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This is a unit of work for HAMLET that I'm currently running with my year 8 classes, both top sets and bottom sets. If you know the play really well, the pupils will enjoy the play very much. You have 131 slides with 12 lessons on a big Power point presentation, together with a 6 weeks homework booklet and the SOW. Plenty of tasks in each lesson. Videos are embedded and you only need to click on some words in the slides. Video versions used are Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet & RSC version with David Tennant, which are widely available for free on YouTube. Feedback is welcomed
Hamlet Activity Act 1 Scene 2 - Hamlet's SoliloquyQuick View

Hamlet Activity Act 1 Scene 2 - Hamlet's Soliloquy

Sheet 1 is Hamlet's first speech in Act 1, Scene 2. Sheet 2 has the mixed up annotations, which can be cut out and stuck onto sheet 1 (or copied out). The students have to match up the words/phrases to the annotations. Sheet 3 is the answers, which includes the speech and the annotations in the correct place. This was designed for AS/A2 students.
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Hamlet Playscript

Play script for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet - suitable for key stage 2 or lower key stage 3 classes.
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Updated to tie in with new GCSE criteria (specifically AQA). Plenty more slides, worksheets and materials added. PowerPoints, resources and key scenes for teaching Hamlet to KS3. Used for higher abilities but easily adaptable. Used across a whole half term (with reading some of the play) with positive feedback from pupils and colleagues.
Hamlet by Marcia Williams Comprehension KS2Quick View

Hamlet by Marcia Williams Comprehension KS2

A classic Shakespeare text brought to life in a vibrant and engaging comic with quotes from the original text by Shakespeare. A great opportunity to expose children to an unconventional text type that has appeared in the SATs: Charlie Small, King Midas and Soupman. Ideal for an English lesson, whole class reading/guided reading, homework, tuition or intervention. The comprehension questions focus on assessment domains 2B (retrieval questions) and 2D (inferential questions). Includes flashcards of key words and phrases to help with explicit vocabulary teaching. The flashcards come with pictures drawn by a professional children's illustrator, contextualised sentences, definitions from the Oxford dictionary, word origins, root words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, word family, phrases/idioms and word classes.
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Hamlet full SOW for A-level - powerpoints and worksheets

VALUE FOR MONEY alert... powerpoint, handouts, questions, key extracts and some teacher notes... all labelled and ready to just pick up and teach. A full scheme of work also included - I am teaching for OCR (extract then an interpretation question), but this covers off all A-level AOs... critics, analysis and some context.
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Critical Interpretations of Hamlet

Powerpoints, word documents, activities and notes - excellent value for money. Suitable for Edexcel or OCR A Level or AS Level. Also suitable for AQA. There are enough resources here to be valuable to timesavers.
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Hamlet revision activities for OCR A-level

Some revision activities, quizzes, exemplar essay to help revise Hamlet... Designed for OCR A-level English Literature but transferable, especially the big revision quiz and the mini quizzes (some designed using Socrative)
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English literature Hamlet full unit

A long PPT for 26 lessons on Hamlet, divided into lessons by objectives slides for easy adding/removing of tasks and transferral of activities between lessons. Also includes a bonus PPT for 10 revision lessons (N.B. my students had also read Middleton’s Revenger’s Tragedy by that point). Full lessons are clear on PPT, and all accompanying resources supplied. Also some critical quotations and artwork for a display. Perfect for old OR new spec English Literature - used with great success for both WJEC and EDEXCEL specifications.
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Hamlet - The Story - Reading Comprehension Worksheet

This Reading Comprehension worksheet is suitable for upper intermediate to proficient ESL learners. The text narrates the story of Hamlet based on William Shakespeare's tragedy. After carefully reading a text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including: questions, True or False and a gap filling exercise. The vocabulary used in the text is rather advanced and can also be used for IGSCE, TOEFL or IELTS vocabulary building purposes. The handout can be completed in class or assigned for homework.
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Hamlet Essay Plans

Detailed essay plans including quotations, context and critics as well as introductions and conclusions for the following four questions on ‘Hamlet’: Explore Shakespeare’s treatment of moral responsibility in Hamlet. Examine the dramatic importance of Gertrude and Ophelia in Hamlet. “In his presentation of royalty in Hamlet, Shakespeare could be accused of undermining the political and social values of his time.” Explore this view of Hamlet “From first to last, there is an overwhelming air of decay.” Examine Shakespeare’s presentation of the theme of decay in Hamlet
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Hamlet: Tragic Hero

An introduction to the concept of a tragic hero through looking at modern examples and key sections of Act 1 of Hamlet. With key features to aid visual learners.
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Hamlet PowerPoint Presentation

Comprehensive, high quality PowerPoint Presentation on Hamlet - 128 slides. Presentation includes background information on the play including textual version, sources and the great Chain of Being. Interactive quizzes on each act and quote ID’s from each act are also included. Quizzes and quote ID’s are animated, so that answers appear on the click. Presentation also includes detailed sections on major and minor characters, as well as major themes (acting, corruption, ears, madness, reason vs. passion, revenge, spying, suicide and death). Links to YouTube videos are also provided, as well as a list of essay topics. Download a preview of the presentation here. View an outline of the presentation here. Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint for Windows, 2007 or later. Compatible with all version of PowerPoint for the Mac, 2008 or later. Please contact seller to purchase version of presentation compatible with PowerPoint 2003 for Windows or PowerPoint 2004 for the Mac.
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Hamlet A Level Essentials

Hamlet A Level exam revision essentials. Key themes with quotations matched to them from the play, key context and critics to illuminate their arguments. All they need for the exam in one place and presented as handy crib sheets.
A Level Hamlet: (4) Act 1 Scene 4 - The Ghost Appears to HamletQuick View

A Level Hamlet: (4) Act 1 Scene 4 - The Ghost Appears to Hamlet

This presentation is beautifully crafted and engaging for the students. It explores elements of this scene through a starter, summary and analysis questions, extension task and plenary. It promotes academic and creative writing by exploring all of the elements of the scene from a performance and literature based perspective.
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Hamlet 2009 Teacher Pack (1)

The activities in this free Shakespeare teachers' pack are inspired by the rehearsal room process for a production of Hamlet. They have been designed with KS2 and KS3 students in mind, but can be adapted for other ages. Activities include: - Creating a musical character - Exploring the ghost story - Using everyday objects as props - Hamlet's relationship with Horatio Based on the Young People&'s Shakespeare Hamlet directed by Tarell Alvin McCraney.
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Hamlet: Free Teaching Resources Pack!

This free resource pack from the National Theatre contains downloadable and printable pdf resources and worksheets for teachers, students, researchers or anyone interested in discovering more about the National Theatre's production of 'Hamlet&' by William Shakespeare.