aged children. I used these riddles as part of an English lesson in Year 5 and they were very well received. It also includes a worksheet where the riddles have been differentiated to solve in groups as an alternative to a whole-class activity. This is a light hearted end-of-term fun activity for the children who are tired, and in need of something a bit lighter, but it will nonetheless develop their critical thinking skills, and hopefully foster a love of these word-play type problems. The presentation includes slides explaining what riddles are and how they work, and giving several guided examples before launching into the whole class slides. Each separate riddle is presented on one slide, which is then animated to reveal the answer, alongside an explanation of any that may need further clarification. Having carried out this lesson previously where children simply read the printed riddles from a worksheet, I am really pleased with the slide show, as the pictures add another element of deception - you are further able to mislead their thinking with subtle/subconscious red-herrings! I hope you have fun using this resource. I would be grateful if you could leave a review.
Maths End of Term QuizQuick View

Maths End of Term Quiz

An end of term Maths Quiz suitable for yr 5 through to year 10. 8 Blocks of 10 question featuring dingbats, 2 pics one word, memory, number answers, prime factors, world record estimates etc Designed to be accessible by all not just the top end of each class. The answers are on the ppt after the 80 questions and an excel pupil answer sheet is included to print off. It worked well with my classes so I hope you find it useful too.
2017 End of Term Easter QuizQuick View

2017 End of Term Easter Quiz

A fun end of term quiz with different rounds for people to use next week! There seems to have been a shift to paid-for quizzes on TES recently, which I understand but also think is a real shame and we all need something to keep our classes occupied on the last day. This is a quiz I have made and adapted from various different sources. It is accessible can be used with all year groups. Thank you people who made the resources I have used: The videos should play fine in Powerpoint, but this can be quite temperamental depending on which version you are using. If you play them through Youtube then you will need to freeze the board before the music round otherwise the year will be displayed! https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/end-of-term-quiz-6310920 https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/end-of-term-quiz-all-subjects-6050562 https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/end-of-year-quiz-2013-6343059 https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/easter-logo-quiz-2012-6196972 Enjoy!
French End of Term QuizQuick View

French End of Term Quiz

French quizz with 10 slides on French History, Geography, Arts, Literature, Music, politics and gastronomy. This game can be played in pairs, individually or with whole class. Suitable for A Level. My students found it very useful to consolidate their general knowledge of France. Answers are provided on last slide.
End of term Science quizQuick View

End of term Science quiz

End of term Science quiz. Suitable for both KS3 and KS4. 5 rounds of 10 questions. totalling 50 questions. Rounds include: Name the Scientist (pictures spread over two slides) Name the Element ( 10 dingbats over 3 slides ) Music (written lyrics to songs with a Science related word in title or artist nameover two slides) Films (pictures from Science related films spread over two slides) General Knowledge. General knowledge round has differentiated slides for KS3 and KS4 which are all linked to the 2016 GCSE curriculum/2014 KS3 national curriculum. All rounds link to Science in some way Each round is on as few slides as possible to enable good behaviour for learning which allows different groups to work through at different paces if needed. All answers included. Easy to lead by teacher
Quiz : End of Year QuizQuick View

Quiz : End of Year Quiz

SUMMER QUIZ / END OF TERM QUIZ: It’s summer quiz time! A massive, editable and interactive end of term quiz with loads of fun rounds designed to interest a wide range of student tastes (but still be a little educational too!) Rounds include: 2018 So Far, Music, Internet Fun and Jokes, Grammar, Spelling, Maths, Celeb in a Sandcastle and Name that Creature. The quiz is interactive, multiple choice and has hidden humorous Youtube clips throughout the questions for extra clues or a commiseration giggle when the class get an answer wrong. There are two ways of playing - either as a whole class, or, you can put the quiz on slide view, skip the answers and read them out at the end (if your class would rather compete in groups). A score sheet and all answers are included. The quiz is completely editable too. If you like this, you can check out more of our whole school resources here: WHOLE SCHOOL RESOURCES You can also find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecteachresources/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ec_publishing and our website: psheresources.com
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End of Term Activity Pack!

End of Term Activity Pack 10 PAGE pack of classroom-ready summer end of term activities will enthuse and engage students. Suitable for KS3 and KS4 students to celebrate the end of term through a variety of activities. This booklet has been created by a dedicated team of experts and will allow competition, peer reflection and SMSC. It can be used to help students engage, through a range of stimulating exercises, encouraging discussion and liven up lessons through structured engagement between students. This Booklet Contains: o Various thought provoking challenges o Design Activities o 10 pages of ready-to-use student worksheets designed to be written on o A wide range of activities, to suit all types of learners. o Minimal preparation required – Just print and go! Can be used for a whole lesson or two. This resource will engage, educate and motivate your students – fantastic for quick and easy planning! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter British Values Quiz Big film and TV Quiz 2018 Healthy Lifestyles Quiz
End of Term Dingbats QuizQuick View

End of Term Dingbats Quiz

A powerpoint containing a mix of easy and difficult Dingbats images and in turn the answers. This is a ready to roll End of Term Quiz for that last 50 minute lesson with a 'spirited' group!! Enjoy. Also available as part of a discounted package with a scorecard...see my shop for other options on buying this resource.
End of term quiz SUMMER 2018!!Quick View

End of term quiz SUMMER 2018!!

NOW WITH ANSWERS - I FORGOT ANSWERS ON FIRST UPLOAD! Fun filled quiz perfect for the end of the term!! Flags Famous Landmarks Who am I? Books? FInd the link!
End of Term Quiz  #1Quick View

End of Term Quiz #1

An interactive, End of Term Quiz This has a variety of rounds - Music, Literature, Film, Science, Logos etc. There's nothing really time-sensitive in the questions - you could easily reuse it year on year. It's aimed to be accessible across the Key Stages - I've done it with 7s (with a few clues) up to 13s. It should happily take up a lesson - the answers are included at the back.