Multiplication Games Math Games for Multiplication FactsQuick View

Multiplication Games Math Games for Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Games Math Games for Multiplication Facts. These are GREAT multiplication games to reinforce basic multiplication facts within 100. In this math multiplication game students/child will have fun practicing their math skills in a very interactive way. These Multiplication Games Math for Multiplication Facts include: #1 - I Have, Who Has? Multiplication Game -directions (This multiplication game contains full easy to read instructions and is a perfect addition to your maths stations or center). -36 game cards -Just print the directions and game cards, laminate (if desired for longer use in the classroom or at home), and they are ready to play. -There are a many ways that this multiplication game can be played in terms of small group, partner work or as a whole class (depending on class size) but every game will follow the same sequence, so you'll know if they are getting it correct. #2 - Spiral Multiplication #3 - Halloween Multiplication #4 - Four in a Row #5 - Rolling Dice for Multiplication #6 - Going to Town! #7 - Zero! #8 - Gotcha! #9 - Race to 500! I hope your students/child enjoy these multiplication games! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my store! Ms. Blajic Follow Little Tots Learning
Multiplication Task CardsQuick View

Multiplication Task Cards

These multiplication task cards provide practice with writing multiplication equations and solving using visual models such as arrays, equal groups, skip counting patterns, and number line patterns. Includes 16 cards, answer sheets, and key
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The worksheets describe how to multiply 2 digit number. Worksheets include multiplication exercise for revision in class.
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2-Digit Multiplication Color by Number

With this activity, students will practice their two-digit multiplication skills as they have fun coloring! Students will reveal a beautiful, colorful mandala as they solve multiplication problems and color the picture accordingly. This activity has only positive integers and is aimed for students who do not yet use calculators (3rd - 7th). Give your students something they'll enjoy doing as they fine-tune their multiplication skills! This activity is excellent for sub plans, enrichment, extra practice, or just plain fun! As an added bonus, the finished products make beautiful classroom decorations! Thanks for looking and enjoy your new product!
Multiplication Matching Strategies GameQuick View

Multiplication Matching Strategies Game

Making multiplication fun! Find the product, match the strategies with the product. Every 3rd grader will love these games! Use them with 3rd-5th grade for additional practice with reviewing the multiplication facts and the strategies we use to show our thinking with multiplication. Grouping Repeated addition Arrays Commutative property. (Different diagrams to show thinking. ) There are three games in one within this printable packet. Perfect for math centers, guided math groups or even a tool for those kids who require more time with these standards. Aligned with the 3rd grade CCSS OA.A1 and OAC.7, for math. Included: 44 playing cards. Instructions Each problem has 3 matching cards with one of the above strategies, thus 3 strategies for each problem. The games can be played as a Memory game or a game of Snap. They can also be used as an “I Have, Who Has” type of game, requiring a bit more thought since the product must be calculated in advance. If you enjoy this product, you may also be interested in my other multiplication resources ideal for 3rd -5th grade. Crack the Code and Multiplication Problem Solving for all year round. Enjoy! Susan Powers
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Multiplication Facts Word Problems

MULTIPLICATION FACTS WORD PROBLEMS 32 WORD PROBLEMS --- 3 FULL pages! These word problems all involve basic multiplication facts. They will help your students "see" that math is real. GREAT INTERDISCIPLINARY LESSON for math and reading. Use this as a whole-classroom lesson reading and discussing answers as you go along. Your young students will work on their multiplication facts PLUS reading skills. Math facts + reading comprehension = great lesson! Time-consuming yet worthwhile. Designed and created by David Filipek. Copyright© 2017 David Filipek All rights reserved by the author. Permission for downloads to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display.
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A Multiplication Booklet for Big Kids

Just print and go with this fun and engaging multiplication activity. Mix and match the pages for easy differentiation. Use it as a review activity, skills and standards practice, homework or a fun formative assessment. The kids love how they can personalise the booklet and return to it as a learning tool kept in their binders. It is aligned with the International Baccalaureate’s PYP phase 3 and also the CCSS Math 3.OA and 3.NBT. Perfect for third grade! You may also be interested in my Division Booklet too. You can find many more engaging and interactive activities for CCSS and the IB PYP in my store. Enjoy! ~ Susan Powers
Monster Multiplication Dice GamesQuick View

