Space Poetry Lesson Plan and PowerpointQuick View

Space Poetry Lesson Plan and Powerpoint

I created this plan and PPT for a job interview where I was asked to teach a year 5/6 class. I based the lesson on their two main topics which were Space and Poetry. I used the fantastic poem 'Six Ways to Look at the Moon' by Pie Corbett in this lesson - included. I also used another fab poem - included. Task was for the children to write their own version of Pie Corbett's poem. PPT easy to follow along while teaching. The 'Six-ways-to-look-at-ordering-a-poem' resource was used as an activity where I cut up the sentences and worked with a focus group to read, re-order the poem - this was great for discussion and for thinking about structure/ language in poem, etc.
The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit

*Updated January 2018* - with 1-hour webinar tutorial to guide new users. Designed to reduce planning time and focus on key learning phases within a lesson. (Will still require thinking!) Lesson planning is a habit of thought, not a form filling exercise. Remember, watchdogs no longer require a lesson plan for lessons, but evidence of ‘a planned lesson!’ So, why use the 5 Minute Lesson Plan? Useful for coaching and mentoring NQTs; or with established colleagues for paired observations; designed to help teachers consider the cognitive processes required in lesson planning. “Stickability” = What will stick in students minds as they leave your lesson? What key point do you want them to remember? Now translated into 14 languages and available for free on Teacher Toolkit website.
Commonwealth Games 2018 Lesson Plans and ResourcesQuick View

Commonwealth Games 2018 Lesson Plans and Resources

A lesson pack which includes a PowerPoint explaining what the Commonwealth is, the games event and its history. It also describes the role of Queen Elizabeth, the baton relay, open and closing ceremonies, sports involved etc. Includes research worksheets for children to research Australia (or this could be given as home work) and a word search. ** The resource includes a lesson plan and maths/problem solving activity where children have to plan a trip to the Commonwealth games and stick to a budget (KS1/2 Level 1/2 versions provided). **Also includes an art lesson plan and powerpoint to teach children to create their own Aboriginal art. The PowerPoint also describes the mistreatment of the indigenous people and some of their religious beliefs.
Before The Flood - worksheet, lesson plan and presentationQuick View

Before The Flood - worksheet, lesson plan and presentation

This package includes a worksheet/booklet to accompany the 'Before The Flood', feature documentary featuring Leonard Di Caprio, produced by National Geographic. The worksheet and lesson resources cover the evidence and impact of climate change along with challenges, barriers and possible solutions to what is considered by many to be the most significant threat facing humanity. Lesson plan and PPT presentation are included to accompany the worksheet along with the answers which are presented in a way that makes peer assessment possible. Lesson Outcomes are as follows: Must: Describe how humans are causing climate change. Should: Explain how and why attitudes to global warming differ. Could: Compare and evaluate possible solutions to climate change.
Outstanding lesson plan- maths: sharing and halvingQuick View

Outstanding lesson plan- maths: sharing and halving

Suitable for Reception and Year 1. I planned and taught this lesson to my reception class -'outstanding' grade. I am happy to share the full observation feedback (send PM). Based on the Goldilocks story, the children learn by 'teaching' Goldilocks (a puppet/toy) how to be good at sharing. I was commended on the level of engagement, challenge and differentiation within the lesson. It's a very fun and interactive lesson,which I hope you enjoy teaching too. Includes: ppt: Letter from Goldie (the hook) Division/halving questions word list Lesson plan: all aspects covered with outdoor activity Feedback stickers 'How to share' (success Criteria) cards Attribution: All photos and clipart from public domain (creative commons) Other photos taken by myself.
Key Stage 1 Multi Skill Lesson PlansQuick View

Key Stage 1 Multi Skill Lesson Plans

Six weeks worth of lesson plans aiming to develop agility, balance and coordination. These lesson plans are aimed at the non PE specialist primary school teacher. Excellent for Multi-skill after school clubs.
Table Tennis Lesson PlansQuick View

Table Tennis Lesson Plans

All Tabe Tennis lessons plans. Including objectives, success criteria, warm ups, skill drills, conditioned games, differentiation and technical information
Edexcel Language Paper 1 Fiction and Imaginative Writing - Complete Lesson PlanQuick View

Edexcel Language Paper 1 Fiction and Imaginative Writing - Complete Lesson Plan

An invaluable 96 slide PowerPoint which is a step by step guide for how to approach Edexcel language paper 1 based on an extract from Wuthering Heights. It includes student friendly tips, exam board requirements, mark schemes, colour coded PEE paragraphs and worked examples. It also has imaginative writing examples for analysis with ways in to approaching the 40 mark question. It is a complete lesson plan for Paper 1 to be used over the course of a half term.
Limericks Lesson Plan and Other ResourcesQuick View

