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Measuring Bundle

This is a bundle of three complete and fully resourced lessons introducing pupils to measuring in Science. The resources are... Measuring Volume: This is an introductory practical lesson to demonstrate how pupils measure volume and teaches them the importance of accuracy. This resource pack contains: A PPT (24 slides) and handouts (1 sheet) . Included in this resource is two of our timers complete with MUSIC. Activities include: Starter Task: Thinking Skills question Demonstration on how to accurately measure liquid. Experiment on measuring different volumes Plenary (Exit task) : Beat the clock In our lessons, all key words are added to our KS3 Science - Scientific Vocabulary A-Z . Measuring Time: This is an introductory practical lesson to demonstrate how pupils measure time and teaches them the importance of accuracy. This resource pack contains: A PPT (14 slides) and handouts (2 sheets) . Included in this resource is two of our timers complete with MUSIC. Activities include: Starter Task: Thinking Skills question Activity on on recording time digitally. Pupils will find out when completing the challenges that they won't be accurate. Therefore, they will want to repeat challenge reinforcing the need for repeat experiments to find averages. Experiment on measuring different times and two practical challenges. Plenary (Exit task) : Think, Pair Share- Please note… This Exit Task/Plenary is designed to draw out the findings of the measuring time activities. These being that the children will learn that using a stop click to seconds and hundredths of seconds will give them a precise time. However, this is not 100% accurate due to human error (reaction times). You should discuss how to improve on accuracy ( use of repeats and find an average). In our lessons, all key words are added to our KS3 Science - Scientific Vocabulary A-Z . Measuring Temperature: This is an introductory practical lesson to demonstrate how pupils measure temperature and teaches them the importance of accuracy. This resource pack contains: A PPT (12 slides) and handouts (2 sheets) . Included in this resource is two of our timers complete with MUSIC. Activities include: Starter Task: Thinking Skills question Activity on on recording temperature. Pupils are asked to estimate the temperature of certain items and plot them on their worksheet. Then they are given the answer and asked to plot the temperatures correctly. Experiment on measuring temperatures. Plenary (Exit task) : Slap it up- Pupils are asked to write something they have learnt in the lesson and a question they would like to ask and slap it up on the board before they leave. Physics: Measuring Force, Newton Meters. This is a practical lesson introducing pupils to Newton meters. Measuring Force: Physics: Measuring Force, Newton Meters Lesson pack contains: A PPT (15 slides) and a peer assessment handout (1 sheet). Activities include: Starter Task: A Thinking Skills questions- measuring force. Task 1: Pupils are introduced to Sir Isaac Newton and his invention, the Newton Meter. Then pupils are asked to measure everyday items and record this information in the form of a table in their exercise books. Task 2: Pupils should then be given a spring and a hook and 5 weights (1-5 kilograms). They will need to hang the spring and add the weights one by one and measure the length of the spring each time a weight is added and record the data in the form of a table. They will then be asked to plot a line graph (you will need to provide graph paper for this task). Task 3: Pupils will need to conclude on the results and describe the relationship between weights added and the length of the spring and link this to how a Newton meter works. Included in this pack is a peer assessment sheet that can be used to mark the individual activities. Exit task/Plenary: our interactive Starter and Plenary Prompt Selector that is worth £3. In our lessons, all key words are added to our KS3 Science - Scientific Vocabulary A-Z . We hope that you enjoy this resource! We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes TeachElite's Shop click the'Follow this Author button' . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: and Facebook:
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Measuring Forces

Ks3 resource for measuring forces. Introduction lesson to forces. Newton meter practical using spring and hanging masses. Easy lesson taught a million times never not been good and engaging. Lesson 1 out of 8. Included - Lesson plan - Detailed PowerPoint with animations. Also contains all answers to worksheets. (51 pages but contains all Worksheets). - All worksheets, included starter, and main worksheet needed for practical and differentiated lower and higher ability. - Three different plenaries - Homework worksheet, with answers. Aspects of National curriculum lesson covers (In varying detail): • Gravity force, weight = mass x gravitational field strength (g), on Earth g=10 N/kg. • Balanced forces and opposing forces and equilibrium: weight held by stretched spring. • Forces as pushes or pulls, arising from the interaction between two objects. • Forces measured in Newtons (N). • Measurements of stretch or compression as force is changed.
Measuring in cmQuick View

Measuring in cm

This fantastic worksheet allows children to use a ruler to measure and draw lines to a given length.
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Compound Measures ONESIE

Colourful differentiated ONESIE worksheet. Allowing students to show progression. Suitable for cover lessons - easy and cost effective to photocopy. **Supplied with answers.**
Millionaire Quiz! (Measurement Edition)Quick View

Millionaire Quiz! (Measurement Edition)

A fun fully-interactive way to assess and embed knowledge of measurement. -converting between units - How much longer than.... is....? -Which of these units is the odd one out? etc. Can be used as an individual activity or as a whole class plenary. N.B The original logos for Who Wants to be a Millionaire are property of Sony Pictures Television. For this reason they have not been included, but a similar non-trademarked version has.
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converting measurements and measure problems and activities