Monster Multiplication Dice Games

Monster Multiplication Dice Games include 13 game boards! Plus, each game board comes in a black and white copy too! For these game boards, you only need 2 dice, game pieces, and players. These games are designed to just print and play! All games use 2 dice with the factors 1-6. The game boards are fun and engaging to motivate students to practice their multiplication facts! If you are teaching beginning multiplication or just need games to reinforce multiplication facts 1-6, this is the download for you. Check out the Preview for a peek at the game boards. Remember each game board has a black and white version so it will be easy to print. Also included is a Multiplication Table to check other player's answers and a Strategy Poster to help struggling students with their multiplication facts.
Multiplication ComputationQuick View

Multiplication Computation

A multitude of math drills! This 19-lesson learning unit starts with two ""Fast Action"" multiplication exercises designed to be timed. From here, students move on to multiplying by one-digit, two-digit, and eventually 3-digit factors. Plenty of space has been left for young mathematicians to work the hundreds of math drills included in this book.
Factors or MultiplesQuick View

Factors or Multiples

This product contains activities that helps student distinguish between factors and multiples. It includes 2 graphic organizers Frayer models, and a Venn diagram. The students will make ice cream cones with multiple scoops of ice cream for multiples and create a bone yard factory of bones.
Integers and MultiplesQuick View

Integers and Multiples

INTEGERS AND MULTIPLES * Do your students know their multiples well? Can they list them into negative numbers? * These 4 worksheets require students to know integers as well as their multiples. Here is what you'll receive: - Worksheets 1 and 2 - each example has 6 circles in it with 3 multiples missing; students must FIRST figure out what multiple is being used and THEN fill in the missing circles correctly sometimes going into negative numbers; - Worksheets 3 and 4 - each example again has 6 circles in it, but now 4 MULTIPLES ARE MISSING!; students must list the mutiples UP or DOWN with POSITIVE and/or NEGATIVE numbers; will surely make them "think"; * These 4 worksheets will test and reinforce their knowledge of both multiples and integers. * 4 full worksheets. Your download of 5 pages includes answers. Decorated for fun. Designed and created by David Filipek. Copyright© 2017 David Filipek All rights reserved by the author. Permission for downloads to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display. Some graphics provided by My Cute Graphics. Their website is:
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Multiplication ARRAYS (7 Worksheets)

MULTIPLICATION FACTS ARRAYS (7 WORKSHEETS) * 7 FULL WORKSHEETS ~ An EXCELLENT way to practice their multiplication facts! * Your students will “SEE” the facts drawn out. They will be able to visualize the answers as they reinforce their times tables. * You receive 6 full pages of different arrays all drawn out for your students. The 6 pages don’t cover all the facts, but they’ll get the idea soon enough. * Then it’s THEIR TURN! On PAGE 7 students are given four multiplication facts and must DRAW THEIR OWN ARRAYS to go along with each fact. A great activity for them to summarize what they’ve learned. * GREAT for MATH CENTERS, HOMEWORK, CLASSWORK, decide! Multiplication Facts Arrays will help your students understand their facts better. * * Teaching Suggestion: after they finish these 7 pages, have your students each draw ONE multiplication array on a blank piece of paper without the answer. Assign each student a number to put on their drawing. On another piece of paper have students number down as many drawings as there are in the class. Now pass the papers around the class letting students answer them. When you’re finished passing all the papers around, orally go over the answers. Students may want to share their drawings also. Designed and created by David Filipek. Copyright© 2017 David Filipek All rights reserved by the author. Permission for downloads to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display.
Multiplication Mystery Pictures Colour By NumberQuick View

Multiplication Mystery Pictures Colour By Number

Your students will love practicing their multiplication facts with these mystery colour-by-number picture worksheets! Each page includes a hundred chart and a colouring key. Students must solve the multiplication problems on the key to find out where to place colours on the hundred chart. When solved correctly, the mystery picture will be revealed. The problems involve facts up to 12x12. For larger prime numbers, students will need to have an understanding of the identity property and multiply those numbers by 1. I have also included just a few that require multiplying a larger number by 2 with no regrouping (for example: 2x23). Includes 9 multiplication mystery pictures and answer keys.
Identifying Multiples Color by NumberQuick View

