Depositional Landforms - RiversQuick View

Depositional Landforms - Rivers

This lesson is based around the new AQA GCSE specification. This is a lesson in the unit titled River landscapes in the UK. The main aim of this lesson is to cover the following element of the specification: - Characteristics and formation of landforms resulting from deposition - levees, floodplains and estuaries.
Erosional Landforms - CoastsQuick View

Erosional Landforms - Coasts

This lessons aims to allow students to gain an understanding of the different erosional processes that occur along the coast, followed by how these create a range of coastal landforms. By the end of the lesson students will be able to answer the following key questions: - What are the different processes of erosion and how do they work? - What landforms are formed by coastal erosional and how are they formed?
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Glacial landforms created by deposition

Lesson looking at glacial landforms created by deposition. Includes a gap fill activity about the formation of moraines, drumlins and erratics and a creative writing task to get students thinking about all of the processes working together.
Erosional and Depositional Landforms - RiversQuick View

Erosional and Depositional Landforms - Rivers

This lesson is based around the new AQA GCSE specification. This is a lesson in the unit titled River landscapes in the UK. The main aim of this lesson is to cover the following element of the specification: - Charactersistics and formation of landforms resulting from erosion and deposition - meanders and ox-bow lakes.
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Landforms: This landforms accordion booklet is a fun hands on activity for students to use in one of two ways: 1. Students can be provided certain landforms to make a small accordion booklet for their interactive notebooks 2. Each individual in class can be responsible for a landform, present theirs to the class, and all can be glued together and hung on the wall as a class project. This booklet also doubles as a coloring book, as students may color in examples of each landform. Landforms Accordion Booklet Contents: 1. Assembly Instructions for the booklet 2. Landforms Vocabulary terms with lined pages Beach, Butte, Canal, Canyon, Cave, Cliff, Delta, Glacier, Gulf/ Bay, Hills, Island, Isthmus, Lake, Mesa, Mountains, Oasis, Ocean, Peninsula, Plateau, Pond, River, Sand dunes, Valley, Volcano, Waterfall 3. A smaller version of #1 and 2 to fit smaller pieces of construction paper Thank you to Ashley Hughes and Illumismart who provided the images ***** Do a search for my other Accordion Booklets in the folllowing topics: ***** Space Science: ♦ The Solar System: The Planets ♦ Eclipses ♦ Comets, Meteors, Meteoroids, Meteorites and Asteroids ♦ Life Cycle of Stars ♦ Constellations of the Zodiac Earth Science: ♦ Clouds ♦ Severe Weather ♦ Layers of the Atmosphere ♦ Volcanoes ♦ Fossils ♦ Plate Tectonics ♦ Natural Resources ♦ Layers of the Earth ♦ Rock Cycle ♦ Water Cycle ♦ Rocks and Minerals ♦ Landforms Life Science: ♦ Biomes ♦ Life Cycle of Plants ♦ Human Body Systems ♦ Habitats ♦ Butterfly Life Cycle ♦ Frog Life Cycle ♦ Dinosaurs ♦ Animal Adaptations ♦ Six Kingdoms of Life ♦ Pumpkin Life Cycle ♦ Cell Structures Physical Science: ♦ The Scientific Method ♦ Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures ♦ Forms of Energy ♦ Simple Machines
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Coastal Landforms- formation and process

The powerpoint presentation contains annotated photographs taken by the author of the Dorset Jurassic coastlines most famous features. The presentation can be used as an 'aide-mémoire' for revision purposes or as an introduction to the work of waves in the formation of coastal features.
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Introduction to Landforms and Landscapes

This powerpoint is made for year 8 students based on the Australian Curriculum 8.3. Has a brief summary on how landscapes differ. It is a useful teaching tool to help students to elicit the prior knowledge to participate in the game of 'What landscape am I?'
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Geography - Coasts - Erosion - Coastal Landforms

Three labelled PPT diagrams to include in a lesson, to help when teaching... - Cliffs and wave cut platforms - Caves, arches, stacks and stumps - Headlands and bays Three worksheets to help students learn or demonstrate understanding. The worksheets have several tasks to help the students complete the diagram and link it to the processes of erosion. As of the 20th January, every single review we've had for a premium resource has been 5/5*
Erosional Landforms - RiversQuick View

Erosional Landforms - Rivers

This lesson is based around the new AQA GCSE specification. This is a lesson in the unit titled River landscapes in the UK. The main aim of this lesson is to cover the following element of the specification: - Characteristics and formation of landforms resulting from erosion - interlocking spurs, waterfalls and gorges.
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Landforms: This landforms word search also doubles as a coloring book!. The advantage to this is that students can actually see the concept behind the term they are attempting to find. The solution to the puzzle is included. Landforms Word Search/ Coloring Book Vocabulary Terms: ♦ Butte ♦ Canal ♦ Canyon ♦ Cave ♦ Cliff ♦ Delta ♦ Glacier ♦ Gulf ♦ Island ♦ Isthmus ♦ Lake ♦ Mesa ♦ Mountains ♦ Oasis ♦ Peninsula ♦ Plateau ♦ River ♦ Valley ♦ Volcano ♦ Waterfall Thank you to Ashley Hughes who provided the images
Glacial landforms of erosionQuick View

Glacial landforms of erosion

A simple lesson which looks at the formation of aretes, corries, pyramidal peaks and tarns. Uses the new geog.1 textbook for one activity.
River landforms - waterfall sequencingQuick View

River landforms - waterfall sequencing

Sequencing activity: River landforms - waterfalls This is suited to KS3 but does work with KS4 - you'll need to add more detail (processes of erosion etc.). There are four slides to help the teacher explain the processes involved and introduce the keywords. The activity sheet requires students to complete three activities. 1. Cut out and arrange the tiles. 2. Add the labels from the sheet. 3. Add the descriptions from the sheet. There is also an animated consolidation slide to allow teacher/students to check accuracy. For higher ability - ask the students to underline the key terms, add more key terms and write their own descriptions. Two version of the sheet are included; one in colour and one in outline black & white. Every review we've received for a premium resource has been 5/5* (As of February 20th 2017)
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Use this great resource from to teach kids all about science!
River Landform worksheetQuick View

River Landform worksheet

Pupils will annotate a photo and draw a valley cross section. pupils will answer questions on river landforms and write a balanced extended answer to the potential development of landforlms (such as waterfalls) for the tourist industry. useful for an end of unit test.
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This PowerPoint will engage each learner visually to comprehend what the landforms of the earth are, and how they impact where people live.
River LandformsQuick View

River Landforms

This is a KS3 lesson based upon river landforms, however it mirrors the content and relevant detail of 9-1 OCR A GCSE Geography. This lesson includes: - The journey of a river - Formation of: meanders, ox-bow lakes, waterfalls, levees and floodplains. - Practice exam questions All resources necessary are attached.
Glaciation - Lesson 4 - Glacial LandformsQuick View

Glaciation - Lesson 4 - Glacial Landforms

Lesson 4 of 8 Glacial landforms shaped by erosion Corries, arêtes and pyramidal peaks Lesson Objective: To know the key landforms associated with glacial landscapes. Homework worksheet included on ribbon lakes, hanging valleys and U-shaped valleys
Landforms of Glacial ErosionQuick View

Landforms of Glacial Erosion

New spec KS4 AQA geography lesson presentation and resources for Section C: Physical Landscapes in the UK. The resource bundle includes the full lesson power point presentation, consumable resources and resources for repeat use. These are found as slides at the end of the presentation. A separate set of re-usable resources for 'You say we pay' activity is included in the bundle which would double as an ideal revision resource.