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Introduction for friction. Can be adapted for different ability groups. Includes real life application and model answers to build exam technique.
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A clear, detailed and easy to follow powerpoint for Exploring Science - Drag/Friction. The powerpoint includes differentiated tasks and practical activities.
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Follow up worksheet to a resource I found on TES and used: KS3 Physics- Forces- Friction Please leave feedback
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Year 7 Physics - Forces, Springs, Friction + Pressure

Set of complete lessons based on the new curriculum; forces, Hooke's law, friction and pressure. Lessons are good to go or can be tailored to your specific requirements. Worksheets referenced are from the Exploring Science package. 1. Introduction to forces 4. Springs 5. Friction 6/7. Friction investigation 8. Pressure 9. Balanced/unbalanced forces 10. Forces/speed
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Drag forces and friction - complete lesson (KS3)

A full, differentiated lesson on the topic of drag forces and friction. The lesson is based on the activate 1 SOW and so is pitched to a year 7 group. The lesson includes a think pair and share, DART activity, simple practical activity (requiring different surfaces and a newtonmeters), differentiated question grid challenge and a reflective plenary. All answers are incorporated into the slides via animation and timers are included to promote pace.
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A Grab and Go Lesson! To see a video of this lesson please visit: Alternatively, you can download a copy of the sample video from: This is a complete lesson on the topic of Friction. It includes a fully editable lesson plan, PowerPoint, Differentiated activities (at the end of the PowerPoint) and a Pupil Peer Assessment sheet. The PowerPoint includes a bell task linking back to forces and a conveyor belt activity on the topic of forces too. Pupils are taught the basic principles of friction and then are given the task of creating a leaflet on the topic. There is a level ladder included in this pack based on Skill 1: Finding Information.
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Friction - observed lesson (outstanding)

Friction complete lesson, originally aimed at KS3 but could also be used at the top end of KS2. Students work in a booklet. Starts with a multiple choice quiz, scores to determine which activity they then complete. Lower scores - dragging tub over different surfaces, higher scores - gather data on different shoes on the same surface to explain what they already know about friction. Focus on practical/investigation work and differentiation. Includes an extra fun practical on friction and lubricants that all students love and provides some competition. This lesson was observed and the observer asked to stay longer because they wanted to take part themselves! Lesson plan, student booklet and powerpoint included. Literacy task included through an exit pass.
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This handout starts bu explaining what friction is . By giving examples it explains when it is useful or not. Then it finishes with some questions. Teachers can use it after explaining what friction is as a revision aid. It is intended mainly for average ability students
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Let’s hope the children don’t get rubbed up the wrong way as they create some friction! Testing their own sports shoe they investigate on which surface their shoe will perform best before drawing conclusions from their results. Additional ICT resources!! Suitable for Y4 pupils. Find other lesson plans and resources at
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A large collection of resources, such as PPTs, worksheets, help sheets to teach about the topic of Friction. Perfect for Key Stage 2 Science.
Economics: Lesson 53 - Types and Causes of Unemployment (seasonal, frictional etc ... )Quick View

Economics: Lesson 53 - Types and Causes of Unemployment (seasonal, frictional etc ... )

This presentation contains a whole lesson! Updated (28 slides) Specifically, this lesson is for teaching on Types of Unemployment. Looking at the makeup of the workforce and then at the differences between voluntary and involuntary unemployed and differing views of unemployment and common causes or types of unemployment. This leads very nicely as a foundation for the next two lessons on costs and cures of unemployment. This lesson is available as an excellent three lesson bundle on the economics of unemployment. I have used the PowerPoint slides to structure the lesson, specifically slides to prompt/force myself to ask those key questions at the right moments, slides to explain keywords with short and easy explanations, prompts for me the teacher when to use the different activities, games, handouts, articles etc... that make the lesson up as. All the teaching presentations, include starters and plenaries, normally a quick discussion, but sometimes something else and differentiated learning objectives. ALL 82 LESSONS are available as ONE BIG BUNDLE !! Note: Feel free to browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources and as always please rate and feedback, thank you.
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KS3: Drag Forces and Friction

An introductory lesson on drag forces and friction pitched at KS3 level with some aspect of GCSE Physics. Content is based upon the Activate 2 Text Books (Oxford) and AQA Physics GCSE (Oxford). Lesson includes ‘Mastery Booklet’ which can be used in conjunction with lesson or as a revision aid.
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An engaging lesson from the Forces topic on Friction. The resources include a detailed PowerPoint with instructions on the practical task to be carried out. Furthermore extension work is provided for the more able.
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Based on new AQA KS3 Specification with the practical worksheet
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Friction and drag

Students complete a practical activity investigating friction using different shoes (different treads). This lesson touches on other drag forces as well. Used as part of Activate 1 SOW. Reviews are much appreciated, I will gladly edit my work if there are any errors.
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Forces and Friction

Worksheet with fill in gaps and diagrams to use to gain better understanding of resultant forces and what effects friction. Can be altered to suit ability levels or used used as it is for lower ability students.
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Key Stage 2 Science Forces Friction Direction of movement Year 4 A variety of learning activities 4 Science Australian & New South Wales Curriculum Syllabus content focus: › Investigates their questions and predictions by analysing collected data, suggesting explanations for their findings, and communicating and reflecting on the processes undertaken ST2-4WS › Describes everyday interactions between objects that result from contact and non-contact forces ST2-7PW Editable Word version. Purchase separately or as part of a bundle from Science Program