KS3 English and FootballQuick View

KS3 English and Football

This is a fully developed 5 week scheme of work aimed at engaging KS3 English pupils who have a passion for football. The SOW covers: History of football Match reports Match day interviews Commentary Imperative language Goals recreated Media skills (camera angles) Rivalry (debating skills) Rhyme and wordplay Quote from a Year 8 pupil: 'It was very fun as well as adding to our knowledge of football. This has been the most enjoyable experience of this school year within class and we even had the chance to have a kick about!'
Writing to Persuade - FootballQuick View

Writing to Persuade - Football

Focussing on Writing to Persuade for AQA English Language Section B / Question 5, we look at the controversial issue of Raheem Sterling’s rifle tattoo that dogged England’s World Cup preparations. In the lesson students prepare a letter to write to Raheem Sterling in favour or against his tattoo. Fully differentiated activities throughout.
FootballQuick View


A selection of football small sided games from FA Level 2 course. Ideal to use in PE lessons
Football Reading ComprehensionsQuick View

Football Reading Comprehensions

Reading comprehensions related to football to try and engage children whilst also developing their comprehension skills. Each comprehension comes with three sets of 11 questions that are differentiated with the answers included. This will continue to be developed with more footballers and football clubs added to it with the price rising as more are added. So far included are: Paul Pogba Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Football Lesson PlansQuick View

Football Lesson Plans

All Football lesson plans from start to finish. All techniques covered filled with objectives success criteria, warm ups, drills and questioning. Includes technical information and tactics.. Defending Dribbling Passing Shooting Tactics
The Football BusinessQuick View

The Football Business

A lesson looking at how sponsorship can benefit sports teams. Students will also discuss how a team can be affected if it starts to become unsuccessful.
Football Scheme of WorkQuick View

Football Scheme of Work

Five schemes of work provided for year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in football. Included: Learning aims and objectives Key activities and resources Support and challenge Assessment Literacy Critical skills Homework Questioning For schemes of work in other sports please visit my shop
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Ideas for warm up, drills and game ideas for teaching football. Each activity explains in no more than 7 steps how many players, what equipment is required and what to do.
Football BookletQuick View

Football Booklet

Booklet to develop a holistic learning approach within football. I find the pupils need to develop more of their tactics and knowledge of the game, rather than traditional heavy skill based lessons. By printing this out and binding it my pupils have taken real self-pride in their teams of 5 (same teams each week, games are part of a big fantasy football league)
Maths football ProjectQuick View

Maths football Project

Excellent Project work for students!! Students must manage a budget and build stadiums and facilities to host a football tournament in the UK.
Sports Education Football unitQuick View

Sports Education Football unit

A Sports Education inspired unit for association football. Included is the 6 week scheme of work and a copy of the lanyard booklets that all teams will use. The lanyards have been designed so that they are easily used outside for football. The lanyards include session suggestions for passing, possession, dribbling, shooting and defence. They also have warm up ideas, fixture lists and formation suggestions.
Football: Manchester United: QuizQuick View

Football: Manchester United: Quiz

Tutor Time: Football: Manchester United: Quiz PowerPoint quiz, 30 questions with multiple choice answers on Manchester United, one of the biggest cub in world football and a leading global brand.
KS3 FootballQuick View

KS3 Football

A detailed and differentiated scheme of work for KS3 pupils centred upon a Sport Education theme. Simply print and guide pupils in their discovery of learning. The resources include everything needed for superb pupil led learning including: - lesson by lesson folder contents - assessment grids - self reflection grids - resource cards - roles and responsibility outlines - scoring system
footballersQuick View


Fun lesson to use with year seven boys when revising descriptions. The objective is to describe famous footballers. Works well on Fridays, period 5.
FootballQuick View


In preparation to the World Cup topic. \nTalking about Football.
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3 Resources
All you need to teach football. Including 70 invasion game drills used for teaching and coaching students of all ages and abilities. An AQA specific Year 11 football moderation lesson. A full scheme of work including full lesson plans for Year 7 football.
KS2 Football Statistics MathsQuick View

KS2 Football Statistics Maths

This resource has 4 differentiated levels and is aimed at Years 3 - 6 to practise their reasoning skills by analysing football data. You can find more football themed resources here: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?fwp_topic=football
'All About Me' Back To School Fun Football Doodle Art ActivityQuick View

'All About Me' Back To School Fun Football Doodle Art Activity

Create ‘A Ball About Me’, a fun, first week back to school creative activity. Students can explore what they like and get to learn more about each other. This is a helpful insight for the new teacher too. This football template encourages children to consider the instructions (listed below) and to illustrate their answers in a personal, imaginative way using doodles, mark making, graffiti style lettering and imagery. The colour example uses a black ball point pen and felt tips to create a modern, illustrative style to appeal to year 3’s and above. Invite students to consider the style of their favourite artist (eg Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein) or author (eg Liz Pichon who writes and illustrates the popular Tom Gates books) Instructions on the ball template include: Name Age Birthday Self Portrait Favourite song, food, book, sport and colour Doodles: Colour this, take a line for a walk, draw circles, squares, triangles, lines. The finished footballs will make a great group wall display and would also work well laminated and suspended from the ceiling. Also great as personal journal or sketchbook covers for students. This pack also includes ‘A Ball About Me’ garland for students to decorate, cut out and display. With 2 letters per page, this will make a large welcoming banner for the new classroom or bulletin board. All artwork is designed by me, and is vector based, so can be enlarged without pixelating. Ideal for use as an icebreaker activity or as an art specific lesson.
Medieval FootballQuick View

Medieval Football

Learning objectives: To find out what it would be like to be a medieval football player. Word of the lesson: Commentary. The main task is to analyse the sources and then to write a medieval football commentary. There are writing frames and level criteria to go with this activity.