The Importance of Good Behaviour AssemblyQuick View

The Importance of Good Behaviour Assembly

This 28 slide assembly is perfect to deliver to any year group. It gets students to understand what behaviour is and how it can be managed. that looks into why we behave the way we do, what can cause bad behaviour, why good behaviour is important, the impact bad behaviour can have and how we can manage our own and others behaviour. . It covers the following: What is behaviour? Informative video Can we change how we behave? Why is good behaviour so important? The impact of bad behaviour Learned behaviour Passing it on Top Tips on how to behave in school (including: listening to teachers, following instructions, avoid haters, etc.). How to manage behaviour Personal Reflection questions Please also visit my TES Assembly Store where over 100 assemblies are available on a huge range of topics. LIMITED TIME OFFER If you purchase this resource and leave a 5-star review, you receive any £3 assembly from my store FREE!! Leave a review and email with your review confirmation and choice of assembly.
Rewarding good behaviour - desk gameQuick View

Rewarding good behaviour - desk game

a fun board game to reward good behaviour of students! How the game works; Each time a student completes a task they go further around the board. Each time a student passes go, they recieve £10 of monopoly money. If a student makes a bad decision they go to jail, and can redeem themselves out of jail by taking ownership of their bad choice! The idea is that this is printed a3 and stuck in the middle of the table, for students to play along. This resource is aimed at small intervention groups, or children following an alternative timetable and may need some extra encouragement. The resource can be edited to suit the needs of the pupil!
Widgit- Good behaviourQuick View

Widgit- Good behaviour

a chart for pupils to work towards a target whilst showing good behaviour (good listening, sitting etc.) Thumbs up stickers are collected, and children can choose from a variety of 'rewards'.
Behaviour AssemblyQuick View

Behaviour Assembly

An assembly which focuses on why positive attitudes towards learning and good behaviour are essential in order for students to have successful futures. The assembly encourages the students to link their behaviour they display now with their future career prospects and exam results. The assembly also explores the concept of unrealistic expectations when it comes to career prospects and emphasises why working hard at school is not only important but essential for eventual happy and fulfilled lives. Lasts 15-20 mins if all questions asked and clip is watched. The slides shown are just a sample of what is in the resource. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Behaviour + RulesQuick View

Behaviour + Rules

For any class - an editable lesson where students establish and 'buy-in' to why classroom rules are important, in a positive and supportive way. Ideal for new form groups but could easily be used in any subject. This ca be used as a one off lesson with a difficult class, or as part of a PSHE unit establishing why good behaviour at school is essential for future success in life. Includes: 1x hour PowerPoint, worksheets, clips, well differentiated activities, all editable. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Good behaviour awardQuick View

Good behaviour award

I could not find a good behaviour certificate so I decided to make one by my own. I hope someone will find it helpful.
Good behaviour reward cardsQuick View

Good behaviour reward cards

Cut out and laminate these cards to create a physical way to give reward/house points. During a lesson I will hand out these cards. The children then record a house point for each card they recieve and then return the cards to a container. A great way to provide visual reinforcement in the classroom. The children in my class love getting them, and it also serves as a reminder to add their house point to our classes house point chart!
Preschoolers: Developing Good BehaviourQuick View

Preschoolers: Developing Good Behaviour

Dr Helen Likierman describes how teach your preschool child to behave well. She discusses the clear boundaries that should be set, how to encourage good behaviour and what to do about very naughty behaviour in preschoolers.
Mini certificates for promoting good behaviourQuick View

Mini certificates for promoting good behaviour

4 mini certificates for promoting positive values in the classroom. Includes: Straight back award: For sitting nicely throughout the lesson and putting a hand up if needing support. On task award: For getting straight on task, being focused and independent during the lesson. Give it a go award: For trying something new, being brave and pushing your limits. Helping hand award: For using your understanding to support others in your group. Can be awarded for each lesson, or end of each day, or end of the week. Please leave a review if you download. Thanks! :-)
zone boards- promoting good behaviourQuick View

zone boards- promoting good behaviour

Used successfully with y1, y2 and y3. Each childs name is on a moveable marker (magnet, blu tac, velcro) and all start the day in green zone. Children move up to silver and then gold or down to orange and then red according to their behaviour/effort. At the end of the day the children have a ‘reward’ depending on the zone they are in. Rewards are set with the children when the scheme is introduced so they meet the needs/interests of a class and generally involve children being given a choice of activity in ‘choosing time’ (which happens daily or could be weekly). Its simple to work, visual and children respond well.
Little Monsters Good Behaviour PackQuick View