The powerpoint presentations are a very good and simple way of teaching children about how to measure shapes; length and perimeter of various objects. The word documents are very useful for lesson activities or homework tasks. Learning objectives are clear and tasks are differentiated to suit different ability groups.
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Measurement Unit

Measurement non standardised length unit. Contained in this unit: * Caterpillar what does measurement mean posters? * Terminology thats needed in the length unit (shorter, longer etc) * Cut out measuring tools- paper clips, cubes *Measuring caterpillars with paper clips *Measuring school supplies with paper clips *Measuring caterpillars with cubes *Measuring school supplies with paper clips *Cut and stick sheet into shorter than/ longer than units *Long/longer/longest printable *Short/shorter/shortest printable *Measuring the class *Draw caterpillars and measure *Comparing lengths x4 printables * Tall/taller/tallest printables *My measuring Journal with x 8 activities.
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KS2: Measures - Length

A complete resource pack (11 activities + assessment) for teaching length in KS2. Included in the pack is: plans for all activities; flipchart for lesson starters (ActivInspire, PowerPoint and PDF format); answer sheets (where applicable); a random worksheet generator (Excel) and a mini-assessment (for all metric measurements, not just length). The children will love the fun interactive activities, the "amazing length facts", the journey round Kilotown and much more! The random worksheet generator gives you access to thousands of worksheets at just the push of a button. This is all you will need for teaching length to your pupils. Objectives covered: Measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm); mass (kg/g); volume/capacity (l/ml) Convert between different units of measure [for example, kilometre to metre; hour to minute] Convert between different units of metric measure [for example, kilometre and metre; centimetre and metre; centimetre and millimetre; gram and kilogram; litre and millilitre] More like this... KS2 Measures - Mass Coordinates and Translations Equivalent Fractions Worksheet Generators - Bundle
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Pointless - Maths - Shape, Space, and Measure

Based on the popular game show 'Pointless', this resource is perfect for use as a starter activity, plenary, or revision tool. Editable, so that you can change to any other topic or change the questions/answers. Containing sound clips, engaging visuals, and suitably challenging questions, this resource is effective at both promoting engagement and enhancing learning. There are several full rounds of questions to build students' understanding of shape, space, and measure, including: - Naming varied 2D Shapes (triangles and quadrilaterals) - Defining and understanding angles; - Unscrambling the names of units of measure; - Thinking about how many 3D shapes they can name. The nature of the game ensures that this resource can challenge students of all levels. NOTE: You can buy this resource alone, or in a bundle of 8 Pointless games, for only £1 more!
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Measurement calculations/uncertainty for Titrations AS Chemistry

Whole lesson and students sheets designed to teach about, errors, glassware accuracy and measurement errors. I use this before a required practical involving titrations. There is a summary sheets for students to fill in for terminology mentioned in the PowerPoint and a table for recording and practicing measurement uncertainties.
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KS2: Measurement Conversion Pack

Hi there! This is a pack of 7 extremely helpful resources for upto a week's planning on converting measurements, such as length and weight. All work is differentiated and the powerpoint is interesting, immersive and fun. * includes* Reusable Powerpoint introducing the methodology Display/Poster for wall or tables on how to convert lengths Differentiated LA, MA and HA lenght conversion worksheets 4-sheet experiment structure for measuring own body parts and comparing to vitruvian man Sheet full of extra resources and input/plenary ideas along with independent research for chn. Crosscurricular links with Science (experiment), Art (Vitruvian man) and helping children to improve physical skills of measuring effectively etc. I hope this helps you! Enjoy teaching :) Miss Ritchie
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Year 6 week on measure

This resource is aimed at meeting expected standards in Year 6. It includes lessons on: measuring length, measuring mass, reading scales, converting from miles to km and using the 3 areas of maths (fluency, reasoning and problem solving). Each lesson starts with 6 a day arithmetic questions, in line with the SATs tests. Each lesson is accompanied with an ACTIVINSPIRE flipchart, which leads the children through the skills needed. The worksheets are differentiated by 3 abilities where appropriate.
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Angle measuring with protractor

A two page worksheet with four questions to interpret an angle from a diagram of a protractor (in degrees), four questions to determine the degree and type of angle (i.e. acute or obtuse) and three questions regarding student's knowledge of obtuse, acute and right angles (and their ability to calculate them from reading a protractor). **Answers can be filled in on sheet or pictures of protractors & questions can be stuck in books & answered there.
Measurement Conversion Maze BundleQuick View

Measurement Conversion Maze Bundle

Measurement Conversion Maze Bundle includes these products: Metric Length Conversions Maze Metric Capacity Conversions Maze Metric Weight Conversions Maze Length Conversions Maze - U.S. Customary Units When purchased individually, the cost of these products totals £8.00
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Measuring Lines - Activity Resource

Give your children practice measuring lines with these printable activity sheets. Four sheets are included. These feature horizontal and diagonal lines and require children to measure in centimetres and millimetres. Please ensure that the document is printed at 100% on A4 paper to ensure the lines are the correct measurements. Answers are included on the final page. Find more resources like this in our Length Pack at
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Measuring in cm

A simple activity for children to measure balloon strings in cm then draw kite tails with a ruler in cm.