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Mitosis Foldable

A worksheet for pupils to learn the steps of mitosis for the AQA biology new 2016 SOW. DOES NOT go through specific phases, just interphase, mitosis then cytokinesis.
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A Level Biology: Mitosis Activity

A cut and stick and cloze activity aimed at A level students. The activity is designed so that students can learn and identify the key stages of mitosis and describe what happens in each of the main stages. The cloze activity allows students to become more familiar with the key terminology associated with this topic. This activity could also be used for able GCSE students. This activity can be completed by students independently as all instructions are given on the sheets. Ideal for both teaching the topic and also as a revision aide. A completed answer sheet is provided for the teacher.
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This resources includes a Settlement activity, Learning Objectives, Engage task and Plenary activity
Cell division - MITOSIS and MEIOSISQuick View

Cell division - MITOSIS and MEIOSIS

A bundle of lesson presentations on the topic of the two types of cell division, mitosis and meiosis. These lessons guide students through the stages involved in both types, so that students can understand the products that are made. There is a key emphasis on understanding both processes for any organism, not just humans, so that all questions can be accessed! Both lessons contain numerous progress checks but this bundle also includes a fun and engaging revision lesson consisting of exam questions, games and competitions so that students can recognise areas which need further attention. These lessons were designed for GCSE study but are also appropriate for A level Biology lessons
Mitosis and Meiosis Task CardsQuick View

Mitosis and Meiosis Task Cards

These task cards are a great way for students to improve their skills and knowledge of mitosis and meiosis. This product contains 24 cards with multiple choice questions about mitosis and meiosis. A recording sheet and an answer key are included. Blank cards are also included for questions to be added, if wanted. The same 24 cards are also available as open ended questions.
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Mitosis and the Cell Cycle

AQA Combined Science Trilogy unit 'Cell Biology' Buy the unit bundle of 10 lessons + resources for £6 - see shop Full lesson ready to use straight 'out of the box'. Include learning about the structure of our genetic information. Similar structure to my other power points following the input - activity - review phasing Plenary section for progress checking Differentiated worksheet Clear learning objectives and outcomes Modern and engaging layout Little adaptation needed Feedback welcome :D
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PowerPoint presentation on Mitosis. Pupils watch video and answer questions. Also ordering activity on different stages of mitosis and questions on cell division.
New AQA AS Biology - Cell Division (Mitosis)Quick View

New AQA AS Biology - Cell Division (Mitosis)

This is a extensive 15 slide ppt, covering the New AQA AS Biology syllabus. It has easy to understand text, with full scientific terminology, colourful pictures and diagrams to aid learning. It includes, cell division, mitosis, stages of cell division (interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase), hoe to calculate time taken in each stage of mitosis, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and how they affect cell division, root tip experiment, observation of cells covering eyepiece graticules and micrometers, finishing with calculations and formula needed for the exam. Thank you for taking the time to look at my resource and I hope you find it beneficial. Please feel free to leave feedback and to 'follow me' so as not to miss out on future helpful resources.
NEW AQA Trilogy GCSE (2016) Biology - MitosisQuick View

