French GCSE New Specifications - Translations into French and English.Quick View

French GCSE New Specifications - Translations into French and English.

This document is in the format of worksheets/ a booklet that can be given to all GCSE students. It is broken down into themes and then into the topics within each theme. For each topic there are translation exercises both into English, as on the Reading Exams and into French, as the Writing Exams. It is 36 pages in length and contains 120 translations of varying lengths and levels of challenge. The translations have been created carefully and are in line with exam board exemplar materials. This could be used by pupils at the end of teaching each topic/ sub-theme in order to test/ check understanding and to practise translation skills or used for wider translation purposes.
French A level Grammar BookletQuick View

French A level Grammar Booklet

A complete French grammar booklet (123 pages) that includes the following: Aimed at A level students. §1 Passé composé / perfect tense §2: Subject, direct object and indirect object §3. Personal pronouns: direct and indirect object pronoun §4. Past participle: agreements §5. Passe composé or imperfect? §5.1 Plus-que-parfait – pluperfect §6. Present or future, perfect or future perfect? §7. Uses of conditional and conditional perfect §8. Sentences with si §9. The passive §10. Depuis etc: points to note concerning tenses: Depuis Venir de Il y a Devoir §11. Use of the infinitive §12. Relative pronouns (1) 1.1 qui 1.2 que 1.3 ce qui / ce que 1.4 word order §13 Relative pronouns (2): dont §14. Relative pronouns (3): relative pronouns after a preposition §15. The subjunctive (1): formation, some uses §16 The subjunctive (2): uses (cont.) §17 Asking questions (1): inversion §18. Asking questions (2): What? Who? General exercises Indirect questions §19. Pronouns: en §20. Pronouns: y §21. The Imperative §22. Demonstrative pronouns §23. Emphatic pronouns §24. Possessive pronouns • Key to exercises
French activities  "Ma ville"Quick View

French activities "Ma ville"

KS3 worksheets on how to describe a town. 4 different worksheets with a variety of activities to revise places in town, il y a / il n'y a pas / on peut / on ne peut pas, opinions.
French GCSE Reading WorkbookQuick View

French GCSE Reading Workbook

This 86-page workbook is based on the model answers to my writing workbook (available at and contains 3 reading worksheets for every topic in the new AQA French GCSE syllabus plus answers for every task at the end of the document. Ideal for reading practice and assessments in Key Stage 4, revision and independent work for Year 11, or extension work for more able Key Stage 3 students. This can also be used for cover lessons with non-specialists as the tasks are straightforward and there are answers. As well as the Word document, I have included a PDF in case the fonts are not available on certain computers and the formatting therefore doesn't work properly on the Word doc. All questions and answers are my own, based on the new specification GCSE reading papers, and the photos are from royalty-free websites and it is all therefore photocopiable.
French activities "Ma famille"Quick View

French activities "Ma famille"

KS3 worksheets on how to introduce yourself and your family. 3 different worksheets with a variety of activities to revise how to present yourself, your family, pets, personality and physical description.
World Cup - French - bundleQuick View

World Cup - French - bundle

This bundle includes: This 54-slide PowerPoint is a basic introduction to the World Cup in French - la Coupe du monde. *** Please note, the image in the preview might look a little different to the actual PowerPoint as TES seems to have changed the font etc. and made it look a little odd. *** It talks about where the World Cup is this year, when it takes place and which countries are involved in each group. Pupils then have the chance to guess the flags (according to each group) and design a football shirt or supporter’s face paint for a country of their choice. The bundle includes the worksheets for the shirt and face paint designs to make your life a little easier.
French A level Translation WorkbookQuick View

French A level Translation Workbook

A workbook (with an answerbook included as a separate document) for A level students doing French and needing translation practice. There are exercises on each theme from English to French and from French to English. The themes include: family structures, modern values, friendships, relationships youth trends, personality and identity educational and employment opportunities regional culture and identity in France and French speaking countries media, art, film and music in the French speaking world migration and integration cultural identity and marginalisation cultural enrichment and celebrating difference June1940-May 1945 the cultural dimensions in occupied France 1945-1950 Suitable for any exam board
French Colours (Les Couleurs)Quick View

French Colours (Les Couleurs)

Beginning French Colours PowerPoint lesson presentation, printable games, activities, a worksheet, crossword and wordsearch. Introduction and revision of 11 French colour (or color) words. Speaking and writing activities. Best suits Key Stage 2 (KS2) or early KS3 and equivalents. The colours are introduced using the questions ‘C’est quelle couleur?’ (referring to the colour itself) and ‘C’est de quelle couleur?’ (referring to the colour of objects / animals etc). The presentation suits learners who are new or fairly new to French but the presentation also includes teaching points about female and plural forms of the colour vocabulary, which you can use if appropriate for your class. With almost fifty slides, it also includes pronunciation tips, an interactive Kim’s game and a slide for a splat game, where children can ‘splat’ the colour that’s been said in French by the teacher. Children are also invited to show the teacher classroom objects of a particular colour so if they already know the name of some classroom objects this will help. Alternatively, they could learn some for this activity. The Four in a Row game works well in either A3 or A4 and can be used with the colour word cards. Use different colour paper or card when printing the word cards so that opponents can play with a different colour set. Students put their cards in a pile, taking the top one and choosing strategically which space to place it on (as long the colour on the space matches the word on the card!). First to get four in a row - vertically, horizontally or diagonally - is the winner. There are also cards for games of bingo and/or noughts and crosses (tic tac toe). The worksheet has been included in PDF and Word in case you wish to amend it. There’s a version with and without a wordbank. I have other French resources, available individually or in a variety of bundles to suit different needs. Find more information about individual resources by clicking on the bundles. Huge French Basics Bundle (around 70 resources) French Basics Presentations Bundle French Basics Games / Activities Bundle French Basics Worksheets / Puzzles Bundle For engaging, time-saving printables and presentations to plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, visit FullShelf Resources
GCSE French - using complex structuresQuick View

