End of Year French QuizQuick View

End of Year French Quiz

Suitable for KS3 or KS4 as an end of term or end of year quiz. Lasted over an hour when tested on mixed ability Year 8s. A mixture of some old questions from quizzes and more up to date ones. 1st round - Paris 2nd round - La France 3rd round - Famous Frenchies 4th round - Manger 5th round - L’histoire
French activities  "Ma ville"Quick View

French activities "Ma ville"

KS3 worksheets on how to describe a town. 4 different worksheets with a variety of activities to revise places in town, il y a / il n'y a pas / on peut / on ne peut pas, opinions.
French GCSE Reading WorkbookQuick View

French GCSE Reading Workbook

This 86-page workbook is based on the model answers to my writing workbook (available at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/aqa-french-gcse-writing-workbook-and-model-answers-11646300) and contains 3 reading worksheets for every topic in the new AQA French GCSE syllabus plus answers for every task at the end of the document. Ideal for reading practice and assessments in Key Stage 4, revision and independent work for Year 11, or extension work for more able Key Stage 3 students. This can also be used for cover lessons with non-specialists as the tasks are straightforward and there are answers. As well as the Word document, I have included a PDF in case the fonts are not available on certain computers and the formatting therefore doesn't work properly on the Word doc. All questions and answers are my own, based on the new specification GCSE reading papers, and the photos are from royalty-free websites and it is all therefore photocopiable.


This quiz has 10 rounds of 10 questions and is all in French, apart from the very occasional translation: 1. Cancans 2. La France 3. Les CD 4. Les stades de foot 5. Les Infos 6. Le sport 7. Visages célèbres 8. Les logos 9. Les drapeaux 10. Connaissances générales. As a rough estimate, the question part of the quiz will take 35 minutes if left to run automatically. I have also attached a Excel mark sheet which may help, although some students will complain that there isn't enough room! I would suggest that, where possible, teams should be mixed so that every section can be tackled.
French GCSE New Specifications - Translations into French and English.Quick View

French GCSE New Specifications - Translations into French and English.

This document is in the format of worksheets/ a booklet that can be given to all GCSE students. It is broken down into themes and then into the topics within each theme. For each topic there are translation exercises both into English, as on the Reading Exams and into French, as the Writing Exams. It is 36 pages in length and contains 120 translations of varying lengths and levels of challenge. The translations have been created carefully and are in line with exam board exemplar materials. This could be used by pupils at the end of teaching each topic/ sub-theme in order to test/ check understanding and to practise translation skills or used for wider translation purposes.
French Verbs Mat (6 tenses)Quick View

French Verbs Mat (6 tenses)

KS4/KS5. Ready to print French verbs mat to help students to make sentences (speaking or writing tasks). They can be laminated and put on the tables. Regular verbs and irregular verbs. 6 tenses: present tense, perfect tense, imperfect tense, future tense, the conditional and the subjunctive.
French clothing - les vetements - puzzlesQuick View

French clothing - les vetements - puzzles

Fun puzzles - word search, crossword, missing letter, anagrams plus a handout - to practice French clothes vocabulary - un pull, un pantalon, un chemisier, une chemise, une robe, une jupe, un blouson, un bonnet, une écharpe, des gants, des bottes, des chaussures, des chaussettes, un tee-shirt, un short, des tennis. These puzzles are also included in our French clothing activities, puzzles and games which includes flashcards, write around the room, flip book, Mes Amis booklet, bingo, dominoes, matching cards and more. Please don't purchase this puzzle set if you have already bought the complete topic set.
GCSE French - using complex structuresQuick View

GCSE French - using complex structures

PowerPoint and accompanying workpack designed to encourage pupils to use a variety of complex structures in their spoken and written French. An extremely useful reference and revision tool for pupils to use as part of their exam preparation. The presentation is designed so that teachers can deliver a set of structures at a time in any order they please. You could also upload it to your VLE for pupils to access independently. Please do let me know if you spot any mistakes. Includes exercises and notes on: negative expressions, direct object pronouns, relative pronouns, comparative, superlative, adverbs, connectives, emphatic pronouns, après avoir + infinitive, avant de + infinitive, continuous present, time expressions


A quick starter game on food. This will allow students to work in pairs and try to reconstruct the triangle. Through this activity they will revise the vocabulary on food. They will finally be able to find the opinion phrase revealed at the edge of the triangle. Cut out Muddle up Distribute Ask students to rearrange to form the triangle so that the French sentences match the English ones. This could be laminated.
Speaking Exam French A-levelQuick View

Speaking Exam French A-level

For an extra £3 only get another 9 resources !! Have a look at my Super Bundle Here! This bundle contains key resources to prepare your students for their speaking exam. - 13 unique specimen cards covering all AS and A2 topics - 12 cards on AS topics to develop students’ knowledge on the French speaking world - 2 displays on complex structures and expressions to use during the speaking exam - A card game contaning 130 questions on all As/A2 topics and 50 complex structures cards - more than 300 questions on AS and A2 topics (AQA Exam Board) Buying this resource and leaving a review will give you acess to an extra charged resource for free to thank you for your purchase.
French Speaking MatQuick View

French Speaking Mat

NEW VERSION ADDED We print these in A3 and have them on every table in every classroom. I have used suggested phrases from lots of sources as well as my own. The pupils use the mats regularly during group talk activities and their spontaneous use of language has increased significantly.


Comprehensive and interactive multi choice grammar quiz (72 slides) to revise a range of grammar points: tenses, adjectives, gender etc …in a fun way. Suitable for As and A2 students, this is a very effective resource to revise a range of grammar points in 30mn.
French Christmas Cards to colourQuick View

French Christmas Cards to colour

3 Christmas Card Designs (Christmas tree, Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas, Rudolph) Pupils colour the picture according to the instructions. I have included colour background and black and white version to save on printing. Simply print, pupils fold in half, write a message inside (suggestions provided).
French activities "Ma famille"Quick View

French activities "Ma famille"

KS3 worksheets on how to introduce yourself and your family. 3 different worksheets with a variety of activities to revise how to present yourself, your family, pets, personality and physical description.
Big French Quiz of the YearQuick View

Big French Quiz of the Year

Team quiz with 40 questions about French geography, culture, food, brands, and sport. Lots of visuals. Answers included. Suitable for whole lesson in KS2, 3 and 4.
French quizQuick View

French quiz

This is a quiz for top set KS3 or mixed ability KS4. 5 rounds (Geography, History, Famous French, Sports and food) of 5 questions with multiple choice answers. Lasts 40 minutes approx.
Shopping in FrenchQuick View

Shopping in French

The food-based resource looks at shops and shopping, ordering food and quantities. The three sections contain a mix of powerpoint presentations, ACTIVStudio flipcharts and Word documents making up worksheets, activities and vocab sheets. Each section is accompanied by teachers notes with suggestions on how to use each resource.
French idiomsQuick View

French idioms

Idioms powerpoint with animation - idiom appears first, then pictures can provide clues, and finally the English translation appears. Fun lesson starter.
French AlphabetQuick View

French Alphabet

Presentation for presenting the French alphabet. Has pronunciation guide, highlights vowels and tricky letters and then uses a code with each number representing a letter, so that numbers can be practised at the same time e.g. letter maths, spell words out with numbers etc.