Limericks Lesson Plan and Other Resources

Year 3 English - limericks lesson plan and other resources: - limericks lesson plan. - limericks PowerPoint. - limericks success criteria. There is a PDF of all of the files and an editable version of each file (you just need to delete the watermark logo from each of the editable files). You can find more KS2 English lesson plans, worksheets and teaching resources on the Save Teachers' Sundays website.
Outstanding Lesson Plan TemplateQuick View

Outstanding Lesson Plan Template

This Lesson Plan template is designed with all the categories necessary for an outstanding lesson. This template can be applied to all subjects. Areas within template include; Teacher name - Subject / Group - Focus - Lesson Duration Learning Objectives - Planning with Bloom and The Big 4 Different sections for your starter/main/closing activities Tips/cues for teaching strategies Tick lists Group Profiles Seating Chart - with student information and sections prompting differentiation I created and use this lesson plan template in all my lessons. I find it incredibly helpful and useful to keep on track of my lesson and learners. There are sections devoted to each point in your lesson and areas to highlight which students need support. There is also a handy 'Quick Glance' section to help you refresh your memory during your lesson. It is recommended that you give detailed information in the various sections to help ensure your lesson runs smoothly. This lesson plan is two pages, so it is recommended you print off this plan 'back to back'.
Greek Myths: Big Lesson Bundle! (All Lessons, Resources, Plans, Everything!)Quick View

Greek Myths: Big Lesson Bundle! (All Lessons, Resources, Plans, Everything!)

This engaging, varied, and informative scheme of learning is designed to help students gain a deep understanding of a number of traditional Greek Myths. Made up of a wide-range of interesting and exciting lessons, students should complete this scheme having gathered vital skills in: interpreting the significant meanings of the text, understanding the writer's key messages, identifying the traits of key characters, settings, and themes, understanding language devices, and relating the texts to their social and historical contexts. Stimulating, visual, and easily adaptable, these lessons provide suggested learning objectives and outcomes for students of a wide-range of abilities - The vast majority of tasks are differentiated to allow for different abilities and needs in your classroom. Each lesson loosely follows this logical learning journey to ensure that students learn in bite-size steps: - Engaging - Defining/ Understanding - Identifying/Remembering - Analysing/ Creating - Peer or self evaluating. All of the lessons are interactive, employ a variety of different teaching and learning methods and styles, and are visually-engaging. Resources, worksheets, and lesson plans are all provided.
Play-scripts Lesson PlansQuick View

Play-scripts Lesson Plans

A set of lesson plans that are aimed at teaching play-scripts over a 2 week period. Includes lesson plans for each lesson as well as a mid-term lesson plan highlighting the intended progression of the lessons. Can be easily adapted and contain specific instructions for each lesson, including independent activities and follow up activities.
KS3 Handball Resources and Lesson PlansQuick View

KS3 Handball Resources and Lesson Plans

These resources are designed to help you integrate handball into your KS3 Physical Education curriculum . The Scheme of Work provides a detailed route from complete novice to match ready and all sessions / lessons and are designed to accommodate all abilities with clearly differentiated tasks with hints/tips for teachers on how to deliver each section successfully. These resources have been used for over 3 years successfully and have subsequently led to numerous students going on to be selected for representational teams including national league teams.
Winter Olympics 2018 Lesson Plan and ResourcesQuick View

Winter Olympics 2018 Lesson Plan and Resources

A PowerPoint giving information about the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea and the events involved etc. Resource also includes a lesson plan and KS2/Level 2 and KS1/Level1 versions of a maths activity where children have to plan a trip to South Korea to see some of the events and stick to a budget. This works well in mixed ability pairs or as individual tasks. Also includes a Winter Olympics word search for early finishers.
Lesson Plan blank templatesQuick View

Lesson Plan blank templates

This is a blank lesson plan that can be used to plan any subject and to be used as a starting point. Attached is a supporting document that also helps to fill in all boxes. Good for new teachers!
Pentominoes. Lesson plan, investigation.Quick View

Pentominoes. Lesson plan, investigation.

This unit is made up of a number of mini activities. After finding the 12 pentominoes pupils use the shapes in the following activities: Find the symmetry and rotational symmetry of the shapes Investigate which pentominoes will tessellate without being rotated, then which will tessellate when rotated Fit the shapes into varying sizes of rectangles The unit contains pentomino shapes to download and print out.