GCSE French - using complex structures

PowerPoint and accompanying workpack designed to encourage pupils to use a variety of complex structures in their spoken and written French. An extremely useful reference and revision tool for pupils to use as part of their exam preparation. The presentation is designed so that teachers can deliver a set of structures at a time in any order they please. You could also upload it to your VLE for pupils to access independently. Please do let me know if you spot any mistakes. Includes exercises and notes on: negative expressions, direct object pronouns, relative pronouns, comparative, superlative, adverbs, connectives, emphatic pronouns, après avoir + infinitive, avant de + infinitive, continuous present, time expressions


A quick starter game on food. This will allow students to work in pairs and try to reconstruct the triangle. Through this activity they will revise the vocabulary on food. They will finally be able to find the opinion phrase revealed at the edge of the triangle. Cut out Muddle up Distribute Ask students to rearrange to form the triangle so that the French sentences match the English ones. This could be laminated.
French Verbs Mat (6 tenses)Quick View

French Verbs Mat (6 tenses)

KS4/KS5. Ready to print French verbs mat to help students to make sentences (speaking or writing tasks). They can be laminated and put on the tables. Regular verbs and irregular verbs. 6 tenses: present tense, perfect tense, imperfect tense, future tense, the conditional and the subjunctive.


Comprehensive and interactive multi choice grammar quiz (72 slides) to revise a range of grammar points: tenses, adjectives, gender etc …in a fun way. Suitable for As and A2 students, this is a very effective resource to revise a range of grammar points in 30mn.
La Famille  French FamilyQuick View

La Famille French Family

Beginning French Family / (La Famille / Ma Famille) Topic BUNDLE covers key teaching points and provides speaking and writing tasks for introduction to, and revision of, Ma Famille (My Family) basic vocabulary and phrases. Contains an interactive 100-slide PowerPoint lesson presentation, engaging games and activities, worksheets and puzzles. Suits beginners or near beginners at Key Stage 2 (KS2) and early KS3 and equivalents. Includes: 70-slide lesson presentation Happy Families (Jeu des 7 Famille) Card Game Four in a Row Board Game Loop Game / Dominoes 3 Worksheets (plus answers) Crossword Wordsearch There’s enough here for multiple lessons and some resources could be used for homework tasks. For previews and more information on each resource please see the individual descriptions. One of the worksheets and both puzzles come in differentiated versions. Includes vocabulary for the following family members: le frere (brother), la soeur (sister), le fils (son), la fille (daughter), le pere (father), la mere (mother), le bebe (baby), le grand-pere (grandfather), la grand-mere (grandmother), le beau-pere (stepfather), la belle-mere (stepmother), le demi-frere (stepbrother), la demie-soeur (stepsister), l’oncle (uncle), la tante (aunt), le cousin (male cousin), la cousine (female cousin), les jumeaux (twins), enfant unique (only child). ‘Mon’ and ‘ma’ are also used to say ‘my father’, ‘my sister’ etc. More informal names for Mum, Dad, Grandad and Grandma are also mentioned. The presentation and worksheets also support learners in answering questions about families, such as Qui est-ce? (Who is this?), Tu as des freres ou des soeurs? (Do you have any brothers or sisters?) and Combien de personnes il y a dans ta famille? (How many people are there in your family?). Giving names, ages and information about where people live is also consolidated alongside family vocabulary. I have other French resources you might be interested in, either individually or as part of a bundle. You can find out more about them by clicking on these bundles: Huge French Basics Bundle (over 70 resources) French Basics Presentations Bundle French Basics Games / Activities Bundle French Basics Worksheets and Puzzles Bundle Thank you for supporting my resources. For time-saving, engaging printables and presentations to help you plan Primary (and some Secondary) Literacy, Maths and French lessons, visit FullShelf Resources
GCSE French revision adjectivesQuick View

GCSE French revision adjectives

KS3/KS4 revision on adjectives for French GCSE Mind map (with agreement rules and irregular adjectives). One worksheet + answers. Four in a row ready to print to work in pairs A board game (to use as a starter or plenary)
GCSE French revision subjunctiveQuick View

GCSE French revision subjunctive

KS4/KS5 revision on the subjunctive A mind map (how to form the subjunctive, expressions used with the subjunctive, irregular verbs). A worksheet with answers
French GCSE Writing and Reading WorkbooksQuick View

French GCSE Writing and Reading Workbooks

Both my reading and writing workbooks - buy 2 and get £1 off! Available separately:
French quizQuick View

French quiz

This is a quiz for top set KS3 or mixed ability KS4. 5 rounds (Geography, History, Famous French, Sports and food) of 5 questions with multiple choice answers. Lasts 40 minutes approx.
Shopping in FrenchQuick View

Shopping in French

The food-based resource looks at shops and shopping, ordering food and quantities. The three sections contain a mix of powerpoint presentations, ACTIVStudio flipcharts and Word documents making up worksheets, activities and vocab sheets. Each section is accompanied by teachers notes with suggestions on how to use each resource.