A-Level French Unit 12 Young people's involvement in politicsQuick View

A-Level French Unit 12 Young people's involvement in politics

A unit of work with the ultimate focus on translation into French. Pre-reading vocabulary and syntax manipulation tasks, a text, comprehension tasks, grammar and micro-translation tasks leading to three paragraphs for translation graded by difficulty. Activities include communicative practice, matching, word completion, syntax and morphology, and gap-fill. This would suit advanced level (Y13) or first year university/college students and could be used in class or for independent practice. All the answers are provided. It will eventually form part of a second bundle of units for A-level French which will be an invaluable supplement to your chosen course. There are two versions, a pdf and an editable Word document. The unit consists of nine pages, plus answer key. This resource is designed to go with the AQA A-level French specification in England , but could be issued to any A-level, college or undergraduate French student. It was written by Steve Smith and Gianfranco Conti.
KS3 German Perfect TenseQuick View

KS3 German Perfect Tense

Series of grammar exercises based on Gianfranco Conti's exercises for the perfect tense in German. includes - Find someone who activity - Two differentiated text searches - Two ping-pong translation - A listening activity focused on word order