NEW AQA Trilogy GCSE (2016) Biology - Mitosis

This is a resource which meets specification points within the NEW AQA GCSE Trilogy 'Cells' Sow. Other lessons designed for the new 'Cells' SoW and other new Trilogy Biology and Physics SoW can be found in my TES shop. This lesson begins by identifying the purpose of mitosis - growth and repair. Pupils will then be given a double-sided worksheet, the first side corresponds to the first 5 mins 51 seconds of the video included in the PowerPoint slide. Pupils will need to watch the video and answer the questions on the sheet, they are in order but for lower ability classes you may want to stop the video and guide pupils through the work. Self-assess this work using the answers provided in the PowerPoint before moving on with the video. The next part of the video guides pupils through what happens during Mitosis - Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase. Pupils have diagrams of the the processes on the back of their worksheet, they will need to use the video to name the stages and describe what is happening. Self-assess work using the answers that are provided in the PowerPoint. The next activity, pupils are given real images of a cell going through mitosis and descriptions of the stages, they need to cut and stick the stages and the pictures in the correct order to complete a flow diagram. Pupils peer or self-assess their work using red/green pens. **Past-paper question provided as an extra activity for higher-ability pupils - pupils answer the question in their books and peer-assess using the mark scheme** Plenary - pupils write a text message or a tweet to their friend to tell them what they have learnt about this lesson. All resources are included, as well as mark schemes for when pupils self/peer-assess their work. Please leave a review with feedback :) thanks!
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Mitosis Fold and Learn: is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. Students may research or show what they have learned by writing different facts about each phase of Mitosis. A completed version with answers is included. This Mitosis Fold and Learn fits neatly inside of composition books and contains the following: 1. Assembly Instructions 2. Completed facts for each phase of mitosis: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase 3. Blank versions for students to write their own facts for each mitosis phase 4. Black and white versions of everything above
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High quality, interactive powerpoint presentation, including; - 21 slides of content - Videos - Tasks - Exam questions - Graphics Great for one or two lessons.
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Builds on knowledge of mitosis and meiosis from GCSE. Introduces the cell cycle and the different steps in mitosis. Designed to be used for the OCR AS Biology course in combination with the course textbook.
Edexcel CB2a MitosisQuick View

Edexcel CB2a Mitosis

New Edexcel Science GCSE, CB2 topic looking at Mitosis. Lesson includes looking at what mitsosis is, the stages of mitosis and looking at slides using a microscope. *All of CB2 can be found together here (*
A Comparison of Mitosis and MeiosisQuick View

A Comparison of Mitosis and Meiosis

A 2 page summary of the differences between Mitosis and Meiosis for students to fill in as well as a summary of Meiosis. Suitable for GCSE Biology revision or an Introduction for AS/A Level Biology and similar courses.
A Level Biology Cell division: Mitosis and Meiosis Activity and Poster BundleQuick View

A Level Biology Cell division: Mitosis and Meiosis Activity and Poster Bundle

Buy the mitosis and meiosis activity packs together and get the posters for free. The two activities on mitosis and mitosis are designed so that students can learn and identify the key stages and describe what happens in each stage for the two types of cell division. The close activity included helps students to become more familiar with the key words used in the cell division topic. Both activities can be completed by the students independently as the instructions are given on the sheets. These activity packs are ideal for both teaching the topic and also as a revision aide for the students. The posters are great for display around the classroom or to give to pupils for revision. All sheets are provided in an A3 or A4 format. I would recommend printing the meiosis activity and poster on A3 paper if possible. This keeps all the stages of meiosis on one page, making it easier for students to compare the two different stages of meiosis with one another.
QWC Writing Frame with picture prompt - Mitosis Vs. MeiosisQuick View

QWC Writing Frame with picture prompt - Mitosis Vs. Meiosis

This writing frame is used to help pupils practice with their extended writing questions in Science. It uses smaller steps and leading questions for pupils to be able to answer the large question that they would see in the exam. The frame include keywords that the pupils should use in their answer and a picture in the center, either from the question itself or as a visual prompt. This is really useful for all pupils and ticks that literacy box!
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AS Mitosis

Activities and worksheets to cover two lessons on mitosis with Year 12. Main activity involves students building models of each stage of mitosis, labelling and annotating. I instruct my students to take photographs which they will be then turn into a revision aid which can be submitted for marking. Two worksheets are provided to assess their understanding of mitosis after preparing their models.
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A detailed PowerPoint consisting of 61 slides which guides students through the difficult topic of Mitosis at KS4 level. The lesson allows the students to discover how replication followed by the stages of mitosis leads to two genetically identical daughter cells. There are regular progress checks to check on the understanding of the students and to address any misconceptions. Although this lesson was originally designed for GCSE students, it can easily be used at A-level Biology as a recap or for lower ability students. If you choose to download this lesson, it would be much appreciated if you would take just a few seconds to write a review so I can improve my practice and other teachers can see if this resource is right for them. Thank you in advance.