LGBT: homophobiaQuick View

LGBT: homophobia

Complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Credit to Seeker Daily for clip link Many more paid and free resources at my shop: Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

By EC_Resources

LGBT: OverviewQuick View

LGBT: Overview

Suitable for KS3 /4 Interactive and informative overview 2 hour lesson - covers key words, LGBT love, homophobic language, bulling and celebration of role models Key word card sort activities (Stonewall approved) Effective strategies in challenging LGBT bulling and homophobic language Celebrating role models and creative activity

By HannahPennack

PSHE: Citizenship: LGBT Awareness: Key Words and SymbolsQuick View

PSHE: Citizenship: LGBT Awareness: Key Words and Symbols

LGBT Awareness: Key Words and Symbols PowerPoint presentation that covers what LGBT means; the symbols of the rainbow flag and pink triangle; where in the world it is still illegal and requires students to use their gaydar to identify LGBT celebrities.

By tinpot

Los derechos del colectivo LGBTQuick View

Los derechos del colectivo LGBT

This is a lesson I put together based on Unit 3.3 of the new AQA A Level Spanish textbook; pages 54-57. The PowerPoint follows the content and grammar presented in the book and is supplemented by articles that I have found online related to the topic of LGBT in Spain and Latin America. The lesson covers reading, listening, translation, writing (summarising texts) and speaking skills. My students have recently had a mock exam which highlighted areas that they needed to work on and I have tried to cover these during this lesson. Instructions in the PowerPoint are a mix of Spanish and English - the instructions in the textbook are in Spanish therefore I have tried to support the students with English instructions on the slide whilst I use the target language to explain things. This lesson is probably only of use if you have the new AQA A Level Spanish textbook for the new specification by Hodder Education.

By inglesita87

LGBT history month artist research lesson: FebruaryQuick View

LGBT history month artist research lesson: February

A two-lesson mini scheme to celebrate LGBT history month: a research lesson on one of 10 artists, followed by a lesson to present and give feedback. The structure of the lesson is quite straight forward and resources are provided (ppt to go through the lesson tasks and handout sheets on the 10 artists). Computers will be needed and a projector/interactive whiteboard for the student presentations back the class. Students work in groups of about 3 for this task. Timings can be adapted to suit the length of your lessons, and the project could be extended to involve students making their own practical response to their artist. Students learn about a rich variety of LGBT artists through the research and presentations, as well as developing artist research and group work skills. A lesson that puts the emphasis on the students: researching, presenting and then giving peer feedback. Plus handouts on the artists can be used as posters for classroom display!

By amimamim

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LGBT equality in educationQuick View

LGBT equality in education

Selected extracts from CSIE's award-winning guide "Equality: Making It Happen" to help schools address prejudice, reduce bullying and promote equality holistically. This bundle focuses on LGBT equality in education and includes reference cards on sex & gender identity and on sexual orientation, Frequently Asked Questions about LGBT equality in education and about raising the achievement of all pupils, and reference cards on: the law on equality in education; and learning about equality, diversity and human rights. More extracts from "Equality: Making It Happen", including Frequently Asked Questions, equality audit questionnaires and a range of reference cards, are available on this site individually and in bundles. The complete guide is available as a pdf file from and as a hard copy, including CD, from, where you can also access information on training and support for schools alongside the guide. CSIE is a charity that works for equality, not for profit, and relies on sales of resources for its income.


LGBT history month: Visual Artist postersQuick View

LGBT history month: Visual Artist posters

February is LGBT history month! Make sure your classroom is ready... Ten A4 posters following the same format, each on a different LGBT visual artist. These can be used for departmental or whole school display or used as the basis for a research lesson... Artists included are: Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Marlow Moss, Cy Twombly, Hannah Hoch, Keith Haring, Isaac Julian, Andy Warhol, Ellsworth Kelly, Anya Gallaccio. Each poster includes artists name and dates, some key information, an image of the artist and a interesting/inspiring quote. Perfect for LGBT history month in February 2017!

By amimamim

LGBT Awareness Month - November - PSHE Social, Moral, Ethical Lesson Awareness KS3 KS4Quick View

LGBT Awareness Month - November - PSHE Social, Moral, Ethical Lesson Awareness KS3 KS4

PSHE discussion and information lesson for LGBT Awareness month in November. Could be used for a full lesson, starter of Form Time discussion. Covers the history of the LGBT movement, current issues, LGBT visibility in the media and ideas on how students can get involved and show support with this year's '#ByYourSide' initiative with Stonewall. 11 slides total. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.

By Sarasaurus89

Booklet for AQA Paper 2, Section B (Non-Fiction, LGBT Themed)Quick View

Booklet for AQA Paper 2, Section B (Non-Fiction, LGBT Themed)

This 17 page booklet contains: - Modern Source A: article from the Mail on Sunday, upbeat tone, on the Queen's cousin coming out as gay and his new relationship - Pre-1914 Source B: three short letters by Oscar Wilde to his lover, accessible and full of language techniques - Both sources are annotated with talking points - Scaffolded tasks and guidance for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 - Exam style questions - An additional exam booklet with these texts in should you choose to use this as an assessment - PDF and editable Word Docs of both booklets

By RammyResources

LGBT (and homophobic bullying)Quick View

LGBT (and homophobic bullying)

I started my assembly with a student reading a speech that she had written in the 'I have a dream' style. Her speech was about equality for all, with specific refernce to LGBT. Another student read the story of Doug Faulkner.

By Tinkercat

Alan Turing (LGBT History Month)Quick View

Alan Turing (LGBT History Month)

Presentation on the life and achievements of Alan Turing and his treatment following his conviction for homosexual activity Contains a screen contrasting his contribution to the Allied war effort with the Nazi's treatment of minorities, including homosexuals. Presented as part of an assembly addressing pupils' misuse of the word 'gay' as a term of abuse, which looked at the changing meaning of the word, and the lives of LGBT people through the Twentieth Century

By Astronyxis

Sex and Relationship EducationQuick View

Sex and Relationship Education

This powerpoint has been used for Key Stage 4 and 5 in the Special Needs School I work in, it could be used for KS3 students in main stream. It contains lessons for Relationships, Rights and Responsibilities of Sex, Sexting, Teenage Relationship Abuse, LGBT and Gender Identity, and Porn and Masturbation. The lesson objectives can be changed/differentiated and there are film clip links within the presentation.

By sipearson81

Ash by Malinda Lo - English Literature Mini-UnitQuick View

Ash by Malinda Lo - English Literature Mini-Unit

These lessons support the reading of Ash by Malinda Lo, an LGBT retelling of Cinderella. Pupils are expected to read the book at home, with lessons exploring how Lo subverts traditional fairy tales for a modern audience and uses language to portray character and theme.

By CMillerEnglish

Year 9 Term 1: RelationshipsQuick View

Year 9 Term 1: Relationships

Term 1- September-December. Including a lesson reflection tracker and a SOW. L1/L2 Uses our school KUDOS system to plan career options. Cannot upload anything regarding this as it is an online tool. L3- Media Portrayal of relationships (Happily ever after, Female/Male Role). L4- Positive Vs Negative Relationships L5- LGBT L6- Forced Marriage L7- FGM & HBV L8/L9 requires a copy of murdered by my boyfriend- BBC drama L10/L11 Requires the BBC3 documentary Sex on Trial.

By KCharlotte