Spanish Carnaval March Mystery Pictures! Color By Number / Grids for Carnaval!Quick View

Spanish Carnaval March Mystery Pictures! Color By Number / Grids for Carnaval!

Carnaval / Mardi Gras / Spanish Fun Stuff! Spanish Carnaval - themed Mystery Pictures, Color By Number Printables, No Prep, No Fuss! Spanish students practice colors and number (both numerals and words) in these fun and engaging Carnaval - themed Mystery Pictures! Great for centers, morning work, homework, emergency substitute plans, fast finishers and a great way to celebrate Carnaval (Mardi Gras)! The 5 pictures hidden in these puzzles are: Fleur de Lis, Crown 1, Theater Masks, Carnaval Mask, Crown 2 Students simply follow the code to reveal the hidden images!
French story - Le carnaval de Guadeloupe - Mardi grasQuick View

French story - Le carnaval de Guadeloupe - Mardi gras

This is a dialogue in French between 3 friends who talk about the famous carnival, this fantastic event that takes place on the island of La Guadeloupe every year during 2 months until Mardi Gras. This allows to discover this unique carnival of this French island. Is included: - A dialogue (3 pages) - Information about La Guadeloupe and its carnival - Quizlet flashcards french/english - Activities/questions with answer sheet included
Eve est allée en Louisiane - CI / TPRS French beginner/intermed passé composéQuick View

Eve est allée en Louisiane - CI / TPRS French beginner/intermed passé composé

(Beginner / Novice - Intermediate) Here is a short story based off the Comprehensible Input / TPRS style of language acquisition. It is about a young girl who traveled to Louisiana during Mardi Gras season. It has culturally rich vocabulary while incorporating basic verbs in the passé composé. The story contains verbs that use both "avoir" and "être" as auxiliary verbs. An introductory PowerPoint with information on the cultural aspects is included along with multiple classroom activities and instructions on teaching the lesson. The story and all activities can easily be edited to suit your students' level and abilities.
Mardi Gras Activity BookQuick View

Mardi Gras Activity Book

This is a short Mardi Gras lesson that covers the history of Mardi Gras, Creole Mardi Gras traditions, some vocabulary words, a recipe for Beignets, and a mask project with template.
mardi gras powerpointQuick View

mardi gras powerpoint

-a powerpoint about mardi gras as celebrated around the world. We have spent 2-3 lessons with year 8 on this. This is what we did: -show the ppt -show a couple of clips from youtube showing the carnival in New Orleans and Nice -give the kids pancakes with either chocolate or jam on them (8 pancakes in a packet from a supermarket) (we asked kids for 50p to cover costs) -next lesson- give them templates of masks and glue, coloured paper etc. -kids make mardi gras masks.
Mardi-grasQuick View


Powerpoint to help explain Mardi Gras carnival in France
Recettes de Mardi-GrasQuick View

Recettes de Mardi-Gras

I adapted some info I found on L' and added some questions. Could be useful for some quick reading exercises
Barney Bear goes to Mardi GrasQuick View

Barney Bear goes to Mardi Gras

This powerpoint is about Barney Bear's trip to Nice in France for the Mardi Gras carnival. He watches the parades and joins in by wearing a colourful mask and eating carnival food. I am quite new to teaching EYFS - any constructive feedback gratefully accepted!
Mardi GrasQuick View

Mardi Gras

Information taken from and rearranged slightly to make a worksheet .
Easter in FranceQuick View

Easter in France

A PowerPoint presentation on Easter traditions in France, including Carnaval, Mardi Gras, les cloches, poisson d’avril etc. Presentation followed by a simple quiz.
Mardi Gras Word SearchQuick View

Mardi Gras Word Search

A Mardi Gras themed word search. A set of differentiated word searches, anagrams and a crossword are available to purchase Activity Pack - Differentiated Word Seaches, Anagrams and Crossword This resource includes - 3 differentiated word searches - 3 differentiated anagram worksheets - 1 crossword 'Mardi Gras' PowerPoint Lesson / Assembly Mardi Gras - Lesson / Assembly Presentation and Activity Pack Brighten up dull February days with this colourful resource about Mardi Gras which takes place in many countries around the world prior to the start of Lent. This is a 55 slide, fully editable and informative lesson / assembly presentation. It makes reference to - the meaning of Mardi Gras - why it has evolved - the different ways countries celebrate Mardi Gras It contains hyperlinks to the Rio Carnival, the New Orleans Carnival, the Nice Carnival, the Belgium Carnival, the Venice Carnival and the Quebec Carnival. There is also a link to Paul Simon's 'Take me to the Mardi Gras' on slide 1 which could be used before the start of the assembly. It may even inspire you to hold your own Mardi Gras event in school! Save money and buy both resources at a discounted rate Mardi Gras - Lesson / Assembly Presentation and Activity Pack For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate
Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day / Mardi GrasQuick View

Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day / Mardi Gras

Three separate pancake recipes, including a savoury pancake; plus a lesson plan, worksheets and a video on the science behind bread baking along with information on the industrial bread process. Ideal for students who forget their ingredients for the practical. Also included is some guidance on health and safety in thekitchen.
Les crêpesQuick View

Les crêpes

Powerpoint for Mardi gras. Simple introduction to the ingredients to make pancakes plus fillings! Students can then produce some creative work, describing/drawing their favorite/ideal pancake!
Shrove Tuesday lesson - Les crepesQuick View

Shrove Tuesday lesson - Les crepes

For Year 8 low ability group on pancake day. \n\nLinks in with current module (just starting food and drink - Expo 2, Module 4) but includes some cultural aspects on la Chandeleur and Mardi gras. \n\nMain idea for resource (pictures and vocab) taken from another TES resource ( but I have added to it to keep my class busy for a whole lesson.
Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Lent QuizQuick View

Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Lent Quiz

Topical tutorial activity There are 10 multiple choice questions around the religious themes that connects Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Lent and even Palm Sunday. Lent and associated events have both a religious and cultural significance for the UK and many other countries around the world. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical tutor groups Two pdf documents provided: a question and an answer sheet
Mardi Gras WordsearchQuick View

Mardi Gras Wordsearch

A simple wordsearch to go with the wealth of Mardi Gras powerpoints available on TES. Pupils need to find words, look up meaning in dictionary and say whether they are masculine or feminine.