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Spanish Grammar Escape Room

A very fun lesson to boost grammatical understanding in Spanish following the popular Escape Room format. Barely any preparation time is required from the teacher. It includes a series of tasks covering a range of GCSE topics (school, local area, holidays and world of work) where students need to apply their knowledge of the present, preterite, present perfect, imperfect, conditional and future tenses of both regular and irregular verbs whilst developing their reading and translation skills covering different CGSE themes. This Escape Room has the perfect level of challenge to prepare them well for their exam and develop their grammatical skills. The lesson includes a vocabulary bank and a grammar knowledge organiser, to support students, making it accessible to all KS4 and AS students. A very enjoyable lesson to develop team work, which includes regular progress checks so that teachers can consistently check understanding and progress. Instructions in English and Spanish for both teachers and students as well as answers included.
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Verb Garden Spanish Grammar Display.

A Spanish grammar display including 4 tenses and personal pronouns. Print the flowers on coloured a3 paper or card. Print all the coloured resources on a5. Print the title on a4.
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Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet

Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet. This booklet (120 pages) provides a very comprehensive study of the main grammar points needed at A level (sections of the booklet can also be used at GCSE level). Each section includes an explanation of a grammar point and a variety of activities to consolidate knowledge and understanding. The booklet is divided into the following sections: 1. Nouns 1a. gender 1b. number 2. Articles 3. Adjectives 4. Comparatives and superlatives 5. “Por” and “para” 6. Contractions 7. Negatives 8. Questions 9. Personal a 10. Relative pronouns 11. Possessive adjectives and pronouns 12. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns 13. Direct object pronouns 14. Indirect object pronouns 15. Direct and indirect object pronouns used together 16. Apocopation 17. “Ser” and “estar” 18. Conjugating verbs 19. Present tense 19 a. regular verbs 19 b. irregular verbs 19 c. stem-changing (or radical-changing) verbs 19 d. reflexive verbs 19 e. “gustar” 19 f. back to front verbs 20. Preterite tense 21. Imperfect tense 22. Preterite vs imperfect 23. Present perfect 24. Past perfect (or “pluperfect”) 25. Future simple 26. Conditional 27. Commands (the imperative) 28. Present progressive (or “present continuous”) 29. Present subjunctive 30. Passive voice (and how to avoid it) 31. Conditional clauses Verb tables
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French A level Grammar Booklet

A complete French grammar booklet (123 pages) that includes the following: Aimed at A level students. §1 Passé composé / perfect tense §2: Subject, direct object and indirect object §3. Personal pronouns: direct and indirect object pronoun §4. Past participle: agreements §5. Passe composé or imperfect? §5.1 Plus-que-parfait – pluperfect §6. Present or future, perfect or future perfect? §7. Uses of conditional and conditional perfect §8. Sentences with si §9. The passive §10. Depuis etc: points to note concerning tenses: Depuis Venir de Il y a Devoir §11. Use of the infinitive §12. Relative pronouns (1) 1.1 qui 1.2 que 1.3 ce qui / ce que 1.4 word order §13 Relative pronouns (2): dont §14. Relative pronouns (3): relative pronouns after a preposition §15. The subjunctive (1): formation, some uses §16 The subjunctive (2): uses (cont.) §17 Asking questions (1): inversion §18. Asking questions (2): What? Who? General exercises Indirect questions §19. Pronouns: en §20. Pronouns: y §21. The Imperative §22. Demonstrative pronouns §23. Emphatic pronouns §24. Possessive pronouns • Key to exercises
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English SATS Grammar Questions

This resource contains a set of 66 SATS style questions on grammatical terms and word classes. The resource includes questions on the following: Nouns Verbs Adjectives Conjunctions Pronouns Possessive Pronouns Relative Pronouns Adverbs Prepositions Determiners Subject and Object You may also be interested in: Key Stage 2 SPaG SATS Revision PowerPoint Quiz This resource contains a quiz / revision resource on KS2 SATS English - spelling punctuation and grammar. The questions are in 2016 SATS style and include questions on grammatical terms, word/classes, combining words, punctuation and spelling. More SATS English Resources Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this step-by-step guide: How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step-by-Step Guide
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Practice SPaG Booklet. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

A workbook including activities on: • Common spelling errors • Correcting Spelling Mistakes • Punctuation examples • Homophones • Synonyms • Making plurals • Tense Mistakes • Homophone correction • Punctuation Missing Could be broken up for starters or used as a longer homework project,
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French A-Level- Grammar- Tenses and Moods

This resource file contains a PowerPoint Presentation with a description of each tense/ mood covered at A-Level, practice activities and answers. A total of 58 slides. The powerpoint is hyperlinked so students can select the tense they want to view and practise from the first slide. **PLEASE NOTE: This is targetted at A Level students. All the descriptions are written in French. ** If you have any questions or if you are interested in more resources of this type, you can check this facebook page: @Frenchresources where links, updates and freebies are posted regularly
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Year 4 SPAG Grammar