Little Monsters Good Behaviour Pack

Rewarding good behaviour is called positive reinforcement and it works! Designed by Eve Wilson, who has spent over 40 years in education, 10 as a head teacher and of Ofsted inspector. The Good Behaviour Pack is based on her experience working with young children in schools. Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in an undisciplined environment. If just one child acts in a disruptive way and persistently stays off-task, this will affect the learning of the entire class group. Every teacher needs to know strategies that will ensure good relationships within the class. Negative punitive means are usually counter-productive. Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in an undisciplined environment. If just one child acts in a disruptive way and persistently stays off-task, this will affect the learning of the entire class group. Every teacher needs to know strategies that will ensure good relationships within the class. Negative punitive means are usually counter-productive. Using positive reinforcement, The Little Monsters GOOD BEHAVIOUR PACK follows the basic principles for a good discipline regimes: • It must be firm • It must be consistent • It must be based on the individual character differences of the child • Rewarding good behaviour and ignoring bad is almost always better than concentrating on punishing the bad. The Good Behaviour Pack contains: - Notes for guidance - 6 reproducible star charts - 30 reproducible Colouring charts - 10 reproducible merit certificates - Behaviour Cards
Good and Bad Choices Version 1Quick View

Good and Bad Choices Version 1

Cut and Stick worksheet in which children should look at the pictures and decide whether they show good or bad behaviour choices. Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Children’s Illustrator: Terms of Use The original purchaser is granted the right to photocopy, use or display this material for his/her educational use without limitation. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means in order to provide use to another person without express written permission from the author and publisher unless additional licenses or group licenses have been purchased.  Copying any part of this product and placing it on the Internet in any form (even a personal/classroom website) is strictly forbidden.
Behaviour for LearningQuick View

Behaviour for Learning

I use this presentation for ITE students but it can be used equally for whole school training. It identifies features of good behaviour for learning (BfL). and considers different strategies for creating, promoting and maintaining good behaviour for learning and finally encourages you to reflect upon your own strengths and areas for development. The point of this presentation is to encourage discussion rather than be led by you.
 Making Choices for Good Behaviour; Complete Lesson Quick View

Making Choices for Good Behaviour; Complete Lesson

Making Choices for Good Behaviour; Complete Lesson This download includes a complete PSHE lesson to help children understand how their choices affect others. The lesson focuses on how they can make the right choice in difficult classroom situations. There is a detailed PowerPoint and video to be used to explain how ‘Harry’ the monster feels and the choices he makes. There is also two independent activities for the children to complete to show their understanding and to reinforce the learning. This lesson has proved very effective with difficult classes and can be expanded into more than one lesson for discussions. This download includes: - Lesson plan - Lesson video - Lesson PowerPoint - Advice sheet - What happens when…. sheet Thanks for looking  Please remember to leave feedback, for updates and promotions you can also follow me here. ***************************************************************************** Some of my other products: Kindness Worksheet Pack Worldbook Day Worksheets . Developing Greater Depth in Mathematics Video . *****************************************************************************
The Vikings: The Hávamál: Viking Guide to Good BehaviourQuick View

The Vikings: The Hávamál: Viking Guide to Good Behaviour

A Viking themed colouring activity to help students answer questions about Viking Age culture and beliefs. Ideal for primary school students, and students learning English as a foreign language. The Havamal could be used to address behavioural issues with students as it gives advice on how to be a ‘good’ Viking. Be brave, positive, and be nice to your friends.


A 10-15 minute (allowing for student reflection and Q&A) assembly on the importance of good behaviour, its impact on yourself and those around you and getting rid of the excuses we use for behaving badly. Lots of interesting quotes, scenarios and a clip to keep students engaged!
Symbol supported good and bad behaviour social storyQuick View

Symbol supported good and bad behaviour social story

A social story for students who may exhibit some challenging behaviours like Biting, kicking, scratching, etc. This resource can be personalized to the individual student by adding their picture and name towards the end.
Anti bullying questionnaire with classroom display to promote good behaviourQuick View

Anti bullying questionnaire with classroom display to promote good behaviour

As part of prompting the British Values of ‘Mutual respect’ and ‘Democracy’ I have created a questionnaire to obtain student views about bullying. The aim of this questionnaire is to encourage ‘student voice’ by letting students have a say on how they feel about bullying. There is also a classroom rules PowerPoint to print off and stick up to promote good behaviour Please feel free to edit and alter
Behaviour LogQuick View

Behaviour Log

Behaviour Log, good for qualified teachers and trainees, to help evidence standards and make notes for parents evenings etc.