Identifying Multiples Color by Number

With this activity, students will practice finding multiples while they color! They will list multiples of the given number and then color the circled multiple (according to the given color) to reveal a beautiful, colorful mandala. Even unmotivated students enjoy coloring, so give your students the chance to practice their essential multiplication sills while having fun. This activity is great for sub plans and reinforcing multiplication skills without the use of a calculator. Use it for enrichment, extra practice, early finishers, or just plain fun! In addition, the completed work makes fabulous classroom decoration! If you like this, you may like my other color by number activities: Rounding decimals Multiplying fractions Multiplying decimals Identifying factors Dividing decimals Converting fractions and decimals Basic order of operations Adding and subtracting mixed numbers Adding and subtracting fractions Two-digit multiplication Adding and subtracting decimals Thanks for looking and enjoy your new product!
Multiplication and Division Fact DrillsQuick View

Multiplication and Division Fact Drills

Multiplication and Division Fact Drills contain 64 (half) sheets dedicated to single digit multiplication and division facts. Each half sheet has 32 facts on them It's ideal that students can do all 32 problems in under 2 minutes. This pack is separated by each fact. The multiplication drills contain: o Multiply 0,1,2 o Multiply 1 o Multiply 2 o Multiply 3 o Multiply 4 o Multiply 5 o Multiply 6 o Multiply 7 o Multiply 8 o Multiply 9 o Multiply 10 o Multiply Doubles o Multiply Mixed Numbers o Multiply Missing Numbers The Division Drills contain: o Divide 1 and 2 o Divide 2 o Divide 3 o Divide 4 o Divide 5 o Divide 6 o Divide 7 o Divide 8 o Divide 9 o Divide 10 o Divide Mixed Numbers (6 half sheets) o Divide Missing Numbers (4 half sheets) This pack also comes with data sheets for students to keep track of their own progress. It also contains a fact table to help students learn those multiplication and division facts. Use these drills to help with fact fluency when learning multiplication and division problems. Instead of drills, these sheets can also be used for classwork, morning work, homework, math centers, or small group.
Multiplication: Timed Math DrillsQuick View

Multiplication: Timed Math Drills

Success in all areas of mathematics starts with a solid knowledge of the basic facts. This book provides concentrated practice of basic multiplication facts to help students reach mastery level. Timed Math Drills: Multiplication provides step-by-step practice in addition that starts with whole-page calculations using the same, single addend (1 thru 9), progresses to calculations using two different addends, and then to all-inclusive, mixed addends. The goal is to achieve mastery at the highest possible accuracy level in the lowest possible time. A chart is included on which each student's progress can be recorded. Award forms are included to validate students' achievements.
Wicked Witch Multiplication GameQuick View

Wicked Witch Multiplication Game

Freebie! Wicked Witch is a thrilling multiplication game using factors 1-10. Players take turns drawing multiplication cards and stating the product to the other players. Players need to watch out for the Wicked Witch Card. If this card is drawn, the player puts all cards they are holding back in the can. The 1st player to collect 10 cards is the winner. Be Careful, this game is thrilling and exciting for students. They may be a little noisy. But this is defiantly a fun way to practice multiplication facts.
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Multiplication Times Tables Free Product

These are times tables for use on a wall, or you can use them to create a small booklet, or they can be printed out and laminated for portable use. This Product includes the following: 1 times table 2 times table 8 times table 10 times table Check out full product: Multiplication Times Tables Wall Cards/Posters/Small Booklet ************************************************************************************** All rights are reserved. Having purchased this item, you are entitled to make copies of it for personal use or your classroom use only. Uploading this item on the internet (even for personal use) is also prohibited and breaches the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In this event, the item will be recognised by search engines and its publisher identified. ************************************************************************************** My sincere hope is that you will have found this product helpful! I welcome questions and queries about this or any other of my products. Preview Files included (1)
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Multiplication Facts Number Posters - FREEBIE

Grab this super helpful and handy set of 12 Number Posters with the Multiplication Facts up through 12. Hang these in your classrooms for your students learning their multiplication tables or as a refresher for those who learned them long ago. Posters for the multiplication facts for numbers 1 through 12 are included! Print as poster or letter size on white or colored paper to add color without having to use color ink! Cut them out or leave them poster shape. Feedback is highly appreciated! Thank you! Be the first to know about my new discounts, freebies and new products by clicking the FOLLOW button next to the header in my store. Stay in Touch for special discounts and giveaways! Like me on FACEBOOK for exclusive access to FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS! Follow me on INSTAGRAM to get a behind the scenes look at the creative process! Check out my PINTEREST to see what resources I am pinning! Check out my WEBSITE for other design products such as birthday chalkboards and greeting cards!