18 differentiated worksheets to practise the Year 4 Grammar objectives Adjectives, nouns and verbs X2 Adverbs and adverbials x2 Conjunctions x2 Expanded noun phrases x2 Fronted adverbials x3 Pronouns x2 Sentences and phrases x2 Present Perfect tense or Past simple x4 Using paragraphs x1 Please leave feedback Images from Pixabay
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extra golden-timeextra golden-time

SPAG 40 English Grammar Dice Games

**Please also take a look at '30 more grammar dice games' available in my store** This is a 145 page word document containing 40 fun grammar games. Unlike a lot of sellers, my work is a Word document, so you can edit-and-adapt to make it work in your classroom. All of these games have been tested in class and adjusted if needed. They have a real impact on learning. For each grammar skill there is: a child friendly explanation of the concept; printable rules and resources for a lively dice game; suggestions to challenge or support learners; suggestions for application of the skill in written work. For some grammar games there is also a lesson plan and a presentation. Some of the games included are: 1. Mission Control - Write commands, questions and statements 2. Mythical Six 3. Simple or Compound 4. Adverb Sea Monsters 5. How many proper nouns? - Use proper nouns in a sentence 6. Castle of Nouns - Classify different types of nouns 7. The Memory Test – contractions 8. Apostrophe abductions - Identify possessive apostrophes and contractions 9. Synonym racers (adjectives) - Use more adventurous adjectives 10. Unplanned Story - Use sentence variety 11. Whose side are you on? - Learn the language of argument 12. Whose side are you on? (advanced) - Use extended arguments in a balanced discussion 13. Sentence Extenders - Extend simple sentences in a variety of ways 14. Battle of the complex sentences - Create complex sentences 15. Simple, compound or complex - Create simple, compound or complex sentences 16. Explanation game - Use causal connectives 17. Fronted adverbials - Use a variety of fronted adverbials 18. Warrior swords - Vary the length of fronted adverbials 19. Score my speech - Punctuate direct speech accurately 20. Score my interrupted speech - Interrupt direct speech by dropping a reporting clause in 21. The relative clause team game - Drop a relative clause into a sentence 22. Will you or won’t you? - Use modal verbs in sentences 23. ‘Time’ or ‘Place’ - Classify prepositions into two groups 24. Add a prepositional phrase - Add a prepositional phrase to a main clause 25. Punctuation show-offs - Use dashes, brackets and semi-colons 26. Plural planets - Explore 6 rules for making plurals 27. Battle words - Use this for any spelling rule! 28. Determiners ‘Point or show quantity’ - Learn all about determiners 29. Determiners ‘Introduce the noun’ - Classify and use determiners 30. Unstressed vowel race - spell unstressed vowels 31. Follow the rule/break the rule - spell ‘ie’ and ‘ei’ words 32. Paragraph Party 33. Creepy crawly colon sentences - Colons to explain 34. Colons to introduce lists ...and more!!!
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just some quick reference sheets about some of the main grammar points covered in AS/A2 or higher GCSE level...
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This bundle includes all of the escape rooms listed below. Important: All these products sell for $65; as a bundle they are 35% off, for $42! Each escape room has the following contents: ♦ Teacher Instructions with Usage Guide and FAQ ♦ 20 Multiple Choice Questions ♦ 5 Decoders for each of the 5 Levels ♦ Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key ♦ Link to an optional, but recommended, digital breakout room Important Note: Each topic utilizes the same types of puzzles Included Topics: ♦ Adjectives ♦ Adverbs ♦ Apostrophes ♦ Appositives ♦ Collective Nouns ♦ Commas ♦ Contractions ♦ Helping Verbs ♦ Parts of Speech ♦ Plural Nouns ♦ Prepositions ♦ Pronoun Antecedent Agreement ♦ Verbs
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Grammar Starters

a range of grammar starters focusing on everything from capital letters to semi-colons. all tried and tested, some relevant to particular texts but still work on their own.
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Worksheets go along with the PowerPoint.
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A mixture of adjectives and verb practise including powerpoint, activities and games.
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This grammar bundle includes all of the products listed below. Playing directions and folding Directions (with pictures) are Included. Important: All these Cootie Catchers sell for $64; as a bundle they are 35% off, for $39! Grammar Cootie Catchers Bundle Contents (33 Products): * Adjective Identification * Adjectives: Comparative and Superlative * Adverbs * Appositives * Apostrophes * Capitalization * Clauses * Commas * Conjunctions * Contractions * Mentor Sentences * Nouns: Common, Proper, and Plural * Nouns: Collective * Nouns: Common and Proper * Nouns: Irregular Plural * Nouns: Plural Nouns * Nouns: Possessive Nouns * Parts of Speech * Prepositions * Prepositional Phrases * Pronouns: Identification * Pronouns: Possessive * Pronoun Antecedent Agreement * Quotation Marks * Sentence Types * Sentences: Fragments and Run-Ons * Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex * Subject and Predicate: Complete and Compound * Verb Identification * Verb Tenses * Verbs: Helping * Verbs: Irregular * Verbs: Subject Verb Agreement